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Tesh on X-Nais
Tesh Vohore
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68 BBY



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…As of this very moment, you and your men are in the crosshairs of at least twelve highly trained snipers…
—Tesh Vohore

Tesh Vohore, or Tesh Blound Vohore, was a male Arkanian born in 68 BBY, to Eradgl Blound and Arbraba Blound. A local physician, Ode Vohore, who cared for the family after they grew ill from a fatal sickness that plagued the lower city of Novania, adopted him into his own family after Tesh’s parents passed away. He later married Hetur-an Ondice and became the father of Alura Vohore, Zan Vohore, and Jate Vohore. He later became a pirate in the Outer Rim Regions after he was betrayed by his close friend and partner, Chin Chaldak.

In 44 BBY, he founded the Liberators Pirate Organization, with Chin, and led it against Garganat the Hutt above Ithl'ator'ita to free the planet from a blockade. However, when he was betrayed, Chin went to the Republic to have Tesh arrested for treason. This led to the outbreak of the Pirate Wars. As a result of the war, Tesh lost his family as his wife and daughter were kidnapped and his son went missing. He searched for Chin and his family for eight years. During his search, Tesh met Ryluk Shouja, a bounty hunter, who helped him find his family.

He found Alura on Najiba, a planet in the Outer Rim, where Tesh forced Chin to help him search for his wife. During the search for Hetur-an, Tesh discovered and rescued his son from mercenaries. They traveled to a planet in the Unknown Regions. However, in doing so, he became immersed in a war between two species, the Xians and the Yimis. The war lasted eighteen years and resulted in his half-son, Jate, being killed to bring peace to the system.

He later retired to his home on Hjim, in the Paryu system, and lived there for a number of years. After the war in the Paryu system, Tesh disbanded the Liberators and reorganized it into a system wide security force. He, along with J'sute, a Xian, also set up a unified governing system to help keep peace. After several years of setting it up, Hetur-an convinced Tesh to retire and, at 53, Tesh did. Approximately twelve years later, in 3 BBY, he died of a viral infection.


Early lifeEdit

Tesh, "mercy" in Arkanian, was born on Arkania to Eradgl Blound and Arbraba Blound, who lived in the poor sector in Novania, in 68 BBY. They were discovered by Ode Vohore, a doctor, as he was searching through the poor sector for those who were sick with a recent fatal virus. He offered the two jobs and shelter, hoping remove them from the environment the virus was growing in. Tesh’s mother died hours after Tesh was born, from childbirth, and his father days later from the virus. Ode took Tesh in as his own son and raised him with his own family name, Vohore.

Tesh was rebellious, though, always going against Ode's will, and eventually became a common thief. He would steal money from members in the small town market outside of Novania. When the authorities finally caught him, he was sent to the juvenile hall. Ode sent Tesh off to the military school, afterward, on Coruscant, to attempt to correct his behavior.

There, Tesh learned the art of combat and martial arts. He also learned battle plans and tactics, as a part of basic training. In his later years at the Academy, he switched his focus from foot soldier to aviation. There, he learned how to pilot a vehicle. One of his instructors was a skilled swordsman, as well, and taught him how to handle a blade. It was then that, Tesh adopted his liking a vibroblade over a blaster because he felt it to be more elegant. When he graduated from the academy at the age of 24, in 46 BBY, he received twin, black vibroblades with "Peace and Justice" inscribed on both hilts, and returned to Arkania to his father.

When he returned, he discovered that his father was sick with the virus that had killed his real parents. Tesh found out then that Ode had had the virus since Tesh was born; only back then, he had the money to treat it then, money that had since gone to provide for Tesh’s education. It was at that same time, Tesh met his soon-to-be wife, Hetur-an Ondice, who was the nurse attendee for Ode.

Dating Hetur-anEdit

It wasn't her looks that captivated me, though she was nice to look at. It was the fact she heard me, listened to me, and understood me that did the trick.
—Tesh Vohore to Ryluk Shouja about Hetur-an.

At the same time Tesh fell in love with Hetur-an, a scientist named Zious Bek entered her life and became infatuated with her. A rivalry between the two men built up. Even though Tesh was able to win Hetur-an’s love, her parents felt that Zious held a steadier occupation, since Tesh had none. Tesh was on leave for two years at the time; however, he could be called for duty at any moment.

Zious was a scientist and professor for the main university in Novania, as well as a successful swoop racer, winning the grand tournament three years in a row, which became the new record for the planet. It was because of these qualities, Hetur-an’s parents preferred Zious over Tesh. They did not dislike Tesh, but they had qualities in mind that Tesh did not meet. It was not until Tesh discovered what Zious was up to did her parents favor him.

One night Tesh broke into Zious' place and placed a tracking device on his speeder. Tesh, the next morning, tracked Zious to a small facility on the outskirts of the city. There, he discovered Zious was part of science team that experimented with the local Yaka. Tesh knew Hetur-an's parents were against this and devised a plan to reveal this information to them. Tesh decided to challenge Zious to a two-stage duel, to attempt to reveal the information to Hetur-an’s parents, knowing Zious would comply. The first stage was a sword duel and the second was a swoop race, thus giving both men an advantage.

Tesh lost the duel intentionally, knowing it was near impossible for him to win the swoop race, since Zious had modified his speeder to accelerate quicker, gaining an early lead. Tesh, however, purchased an older model, without the modifications. He wanted to lose the duel so that Zious would gloat about the win, revealing his plan to Tesh.

In the end, Zious did win. When Tesh reached the finish line, Zious, knowing they were alone, mocked Tesh and told him of how he planned on using the Ondice family fortune to fund his experiments. Just after Tesh agreed never to see Hetur-an again and leave Zious and her alone, he informed Zious of the open comlink on his swoop that was linked straight to the Ondice residence. Zious refused to believe, so Tesh proved it.

He requested that Hetur-an's father answer the comlink and he did. Zious, fearing his reputation ruined, reputed everything he said. Tesh told Zious to stay away from Hetur-an and her family and to leave them both alone. Zious agreed to Tesh's request and left. Zious never found out that the comlink was to Tesh's residence and Hetur-an’s father's voice was a recording.

