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TheForce.Net Role Playing Forum is a group of boards on TheForce.Net’s Jedi Council Boards designed specifically for role-playing. Currently moderated by Imperial_Hammer and Saintheart, the three boards within the role-playing community are the Role Playing Forum for Star Wars role-playing, the Non Star Wars Role-Playing board for all role-plays unrelated to the Star Wars Saga, and the Role Playing Resource board which serves as a board for role-playing resources, socializing and the sharing of community knowledge related to role-playing.


RPF players on the Star Wars Fanon wikiEdit

Roleplaying gamesEdit

Upcoming gamesEdit

  • Untitled Reynar_Tedros Star Wars RPG: Coming soon

Ongoing gamesEdit

  • Star Wars: Episode VI - As Father and Son
  • Exiles - (a massive crossover): This mammoth of an RPG was one of the first games to hit the NSWRPF, and is the longest running game in the forum's history.
  • 128 ABY - The Sith-Imperial War - Turning Point: This wildly successful hit is being compared to the legendary Balance of Power, created by former RPF manager LightSide_Apprentice.
  • Legacy: "Fool's Gamble" This is the Legacy-era game without the Ultimate Cosmic Powers.
  • The Galaxy at War Part III: Schism of the Sith : The third episode of the monumental Galaxy at War series trains its eye on the happenings of our favorite faraway galaxy shortly after the events of the Revenge of the Sith movie.
  • Trials of the Force Chronicles: The Blood War Of Apsolon: This RPG takes place three millenniums after the final clash between the forces of light and dark in the galaxy. New heroes have arisen, and take their place to stand guard against the last vestiges of a forgotten threat. This RPG actually serves as both a prequel and sequel to a saga that came to being years earlier. It serves to be the first in the four-part saga and carries with it an unshakable momentum that will lead. It's unsuspecting heroes to not only do battle the true heart of darkness, but to learn the very truth behind the existence of the Force itself.
  • The New Galactica: Impact Points: An alternate universe where the war between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire enters a period of indefinite escalation and planetary annihilation. After years of fighting, the galaxy is left in shambles and the survivors break off into thousands of independent factions. The Jedi Order built by the late Luke Skywalker now tries to preserve the remains of their order. However, a new threat, in the form of the ancient Sith race, is lurking just on the horizon.
  • The Galactic Senate RPG

Ended gamesEdit

Roleplaying seriesEdit

  • War of the Galaxies: An AU set during the OT, where the Yuuzhan Vong invade earlier. The RPF's first flagship game and the reason behind the creation of the forum.
  • Balance of Power: A smash hit series and second flagship game, created by former RPF manager LightSide_Apprentice.
  • System Lords: Kind of like Risk, if you spent half of your turn narrating.
  • Star Wars... 007 Style: Given the complete lack of espionage, it's closer to "Star Wars... 80's Action Movie Style" but that doesn't roll off the tongue quite as well.
  • The Galaxy At War: I hope you like text. In its third installment, the long running saga continues with all our favorite Star Wars movie series characters (and many others as well), with many interesting plot twists and turns added in for your reading pleasure.
  • The Sith Wars Saga: A Sith-based game, with something of a cult following.
  • The Podracer Series: The Star Wars version of NASCAR.
  • Darkside Uprising: A series created by the New Sith Order and Galactic Defender fan clubs on the Expanded Universe Community. Follows a post-ROTJ AU storyline in which the Sith reconquer the galaxy with the Imperial Remnant. Two closed installments, with a third proposed chapter which has been discussed for over two years.

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