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The Law Offices of Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh was an Outer Rim-based law firm who specialized in personal injury and worker's compensation cases.


In 18 BBY, Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh began to take cases from gunners wounded by Rheshalva Interstellar Armaments' then-newly-developed L337 Model BFG blaster rifle. The injuries ranged from head trauma to broken bones and lost eyes and were reportedly caused by the weapon's intense recoil, a problem that Rheshalva had overlooked in its rush to put the L337 on the market. Early attempts to prosecute the company ended in failure, Rheshalva's spokespeople and attorneys claiming that the injuries were due to negligence on the gunners' parts as they "did not properly stabilize the blaster".

Complaints against the company quieted down until the following year when Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh took another case in which a Rodian sharpshooter was grievously injured from the L337's kickback. During a competition, the Rodian's weapon recoiled despite being properly stabilized, the weapon's stock crushing his windpipe. The trauma left the Rodian in a coma for three months and his family took legal action against Rheshalva for medical compensation. Rheshalva's attorneys could not sweet-talk their way out of the suit and the Law Offices of Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh took them to court. The case was settled, the injured Rodian's family awarded 400,000 credits and Rheshalva issued a voluntary recall of the weapon.

Rheshalva's legal troubles concerning the L337 Model BFG were far from over, however, as the weapon still remained on retailer shelves. Injuries to users were still occurring and in 15 BBY, Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh were once again called to action. In the Etyyy Hunting Grounds on Kashyyyk, a respected big-game hunter was killed in the midst of a hunt when his L337 recoiled, fracturing his skull. Local media headlines were ablaze and the news spread to the Core Worlds. Press agents were lined up at Rheshalva's door, demanding to know how the rifle's recoil could have caused the death and why Rheshalva would allow such a dangerous weapon to remain readily available. Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh handled the case and the company was brought before the Rodian Council of Justice. The high-profile case became a hallmark of the law firm's history.

The Council of Justice ruled in favor of the hunter's family, Rheshalva ordered to compensate the funeral costs and take the L337 Model BFG off the market. The production lines were halted and the phase-plasma technology used to develop the weapon was abandoned. The downfall of the L337 helped cement Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh's reputation as a dependable firm. As of 30 ABY, the Law Offices of Kloos-Hunter & Naylimh were still in business, awarding their clients compensation for the negligence of arms manufacturing companies.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name of the law firm was a play on the words "clues hunter and nail 'em" and was originally intended to be a joke much in the same way as Dewey Cheatum & Howe. The law firm was used to elaborate on the rocky product history of the L337 Model BFG blaster rifle.