Tesh returned to the Ondice estate and informed them of Zious' departure. Tesh gained the trust of her parent, and Tesh and Hetur-an were married at the end of 45 BBY. After the wedding, Tesh took Hetur-an to Coruscant, to show her where he grew up, since he had been sent to the Academy at the age of thirteen. This was a pivotal point in their relationship as Hetur-an was able to understand more thoroughly what Tesh had gone through to become the man he was. It was because of that understanding she became more accepting of Tesh’s past and present occupation.

Private lifeEdit

While Tesh was at the Academy, he learned to play cards and gamble, a skill that earned him most of his rent payment in his later years at the Academy. He would often gamble at casinos near the base, but would occasionally journey to another part of the city, but only after he had been kicked out of the ones near him because of “disturbing the peace”. After he graduated and returned to Arkania, he became a frequent at the casinos in Novania.

He also found himself interested in smashball while at the Academy, after his friends introduced it to him. He became a fan of the Karfeddion Skull Crackers and cheered them on until after he was married, when he gave up his interest to spend more time with Hetur-an. Tesh was a very loyal partner to Hetur-an, never thinking once of another woman. He stayed with her until the end, when she died in 5 BBY.

Shortly after their wedding, Hetur-an became pregnant with their first child, Alura Vohore. However, three months into the pregnancy, Tesh was assigned to travel to Ithl'ator'ita to assist with the evacuation of the planet, as the main star was predicted to implode. Tesh did not want to leave Hetur-an alone during the time of Alura’s birth, but feared taking her with him, knowing she may be put in harm’s way. He managed to postpone his assignment until after Alura was born, in 45 BBY, and together, the three of them traveled to the planet, in 44 BBY. A year later, their second child was born, Zan Vohore, while they were stationed on Ithl'ator'ita.

As leader of the LiberatorsEdit

Forming the organizationEdit

Cause and effectEdit

While Tesh was assigned on Ithl'ator'ita, in 44 BBY, he soon became the Captain of the Evacuation Security Defense Service, the ESDS, due to his experience at the Military Academy. Tesh became acquainted with Commander Rim-Perth-Grranode, who had been assigned to the planet after being involved with the Vaykaaris Uprising. Together, they organized and trained the recruits for the SDS and stationed them around the evacuation center, to help with the process. Garganat the Hutt, the leader of the Orbital Defense Fleet, argued to the Republic inequality of treatment of his men in the station, and brought up Tesh’s past as a criminal and the recent rise in piracy against his fleet. The piracy he mentioned was, in fact, a stage, where his on ships would attack him. There was evidence to support this, but was destroyed when the carrier was killed in his ship while transporting it to Coruscant.

The Republic issued a decree in the evacuation center stating Garganat’s men must represent at least half of the armed defense forces in the station. Shortly after Garganat’s men arrived in the evacuation center, trouble arose. Tesh returned to the Republic representative on the planet and pleaded that Garganat’s men be removed from the station, but Tesh’s past still prevented him those privileges. He argued that his time at the Military Academy changed him, but the evidence to support him was subjective, and he lost the case.

The harassment of workers on the planet continued, and Tesh decided to act. Tesh grew tired of the disrespect and organized a small strike team to attack a group of Garganat’s men. Tesh disguised himself during the attack as so no one could recognize him. The attack came as a surprise to Garganat as he was not prepared for such a thing to occur. He went back to the Republic and requested that he be allowed to have more men on the station, but Tesh managed to convince them that it was not safe for Garganat’s men, since they were the ones attacked. Tesh pledged to discover who was behind the attack, but never pursued any leads.

Garganat, in the meantime, accused Tesh of being responsible for the attack. Tesh reputed the accusation, and as a precaution, was willing to step down from his position, at the request of the Republic representative, and handed it over to Rim. Rim accepted the duty and started clamping down on Garganat’s men, using Tesh as a subsidiary enforcer, who was now the head engineer, which he used as a cover.

When Garganat grew superstitious about Tesh’s involvement in the attacks, Tesh decided to organize a fleet for protection. He turned to his fellow engineer, Chin Chaldak to help him. Chin was sympathetic to Tesh’s cause as he was one of the workmen being harassed by Garganat’s men. They staged attacks to appear as pirate raids to bring the Republic in, since there had been a rise in piracy at that time. They called themselves the Liberators Pirate Organization, or Liberators, making Asoj-hu Yerca, a friend of Tesh’s from the Academy, captain of the flagship. When rumors of war broke out between the Republic and a pirate faction, Tesh realized that no one would come to aid them. So he attacked more frequently, hoping to drive Garganat away.

Eventually, Tesh staged an all out attack on the bulk of Garganat’s fleet. The attack was both successful and a failure. While Tesh’s ship, the Alura, which he was given before leaving for Ithl'ator'ita by the Republic for transportation, docked Garganat’s secondary flagship, a photograph of the ship and ID tag was taken while it sat idle. The image was relayed back to Garganat where his Captain, Dale Ranyo, surveyed it. Once Garganat learned it was in fact Tesh behind the attacks, he started forming a plan to trap Tesh.

Garganat placed a camera at the one of the stations, and ordered his men to reveal who the culprit was at all costs. When Tesh arrived to tie up the men, they fought back and managed to remove his helmet. A snapshot was taken and relayed up to Garganat’s flagship, a Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, the Annihilator. Captain Ranyo confirmed that it was Tesh. Garganat then sent Captain Ranyo down to the planet to inform Tesh that Garganat knew about him.

Beginnings Edit
I will be liberated.
—Tesh Vohore

Ranyo warned Tesh stop attacking Garganat’s men, but Tesh took it as an idle threat and joked around with Ranyo. Tesh, however, did fear that Garganat would do something drastic and prepared to kill Garganat if need be. However, Garganat acted first and kidnapped Alura, who was just a year old at the time.

