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Tessé Neldonin, born Tessé Yelnina, was the Senator for Naboo from 13 BBY to 8 BBY. She was born into the Yelnina family, the second of four sisters, though she officially became the eldest when she was nine years old and her older sister Moré Yelnina was disowned by their father, due to her choosing to remain a handmaiden to Padmé Amidala. She, more obedient, worked for Palpatine for a brief while during his time as Chancellor, and on the retirement of Jar Jar Binks was appointed to Naboo's Senate seat at his request. She proved very good at silencing voices of dissent in the Senate, by both ethical and not so ethical means. There were two attempts made on her life before a group of Moré's former sister handmaidens exposed Tessé's in such a way that she was forced into retirement as a political sacrifice. She learned shortly afterward that they spared her life only because she was Moré's sister.

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