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The Adventures of Beta-1: Kaleesh
The Adventures of Beta-1
Author General Grham
Co-author Shadowphobia
Installment 1
Date of publication 27 June 2007-Present
Sequel The Adventures of Beta-1: Confederate Dawn

The Adventures of Beta-1: Kaleesh takes place mainly on Kaleesh. It focuses on the life of Garma Shiiik Trath, Beta-1 while he is still a Kaleesh. It begins on the remote planet of Kaleesh. It is a time of war. Garma and Grith use this to their advantage to make a huge rebellion. It takes place from 500 ABY to 590 ABY.

Main CharactersEdit


  • Garma Shiiik Trath- The main character. As a child, he always gets into trouble. He has caused a rebellion on his own planet. As he grows up he becomes a soldier in the Kalee army.
  • Grith Kaya Mallia- Grith is the best friend of Garma. They played together as children and fought side-by-side in the army.
  • General Grash Amial Trin- Grash is the general in Garma's and Grith's legion.

New RepublicEdit

  • General Jancen Verth- Jancen is the human that held Grith and Garma on Dagobah. He put them through the obsticle course that ended Grith.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • General Garmis Karath Kayaba- Garmis led the battle against the Yam'rii on Kalee. He helped General Gritam in a two-man strike.
  • General Garmal Gargalus Gritam- Another general in the Kaleesh army. He was part of the two-man strike, consisting of him and General Kayaba.


  • Kaleesh- The Kaleesh are the main species in the book. They are the human-sized aliens that live on Kaleesh. They include most of the characters.
  • Yam'rii- The Yam'rii were the species at war with the Kaleesh. They could be described as a praying-mantis species
  • Human- Most of the New Republic forces and officers are humans.

Main PlanetsEdit

  • Kalee- Most of the story takes place on Kalee. It is the home of Grith, Garma, and Grash.
  • Dagobah- Dagobah is where the story ends. It is where Garma and Grith are held by the New Republic.


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