When Tesh confronted Garganat, hoping to kill him there, he learned of Alura’s capture. Tesh agreed to do whatever Garganat wished in exchange that nothing would happen to Alura. Garganat insisted that Tesh raid certain convoys on their way to the system under the Liberators, to disguise his involvement in the system.

Halfway through 44 BBY, after the raid at Arora, on a convoy headed from Naboo, Tesh discovered a pattern in each storage log. There were specific items that were logged in Asoj-hu’s holopads, but not in the captain of the raided ship’s holopad. Tesh presented this to his captains, but none were able to come to a conclusion as to what it meant. Tesh searched for a connection as he raided more convoys. During this time, Hetur-an became pregnant with Zan and gave birth to him while Tesh was off planet.

Tesh was called back to the system. Garganat wanted Tesh to kidnap Ana’tera, Chin’s love interest, and deport her. Tesh refused, but Garganat forced him. Tesh asked why she was of importance to him as Chin walked in on them. At the next raid, Tesh encountered a group of Bothans hired by the Republic to stop the raids that were going on in the region. Tesh explained his situation to the leader, Ryje Fibason, and convinced the Bothans to travel to Ithl'ator'ita and take Ana’tera to a safe place while he and Ryje traveled to take back Alura, capturing Captain Ranyo in the meantime.

Tesh interrogated Ranyo and gained the knowledge he needed to persuade the Republic to intervene. Tesh learned that Garganat was secretly aligned with the Stark Commerce Guild, the Republic’s current enemy. He placed Asoj-hu in charge of the fleet while he went to the Republic and asked for assistance. However, his proposal was denied because the Republic was already too involved in a war. He decided to take matters into his own hands.

Tesh purchased sixty-four ships of various sizes, from money he had gained from his inheritance from Ode, and flew in above Ithl'ator'ita. Tesh’s fleet came in from behind and surprised Garganat’s fleet. Tesh arrived at Garganat’s quarters shortly before the ships attacked. Ranyo, who had been released when Tesh went to Coruscant, tried to force Tesh to go back to his ship, but Tesh refused. Ranyo threatened to kill Tesh if he did not comply, but was killed when Tesh pulled out his pistol and shot him. He then took down the two or three guards stationed in the room. He confronted Garganat, setting a thermal detonator off in his closed quarters, causing the room to be blown into space along with Garganat.

Tesh made his way to the bridge and ordered the crew to inform the other ships under Garganat’s former command to stand down. With that, Tesh assumed control of Garganat’s fleet, forcing those who disagreed with his command to leave. However, at that time, one of Tesh’s ships was fired upon by another one of his ships. Tesh found out later, it was Chin’s flagship that had attacked the other.

The Pirate WarsEdit

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Dawn of warEdit

The war started during the Battle of Ithl'ator'ita, in 43 BBY, when Tesh ordered the fleet to attack any of Chin’s ships. The ships could tell each other apart by the difference in the symbols. The battle above Ithl’ator’ita raged on for a couple more hours, before Tesh realized that Chin was fleeing.

The Liberators surfaced and Tesh met up with Hetur-an and explained what had happened. Soon after, Ana’tera arrived. Tesh remembered how Chin and Ana’tera were in a relationship and decided that if Chin saw her, he would withdraw from the war. Tesh convinced Ana’tera to go along to try to settle things with Chin.

They arrived at Omwat, where Chin’s fleet was stationed, and insisted that the leaders meet. Chin refused and attacked the first ship in the fleet. Unfortunately, that ship was carrying Ana’tera. Tesh was taken aback by Chin’s stubbornness and ordered his fleet to circle around to the other side of the Omwat and land planetside. Chin did the same and the two armies met on savannahs, destroying most of the greenery in the area.

Chin’s small excursion army stood no chance against Tesh’s larger army, led by Rim, and was forced to retreat. However, waiting for them in orbit was Tesh’s fleet. Tesh wanted to teach Chin a lesson about stubbornness. He took control of the majority of Chin’s transports and ordered the techs to scan them before boarding, hoping to pin Chin down. However, Chin never left the planet. Tesh ordered the fleet to remove its position and traveled back to Ithl’ator’ita.


A couple months after the Battle of Omwat, in 43 BBY, the Battle of Vergesso Asteroids commenced. Tesh ordered half of his fleet to travel to the other side of the asteroids while he slowly forced Chin's fleet into the field. This worked only because the half that attacked Chin jumped into the system out of nowhere and managed to surprise Chin.

Tesh’s fleet managed to push Chin's backwards towards the field, but Tesh noticed new ships entering the outer edge of the asteroid field in the background. Tesh figured Chin had called in a last minute favour from some nearby pirates until he recognized the vessels' class. They were all Hutt ships.

Tesh ordered the fleet to plow straight through Chin’s fleet and into the asteroid field. He ordered his wings to travel ahead of the fleet a short distance and remove any minor asteroids that could prove fatal to the larger ships. He then entered the Alura and flew out into the asteroid field. He landed on one of the larger asteroids and used a small radionics comlink to communicate with the fleet and notified them when Chin’s fleet passed by.

He used his freighter as a diversion to buy time for the fleet to escape. When the diversion worked, he rendezvoused with the fleet and returned to Ithl'ator'ita to recover their losses. Tesh immediately started planning and preparing for the next attack, which he felt was inevitable.

Discovering the mastermindEdit

Tesh returned to Ithl'ator'ita and studied the attack. He disguised himself as a Corellian and bought a new temporary ship, the Honest Pirate, a complete contradiction of both Tesh and his title as a pirate. He joined Chin’s faction, hoping to discover the secret behind Chin’s success. He would ask some of the senior officers about the relations with the Hutts, but none of them knew anything. Finally, using a voice distorter, he confronted Chin with the question.

Chin replied, saying that those meant for greatness display it when most needed to. It was then, Tesh saw Garganat’s brother enter through the door. Noolid presented Chin with a series of attacks that he could use against Tesh and the Liberators. Tesh managed to get a peek at the plans before being ordered out of the room.

He returned to Ithl’ator’ita, where he sketched down what he could remember of the plans. While he was there, he heard one of the senior officers discuss their next stop: Svivren. Tesh plotted out an attack plan and presented a copy of it to all of his admirals. He planned to raid Chin’s fleet.

