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18.5 BBY


18.5 BBY




Tactical Imperial Victory

Death of half the Jedi present

Death of thousands of Imperials

Surviving Jedi spread out into the stars


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Jedi Master Fionus

Imperious Commander

Imperial Admiral in command of orbital forces.

Imperial ground commander.

The 300 Jedi's Last stand occurred in 18.5BBY and five days, as tens of thousands of stormtroopers and even the recently crowned Darth Vader himself moved in to kill the largest order remnant actively opposing the Empire. Many Jedi survived, but many were also killed in the largest attempted execution of Order 66 since the attack on the Jedi Temple and the galaxy-wide Jedi killings six months earlier.

Prolouge Edit

The three hundred Jedi from all over the galaxy had been called by Master Fionus (Seen in picture) to Hoth, where the Jedi would build a new Jedi Temple and prepare for the day on which they would rise against the Empire. 

Two weeks later, the Venator Star Destroyer Imperious did a misjump which put it in orbit of Hoth. Asteroids crippled the ship before the shields could be activated, and the ship crash landed on the planet. The two thousand or so survivors, over half of them stormtroopers, sent out a distress signal to the Imperial fleet to request assistance. 

From the recently started "Ice Temple", as it was called, Master Fionus saw the Imperious crash land on the planet, and immediately feared that the location of the Ice Temple would be compromised. The 300 Jedi packed up and headed away, but one defector left a Jedi distress signal in the Ice Temple...

Day 1Edit

Three Venator Star Destroyers jumped in to respond to the Imperious' distress signal, only to also see another signal: the Jedi distress signal! The surviving troopers on the ground were ordered to move in to the signal, only to find the remains of the Ice Temple deserted. However, there was a break in the storm, and from twenty kilometres away, the clone forces manage to spot the fleeing Jedi. 

The star destroyers in orbit proceeded to pummel the target area with turbolaser fire, wiping out fourty-two Jedi. However, the others managed to escape, and aided by the blizzards of Hoth, managed to set up a base, equipped with a shield generator and multiple weapon positions.

The stormtroopers moved in, completely unaware that most of the Jedi had survived, and were immediately mowed down by heavy missile fire coming from inside the base. 

Day 2Edit

The commander of the three ships in orbit felt a little on edge after losing over a thousand of the stormtroopers on the ground, but proceeded with the operations. The small shield rendered attacks from the air impossible, so two Acclamator class Assault Ships were called in from a nearby base to land thousands of troops and light walkers to siege the Jedi. 

On the ground, some of the survivors proceeded in the fight against the jedi, with a dozen of the ARC troopers who'd survived both the crash and the battle actually piercing through the shields, and wiping out another seventeen jedi before getting killed themselves. 

Day 3Edit

The landing operation began, and ten thousand stormtroopers stormed the Jedi base. The Jedi had grown weary, but the force had kept them going, and over two thousand stormtrooper casualties were recorded in the first battle alone, with only a few Jedi falling. Another wave in the late hours of the evening comprising of over three thousand stormtroopers, 800 ARC troopers and twenty AT-RT's actually pierced the compound, losing nearly half of their number but wiping out fifty-nine jedi in the process.  

Day 4Edit

118 of the 300 Jedi had died, and Master Fionus was also shot in the shoulder on day 3 of the stand. He realised that the battle was hopeless, as over a third of all the Jedi had gathered had been wiped out, and scouts reported that the clone numbers had swelled from six thousand survivors from the first wave to thirty thousand, and eleven Venators orbited the planet. 

Master Fionus sent a distress signal to any friendly ships in the area to come pick up the Jedi, as another wave came in at dawn. AT-RT pilots were sniped from miles away and many stormtroopers were picked off, but the survivors had learnt from previous mistakes and kept to the ground as round apon round of laser fire hit the ground around them. 

A dozen of the Emperor's dark side Acolytes had been sent in to help the Imperial forces, and the Jedis swapped blasters for their lightsabers as blue and green clashed against red. Seven Jedi and all of the Acolytes fell. One Padawan who couldn't take it anymore and strapped explosives to himself. He force jumped into the stormtrooper ranks and killed himself, as well as hundreds of stormtroopers.

Day 5Edit

The distress call was answered by the Tantive IV and the Sundered Heart, as the two ships raced towards the planet from the far side and went around in the atmosphere. Another attack had killed fifteen more Jedi, but the weapons on the two corvettes sliced dozens of stormtroopers as the two ships landed in the compound. With 141 of the 300 Jedi dead, the survivors were eager to evacuate as Darth Vader landed on the planet. He slaughtered six Jedi who had remained to divert the troops from the evacuated the survivors, and he attempted to force crush the Sundered Heart. The Tantive IV fire laser shots at him, wounding him and releasing his hold on her sister ship. The ships quickly raced out of the atmosphere of the planet. only to be attacked by hundreds of A-Wing and ARC-170 fighters. The Tantive IV suffered moderate damage, and three Jedi died, but the the two corvettes managed to escape the system.


The 150 survivors dispersed into outer space, with some becoming gamblers, and others settling on obscure planets such as Wayland. The defector had died during the evacuation, but most of the survivors would be hunted down over the next eighteen and a half years. A few, like Master Fionus, openly took arms gainst the Empire when the rebellion rose and joined Luke Skywalker in fighting the Empire. Fionus played an active role in the battles of Bespin. The loss of 4,315 stormtroopers and over three hundred AT-RT's were a massive morale boost to the surviving Jedi, but the loss of half their number was a wound in their heart. The loss of the Imperious and a few fighters shot down by the two fleeing corvettes did little to stop Order 66, though it has been said that the majority of the Jedi who survived the Galactic Civil War were the survivors from the Last Stand.

Many years later, the few survivors still alive would come back to Hoth to honour the fallen Jedi.

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