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-Arrive on Geonosis/Anakin and Padmé’s capture

*Anakin and Padmé land*

<Anakin>*Watches Obi fly overhead* I wonder where he’s going?

<Padmé>Doesn’t matter. Now, let’s find that bounty hunter he told us about.

<Anakin>This way.

  • Walk to canyon ledge to see an assembly line of droids*

<Anakin>Wow. Big operation.

<Padmé>Lots and lots of nice embodiments of destruction.

<Geonosian>*Sneaks up behind them* Og nu sana findicated tunderford.

<Anakin>Uh...maybe it would help if we had a translator.

*Threepio and R2 arrive*

<Threepio>If he’d have wanted our help, he would have asked for it. I’m programmed to understand Humans!

<Anakin>Hey, Threepio, a little help.

<Threepio>Of course, Master Ani.

<Geonosian>Og nu sana findicated tunderford!

<Threepio>He wants you to come with him.


*Geonosian extends his hand*

*Anakin gives him his lightsaber*

*Anakin and Padmé follow Geonosian out*

-Discover Count Dooku

*Obi-Wan sneaks near a large table with the Sep leaders surrounding it*

<Dooku>Let’s see. With the help of the Trade Federation, Commerce Guild, Techno Union, and several other rich guilds, we shall rule the galaxy!

<Obi-Wan>*Quietly* Well, if that doesn’t give his intentions away...

<Dooku>Of course, we will need to rid ourselves of the Republic before we rule...

<Poggle the Lesser>A minor detail, my lord.

<Dooku>With the plans to the ultimate space station, which we will call the Death Star, which has enough firepower to destroy a planet, we will slaughter the Republic and take the galaxy for our own!

<Poggle the Lesser>Um, Dooku?


<Poggle the Lesser>I don’t think we should mention that.

<Dooku>You’re right. It’s a secret that can’t be known for another couple of episodes. I am sorry I let it slip.

<Poggle the Lesser>That’s alright.

<Obi-Wan>I have to tell the Council!

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