The Battle of Svivren did not take long to conduct. They managed to sweep into the system undetected, attack the fleet, and leave before Noolid realized what happened. Chin did, however. Tesh had ordered his fleet to attack from both sides again, but this time they would fly through the fleet, circle around, and fly through again, firing only ion beams unless fired upon. The Liberators managed to disable thirteen ships before Chin tried to make a run for it. Tesh ordered his three main ships to chase him down: the Venture, the Forayer, and the Annihilator.

Tesh was aboard the Forayer when Chin’s ship was disabled. Tesh tried to converse with Chin. Tesh offered Chin a chance to surrender, but he did not take it. Chin lashed out at Tesh, slandering him. Tesh realized at that time that Chin was not jealous; he was a captive. Tesh informed Chin that Ana’tera had been killed and closed the connection.

He returned to the fleet and called off the attack. He returned to Ithl’ator’ita and spent a long time with his family. Tesh felt as if something drastic was going to happen, he just did not know what. He spent a lot of time in his quarters down in the station pondering Chin’s reaction to his question. However, he thought of an answer. He felt that Chin now blamed him for Ana’tera’s death.

Brutal endingEdit

In an attempt to end the war, Chin sent his fleet to Ithl'ator'ita and set up a blockade. The Liberators had little time to react as the attack came without warning. He relayed the defense order from the Alura as it was taking off. He rendezvoused with the fleet as Chin's Faction was forcing the Liberators into the atmosphere.

As Tesh traveled to the fleet, he noticed that there were no Hutt vessels and ordered his main ships to hold off and wait for the enemy reinforcements. However, they never came. Tesh ordered a full scan of the system to find out that the Hutts were stationed just outside the system.

Tesh heard reports of damage coming from most of his ships, and forced himself to ignore the majority of them. He felt that if it was not posing an immediate threat, it was not important. In doing so, he missed the report of an unidentified ship entering the atmosphere.


The Battle over Ithl’ator’ita

Tesh was forced to retreat and regroup, entering further into the atmosphere. Tesh ordered and evacuation of the station, but just as soon as he attempted to give the word, Chin’s fleet depleted and scattered. Tesh knew that this was not because of his defense and felt as if something had happened.

He did not wait until the fleet was completely gone before he returned to the planet with Asoj-hu. Once planetside, he raced to his quarters. He called out for his family. No one responded. He noticed a small note placed on his desk. It read:

Remember me! I’m the one you betrayed, the one you left for dead, the one who will have vengeance. Just like you left me, alone, poor, and miserable, I leave you. You’ve just been robbed of the greatest thing in your life, by the greatest thief of your time. Enjoy your life, the way I do.
—Chin Chaldak

Tesh searched the quarters for his family, but upon arriving at his room, he saw his wife’s body dead on the floor. Tesh eventually brought himself to look at the body. As Tesh went to examine the body, to confirm that it was real, he noticed a scar only he and Hetur-an knew about was missing. Tesh was relieved to know his wife was not dead, as far as he knew, but still angered. He figured Chin had kidnapped Hetur-an and Zan and Alura along with her.

Tesh waited a couple of months to see if any follow up attacks would be made, but none were. He assumed the conflict was over. He pleaded to the Republic to draw the evacuation of Ithl’ator’ita it to a close, and filed his resignation from the Republic military. Tesh reorganized the Liberators, unifying some of the lesser Outer Rim pirates, and went out in pursuit of Chin, to try and find his family.


Hunting down ChinEdit

A year later, in 40 BBY, Tesh traveled to Tatooine still searching for information about the location of his family. He met a merchant who had connections to Noolid, informing Tesh that Noolid was in fact on the planet, in Bestine. Together they traveled there and confronted Noolid, however, Noolid was killed by the merchant before Tesh could ask questions. Tesh shifted through Noolid’s documents and found his finance datapad. Keeping it, he was able to find the connection between Noolid and Chin.

The connection led him to an apartment on Coruscant, where Chin was staying. Tesh traveled there in 39 BBY only to get trapped in the apartment as Chin returned. He overheard Chin inform the Niemoidians about Tesh’s life so they could find a way to black mail him. Tesh feared that Chin would try and use the information to rally the Republic against him. He immediately set out to silence the Niemoidians.

He found the convoy and attempted to intercept them before it was too late. He charted the quickest lanes in and out and staged an attack, in 38 BBY. When he boarded the flagship of the convoy, he was confront by the admiral, who told him that the federation knew of his former allegiance to Garganat and that he was responsible for raiding the Republic convoys before the Stark Hyperspace War broke out, threatening to give the information to the Republic so they would put a bounty out for him. Tesh agreed to leave the Trade Federation alone in return of them not informing the Republic of Tesh’s former occupation.

Hutt vendettaEdit
Don’t try and save me."
"I’m not trying to save you. I’m saving myself, you can follow if you like.

—Sihoja Ely and Tesh in the arena.

Tesh journeyed into Hutt space, posing as an Intergalactic Travel Commerce, a front he created to assure his fleet’s safe passage through star systems, representative plotting quicker hyperlanes in and out of the sector. Tesh had a number of Liberator’s infiltrate the vessels belonging to Garganat’s family to track their location. When he received word from one of his spies that three convoys had relations with the Stark Combine and Chin's Faction, he set acted quickly and sent his fleet in to raid the convoys towards the end of 38 BBY.

During one of the raids, Tesh searched the captain’s log and discovered that one of Garganat’s family members owned a gambling arena on Nal Hutta. Tesh traveled alone to the planet, in 37 BBY, and searched for the gambling arena, which he did not have much difficulty doing as the arena was a well known place among locals. Tesh had heard about gambling arenas and the stories surrounding them and feared what he might see.

When he arrived at the gambling arena, he immediately started looking for the overseer, Arcrana, Garganat’s older brother. As he journeyed through the arena, he realized it was a rancor pit where the prisoners, petty criminals, and slaves were executed. However, the pit was divided up into corridors, provided a maze of passages to wander through. He later learned that it was actually three different arenas, each with similar corridors and passageways. One was for Rancors, another was for Acklays, and the last was for another obscure creature. Tesh was never told specifically what the creature was.

