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How can we come to know the Force when we are forbidden to delve its great depths? Are we to deny that fierce passion that burns in all hearts? No. We cannot.
Leor Danal in reply to Derak Ja'huni

The Founding Seven were former Knights, Masters, and a Padawan of the Jedi Order who sympathized with the Potentium practice of exploring all aspects of the Force, but still held the Jedi view of a Dark and Light side of the Force. For their refusal to curb their practices, the six members still in Jedi Order were exiled in 132 BBY, along with the Potentium. They traveled to Dagobah in search of guidance from a rumored Master expatriate, Dade Leviathan. The Seven made the decision to found a separate Order of force-sensitives dedicated to learning about the entire spectrum of the Force and to keep watch over the balance of power in the galaxy.

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