When the first round started, Tesh sat down next to some mercenaries who were watching the struggle of a young Corellian man, Sihoja Ely. Tesh felt pity for the man and leaped into the arena after him. Tesh had studied the map outside the box before hand just incase he was discovered and thrown in himself, and he used the knowledge to find his way out of the arena with Sihoja behind him.


The Bull Rancor that attacked Tesh and Sihoja.

Tesh led Sihoja to the exit; however, as they reached the door, a Bull Rancor was waiting for them. Closing in behind them, a second Rancor approached them, pinning them in near the door. The two darted out of there, as the two Rancors suddenly turned on each other, and circled around, allowing Tesh time to cut through the door with his vibroblade, as the door was locked.

Unfortunately, on the other side was the other arena where the Acklays were kept. As they progressed on, Arcrana spoke out to Tesh, as he sat in the observation deck two stories above the ground, commending him on his effort to gain freedom and ordered the release of the Acklays. As the Acklays charged the two prisoners, the live Bull Rancor managed to break through the intermediate wall and took down one of the Acklays. Using Tesh’s pistol, Sihoja managed to blind the other one as it ran towards them, and slamming into observation deck.

Tesh and Sihoja climbed up the Acklay and stormed the observation deck, but were apprehended by Arcrana’s guards. Before they were able to do anything, the Bull Rancor tore open the deck and started grabbing and clawing at the guards. Tesh managed to take out the guards holding him and Sihoja and confronted Arcrana as he tried to flee.

Arcrana revealed the general location of Chin. Chin was working for the Republic as an undercover agent to dissolve the illegal weapons manufacturing and sales that was occurring in the Outer Rim. He was not notified where Chin was located, just where he could find the contact papers. Tesh and Sihoja left just as the Rancor grabbed hold of Arcrana. Tesh took Sihoja back to the Alura, since his entire family had been killed in the arena and had no place to go. Tesh learned that Sihoja was a pilot before they were captured and sold as slaves to Arcrana and let him co-pilot the Alura back to the rendezvous point outside the sector. Tesh later let Sihoja become a squad leader in one of his fighter divisions.

The final contactEdit

Tesh immediately set out to Lok, in 36 BBY, a few months after confronting Arcrana on Nal Hutta. Tesh had learned that the contact was a fleet that made frequent trips to Chin giving him supplies from the Lok Revenants, a Republic-sympathetic pirate faction. The supplies were shipped to Chin, who would then distribute them to the weapons manufacturers on the planet in an attempt to discover the source.

Tesh intercepted the contact and boarded his ship, informing him that he did not intend to raid. The contact complied and allowed Tesh to board. Tesh met the contact in his personal quarters aboard the contact’s flagship, and Tesh explained his situation. The contact told everything he knew about Chin’s location. Tesh inquired as to why the contact was willing to give up the information and the contact stated that he had no loyalties, especially to a man like Chin. The contact mentioned that Chin had an eight year old girl, whom he called his daughter, the same age Alura was, which supported Tesh’s claim.

He told Tesh of a planet near Tatooine called Najiba, where Chin was stationed. He owned a water and space port in the Human Sector of the city, Saluustine, as a front to allow the weapons and supplies to be shipped in and out undetected. He was allegedly the contact for the crime lord Delga, a Hutt, which the contact stated was his personal front to avoid suspicion. Tesh thanked the contact and let him continue his mission. Tesh sent one of his men to Corellia to contact the local bounty hunter Ryluk Shouja about a possible bounty on the Outer Rimm planet Najiba for Chin Chaldak.

Freeing AluraEdit

It teaches you a lesson in how to become a successful pirate. Deception is the key. You deceive people; make them trust you, then slap them in the face. That’s what we’re doing here. We’re playing a tricky game. We need to deceive three people. Delga, Chin, and the Republic.
—Tesh Vohore to Ryluk Shouja

Tesh arrived at Najiba, he kept his presence concealed. He took Nojio Yerca, Asoj-hu’s younger brother by eight years, to be his eyes and ears on the street while he hid away in an apartment he had rented in the Human Sector of Saluustine. He did not want to be recognized by anyone until the time was right for Tesh to confront Chin.

While Nojio was out, Tesh spent his time formulating a plan to free Alura, whom he assumed was with him at the time based on the description the contact gave him, and take care of Chin without the two interfering with each other. He wanted the two occasions to be separate as to elude suspicion towards him having any involvement in the matter.

When he figured out his plan, he had Nojio contact Delga, the local crime lord and affiliate of Chin, that Chin had a bounty on his head and Ryluk was there to collect it. Shortly afterward, Lymie was kidnapped by Chin and Tesh approached Ryluk. He told Ryluk that Delga, the person whom Ryluk believed to have placed the bounty on Chin, was in allegiance with Chin and was responsible for Lymie’s kidnapping.

When Ryluk went to confront Delga about the issue, he fell into a trap and was imprisoned. Ryluk was transferred to another location before being sentenced with being a hired killer, an occupation that was illegal in the city as it was established to create peace between species. The penalty for the sentence was death. Meanwhile, Tesh adjusted his plan and created a diversion while at the arena where Ryluk was being convicted.

Tesh sneaked into the arena and released an Acklay, one of the beasts being held captive for executions, along with cart with Ryluk’s armor and weapons on it. The Acklay caused confusion in the arena, allowing Ryluk to don his equipment and escape. Tesh found him in the streets and offered to help him free Lymie if Ryluk would help him find his daughter in return. Ryluk agreed, and Tesh took him out Chin’s mansion, in the outskirts of the city.

Tesh had Ryluk storm the mansion, to provide for a distraction, as he and Nojio broke in through the back. Tesh managed to free both Alura and Lymie, while Ryluk ran around the house. Tesh signaled him, via comlink, to retreat to the marsh behind the house. There, Ryluk and Lymie were reunited, and Ryluk thanked Tesh for helping him. With that, Tesh asked if Ryluk would be willing to help him out with one more thing, confronting Chin. Ryluk agreed to help, since Chin still had the bounty on his head.

Tesh had Lymie and Nojio return to the fleet, assuring that they would be safe, and traveled to the sea port, Homeworld, to confront Chin. Tesh had Ryluk storm Chin’s office first, while he waited outside until the appropriate time for him to reveal that he was there. While Ryluk confronted Chin, he was knocked through a second story window by a Najib guard to protect Chin.

Tesh, then, walked in and challenged Chin himself. Placing the note Chin had gave him concerning his wife and children in 43 BBY on Chin’s desk, Tesh tossed Chin one of his vibroblades, suggesting a duel. Chin was reluctant to fight but was forced to defend himself when Tesh attacked.

Tesh defeated Chin in his office, but spared his life when he implied that he knew where Tesh’s wife was. Tesh took Chin back to the fleet, after meeting back up with Ryluk. Once at the fleet, Tesh found out that a Republic fleet had entered the system and was attacking the Liberators. The Liberators jumped to hyperspace, taking several routes, and rendezvoused back outside of Druckenwell. There, Ryluk talked with Tesh about having a wedding ceremony for he and Lymie, while there was time. Tesh agreed and ministered the ceremony, since he had been ordained while at the Academy.

The Xian conflictEdit

My wife is like that too. She only sleeps when the star is down...
—Zhar to Tesh referring to Hetur-an

Before Ryluk left the Liberators, in 34 BBY, a year and a half after joining, Tesh asked him to do one more thing – hunt down Chin’s contact, Ethe Ertes, a hired mercenary, who had kidnapped Alura and Hetur-an. Ryluk found Ethe on Clantaano III, where Ethe had been hired to help a local crime lord in a drug war. When Ryluk returned with Ethe, Tesh paid him his earnings for the entire time he was with the Liberators.

When Tesh interrogated Ethe shortly after, he discovered that Ethe had taken his wife to a planet in the Unknown Regions of the galaxy. Ethe did not remember the coordinates, but did remember his contact on Bakura did. Ethe was willing to take him there if Tesh would spare his life. Tesh did so, and took the fleet to Bakura.

Tesh also found out, while interrogating Ethe that his son, Zan, had not been captured, but was taken by a Jedi who was nearby at the time of the kidnapping. Tesh made a special trip with Ethe to Coruscant to find Zan. Tesh disguised himself as a Corellian and entered the Jedi Temple and requested to see Scion Rathe, the Jedi Master assigned to Ithl'ator'ita to help with the evacuation. Tesh was told that Master Rathe was on Yag'Dhul for a peace keeping mission with his apprentice and helper.

Tesh traveled to Yag'Dhul in time to witness a Republic vessel being raided by pirates. Tesh quickly intervened, fearing his Zan was on the ship. As he boarded the vessel, he searched for Master Rathe, only to find that he had been killed in action. He found his apprentice, Codie Fiiluc, in another hall fending him and Zan against pirates. Tesh shot down the remaining pirates and took the two aside. He offered to take Codie back to Coruscant, but Codie insisted that the ones he called family would be leaving with Tesh. Tesh allowed Codie to come along, but warned him that if Codie did so, he would be leaving the Jedi Order because Tesh could not train him. Even then, Codie agreed and they traveled back to Bakura to meet up with the fleet.

Rendezvousing with the fleet, a small group traveled to the planet to the under city of the capital, Salis D’aar. While in the under city, Ethe took them to his contact’s house, J'sute, a Xian from X-Nais in the Paryu system in Unknown Regions. Ethe introduced the two and Tesh asked for the location of the planet Ethe took his wife too. Tesh found out that the planet was Hjim, in the same system, and immediately packed up to leave.

They traveled to Hjim and were greeted upon arrival by the local leader, Zhar, also a Xian. He offered to let them stay in his palace as they searched for Hetur-an, who was, at the time, his wife, although neither he nor Tesh knew that. It was not until a couple days later did Tesh see her in the courtyard and recognize her as Hetur-an.

The next day, Tesh and his crew members who traveled with him went out to the capital, Pol’kevos, for supplies and to ask around. While in the city, they met a resistance who were fighting against the Xian warriors. They were captured and taken to a sanctuary in the Wira Forest, located just outside the city, where they were interrogated. A Yimis, a native of the planet Y-Nais in the same system, named Roff approached them and found them to be a possible ally. He insisted that they join their cause and explained the situation involved the planet and the enslaved Hjimi, the natives of Hjim. He explained that Zhar arrived on the planet and sent the Hjimi into hiding, or enslaved them for the empire he was building.

Tesh grew sympathetic as Roff told more and eventually joined their cause. He returned to the palace when Zhar turned on him, denying him entrance since he had discovered that Tesh had joined the resistance. Zhar attacked Tesh, nearly killing him, and forced the others to flee. Tesh was attended to and eventually recovered. Once he was feeling well enough, he planned another attack to take back Hetur-an.

He took Tyrus will him and they stormed the palace. They managed to find Hetur-an and freed her, however, as they approached the exit, they were cut off. Tyrus was able to escape with Hetur-an, but Tesh was caught behind and taken captive. Zhar sent him away to be executed, but the convoy was intercepted on the way to the execution arena by the Alura and Tesh was liberated.

They returned to the sanctuary in the forest, where Tesh planned to retaliate against Zhar to free the planet. While in the sanctuary, Codie discovered that the forest was full of Ysalamari, which was why the Hjimi and Yimis were able to fend off Zhar and his forces, who were Force-sensitive. Tesh then ordered his men to lead the Xian army into the forest and into the sanctuary. The Liberators army managed to lure them into the main corridor, where they cut off all exits and opened fire into the mass. Zhar, however, managed to escape and wandered the halls until he reached the meditation room where Tesh was waiting for him.

Tesh confronted Zhar there. Since the forest took away Zhar’s Force abilities, the two fought as equals. Tesh finished Zhar off by stabbing him in the chest with his vibroblades. Tesh removed his wedding ring from Zhar’s hand, which belonged to Hetur-an, and left the body there to be cleaned out later. He returned to the main corridor and watched as the Xian army fled. It took five more years for the Liberators to expel the last of the Xian army out of Hjim and, in 29 BBY, the planet was free.

The Xian uprisingEdit

Whatever happened to the key of deceptions?
—Tyrus Kalbec

In 14 BBY, seventeen years after the fall of Zhar, Tesh was faced with another problem, a new dictator called Rayth, who planned to take the Xians back to where they were, had risen. He waged war with the Liberators and would often attack Hjim to establish a new empire. However, the Liberators were able to hold off his attacks. It was not until he attacked Y-Nais, a year later, did he pose a threat.

Tesh sent a dispatch to Y-Nais to assist the Yimis in defense. The mission failed and many of his men were either killed or taken prisoner. In 15 BBY, he sent his entire fleet to Y-Nais and managed to draw the Xian army back. He sent his son, Jate Vohore, who was eighteen at the time, and his master, Codie to confront Rayth and end the war then, however, Jate and Codie were separated and Jate was injured. Tesh blamed himself for what happened to Jate and was hesitant to send him in on more missions after that.

Tesh tried to intercept Rayth as he fled the planet, but failed to do so as he put a cloaking beacon on his transport, making it impossible for Tesh to locate him. Tesh stayed at Y-Nais for another week, helping the Yimis reestablish a defense network, and then returned to Hjim where he spent time with his family.

It was at this point, his relationship with his wife had started to diminish. He was spending more time in the war room and less time with her and the relationship was suffering because of it. One night, Hetur-an broke down at dinner and Tesh tried to comfort her. They were able to talk through the problem and mend the relationship; however, Tesh received word that Chin had traveled to X-Nais to join with them.


The Alura entering Hjim (southern hemisphere).

After seeing what his work was doing to his family, he decided to take a step back and hand the fleet over to Tyrus Kalbec, but not until the war was won. To try and end it, Tesh sent Tyrus to X-Nais to retrieve the Hjimi’s chief engineer, who was held captive by Rayth. While Tyrus was there, he met up with Tesh’s son, Zan, who helped him out.

Tesh also sent in two other task forces to take out key military structures. Tesh sent Tekia and Chaz’Ry, two Twi’leks he had met on Najiba who had joined the Liberators, to take out Rayth’s house, which had been outfitted as a command center for the Xian army. He also sent Codie and Jate in to confront Chin and Rayth. However, Rayth managed to pin Codie in a pile of rubble, allowing Chin and he to confront Jate. Chin told him that Zhar was his true father, which was true since Jate was half Xian and half Arkanian, angering Jate. Chin managed to convince Jate that he was the “Redeemer”, a Xian who was prophesied to bring the Xian Empire to it golden age, and Jate joined with Chin, killing Rayth as his initiation.

When Tesh heard this, he was devastated. He called in the other groups and reorganized his strike team, this time with him leading it. They journeyed back to the planet and stormed the palace. J’sute stayed behind at the entrance fighting the guards to allow for the others to gain entrance to the palace. On their way, Ethe attacked them, forcing Tyrus to battle him, which left only Tesh to confront Chin and Jate.

When Tesh arrived in the main hall, he tried to reason with Jate to convince him that he was still part of the Vohore family, but Jate refused to listen and attacked Tesh. He nearly defeated him when J’sute leaped out and tackled him before he could give a fatal blow. The two then dueled, leaving Tesh and Chin alone.

Chin attacked Tesh while he was still weak, making it hard for Tesh to defend himself, but he was able to regain his composure and put up a fight. However, age was wearing on Tesh as he was fifty-three and was not as agile as he was even when they first fought, let alone during the Pirate Wars. Chin managed to knock Tesh down, but before he could finish him off, Tyrus shot out Chin’s energy shield, which kept the high atmospheric pressure of X-Nais from crushing him, and Chin collapsed from the force of the pressure.

Chin tried to speak his last words to hurt Tesh, but Tyrus shot him one last time in the head. At that time, J’sute returned with Jate’s sword in hand and the “Redeemer”’s symbol tattooed on his face, as every Xian has a tattoo of some sort covering their body. The three exited the palace and J’sute declared the war over. Since he had visual proof that he was the “Redeemer”, the Xian Army stood down and the war ended. Tesh returned to Hjim where he witnessed his daughters marriage to Codie and promised Hetur-an he would step down from leader of the Liberators and finally hand it over to Tyrus and Rim.


He was a planet freer, system unifier, regional peacekeeper, and a Galaxy hero.
—Tyrus Kalbec at Tesh's funeral

After leaving the Liberators, in 15 BBY, Tesh’s influence in the system was still great. He became a diplomat and helped J’sute establish a system wide government to rule the system unified and justly. He also wrote out the guidelines he felt should be used by the beings of the system to choose a worth candidate for the position, and a guideline on how to judge whether the ruler was doing a fair job, or should they be removed from office. Although he was busy setting this up,

In the remaining two years after Hetur-an passed away, in 5 BBY, Tesh finally fully retired from all work and sat down in his chambers and wrote down all of his experiences. He analyzed them and came to many conclusions, which he wrote down in different documents. His intension was to leave behind a warning to those like him not to follow the same path. He had realized by this time that all of his spontaneous actions had caused more harm to more people then he had wished.

He had only wanted to hurt those who hurt him, but it turn he realized that even that was not satisfying. In his last year, he concluded every thought he wanted to write down and was satisfied with what he had done. He was ready to die and end his life. When he finally passed away, the doctors diagnosed it as death by viral infection but those who knew him said otherwise. They stated that he merely gave up fighting figuring that he could only do more damage by sticking around then leaving for good. He died in 3 BBY.


Every man does bad things. And every man tries to redeem himself by justifying those bad things with more bad things, good things, or religion. A bad man will ratify bad with bad. A good man will ratify bad with good and a noble man will ratify bad with religion, taking others before himself. I have chosen religion. Only time will tell if I’ve made the right decision.
—Tesh Vohore in one of his works.

Tesh left behind many memories with his children and comrades. Most of his life was spent trying to make up for his past mistakes. His greed and selfishness drove him away from his family, just as he had feared, but realized it too late. As he attempted to fix the problem, he drove the people he loved further away, especially his son who left him to pursue his own interests. However, after Tesh died in 3 BBY, Zan tried to find what he liked to do and ended up discovering that he was similar to his dad. Zan also ran into some of his father’s former enemies who were still carrying a grudge. One known instance was when he ran into Zious Bek, who, after being ruined by the accusation Tesh made on him, wanted to destroy Tesh’s family name and sought out to kill Zan.

In his waning years, Tesh, with J’sute’s assistance, established an interplanetary governing system. He created the General Assembly and Secretary General to lead the system in case of external war, outside the system, and to diffuse internal conflicts. This system of governing lasted for more than a century, until it was dissolved when the Secretary-General-for-life Sa’mel died and the first king of the Paryu system, Ulas, came in and took control.

However, the most notable mark Tesh made was the wisdom he imparted on his legal and social documents, which he created in his later years, and lasted for numerous centuries and the foundations of a new Paryu culture. This wisdom came about from his personal experience in dealing with war, love, and life. After waging nearly three full-scale wars, he wrote down the warning signs of war and how to prevent them through a series of documents which he entitled Brittle Lines. He also wrote down the curriculum on which a leader should be chosen in the Rule of Kings. He concluded these points through the past failures and successes he had personally and the achievements of galactic leaders during his time. Finally, Tesh wrote his concluding document, the Code of Conduct, in his last year, as he was lying ill on his deathbed. This was a document declaring the way a citizen of the Paryu system should act to maintain peace.

Personality and traitsEdit

Tesh was an Arkanian of average height. He stood a good head taller than his wife, Hetur-an and eye level with most humans. He had a full head of long white hair, until Zhar cut it for their duel in the arena. After that, Tesh kept his hair short. He found it more manageable, which gave Hetur-an a laugh. Tesh displayed burley physique, yet he was lanky, which added to his size. Out of his sleeves came two stern arms with four digit hands attached to the ends. He accustomed himself to using his hands as if they hand five digits, as to give him the ability to attempt more feats. His white eyes deep inside his aging skull would pierce into his enemies allowing them to see their reflection just before they died.

Tesh was quick on his feet giving him speed, agility, and wit. He often wore a loose white shirt, unless he was wearing his combat uniform, with clashing black pants. He preferred this to his combat uniform because it allowed him to move freely, but when the time came for him to defend himself, he liked his combat uniform. Tesh carried around his twin black vibroblades, "Peace" and "Justice", at all times, giving him a sense of security and command. The two blades quickly became known among his enemies and the sight of them caused fear to trickle down their spines just before they were stabbed, sliced, or slashed.

Tesh disliked anyone stubborn, though he was stubborn himself, and often found himself in pointless arguments with stubborn people because he did not want to lose. His stubbornness also got the best of him sometimes and many of his major mistakes were because he did not want to admit he was wrong. However, when it came down to it, Tesh was mostly willing to accept the consequences of his actions.

He was a heavy death stick smoker until he left to go to the Academy. There he was forced to go cold turkey, which hurt him a lot. He did not have real big respect for his father because of that decision but in the end, he learned to accept his father's decision as the right one. While Tesh was at the Academy, he learned the trade of gambling, learning to play Sabacc and Djarek. When he returned to Arkania, he held weekly sabacc games at his house. This is how he made most of his income as he did not work until he married Hetur-an and was assigned to Ithl’ator’ita.

Tesh had the opportunity to under go training as a priest, while at the Academy, and received a degree in matrimonial affairs. Because of that, Tesh was able to conduct several weddings during his lifetime, including Ryluk and Lymie's and Chaz'Ry and Tekia's wedding in 36 BBY, and his daughter and Codie's wedding in 15 BBY.

Tesh never really knew who his parents were; he only knew their names from some documents he found around the time Ode died. He went to the local government building and looked them up in the census records, but no such names appeared. He felt a little remorse for never being able to figure out who they were or what they were like. His lack of knowledge about his parents, it affected the way he acted around and treated his children. He was a pirate, but he loved to spent time with them and never wanted to put them in harms way. Which is why, when Alura was captured, he was bent on finding her no matter what.

Armor and equipmentEdit

Tesh was relatively lightly armored when it came to battle. He relied more on skill and agility over power and weaponry. He often stated that he was in the wrong era for his interests. He carried around in the Alura a lightweight suit of Arkanian battle armor, which he purchased while on Coruscant.

While at Military Academy, he modified it to be more durable and stronger, but kept the same weight. He customized the color, giving it a mid-night blue shade, to represent the deepness of space, and he carved onto the right shoulder the symbol of the Liberators so that all who saw him knew who he was. Underneath it, he wore a baggy white shirt and black pants, which was his usual wardrobe.

He was also lightly armed, carrying only two vibroblades and a DT-12 heavy blaster pistol. He rarely used his DT-12. He just kept it there so he would not be caught in a fight without it when he needed it most. Tesh only used it a couple of times.

The vibroblades, though, he used all the time and were his weapon of preference. He was taught swordsmanship at the Academy from one of his flight instructors. Due to his skill, he received two twin black vibroblades called Peace and Justice, a graduation gift from the instructor. From then on, those were the only blades he would allow himself to wield. He later got them re-hilted on a tinted titanium-alloy handle, giving them the appearance of an all-black blade.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Tesh Vohore

Author's concept of what Tesh looks like.

Tesh Vohore is an anagram of the author’s real name, Seth Hoover. The character of Tesh was originally created to introduce a character that was not clearly defined as good or bad, attempting to give him a more realistic aspect. The idea of him being a pirate was stray away from the cliché archetype of a Sith or Jedi character. In the first drafts of the character development, Tesh was originally going to be called Tyrus Kalbec, but the name was changed to Tesh and the former name was used for another character in the continuity.

The idea of Tesh being Arkanian also came about in an attempt to stay away from the archetype of a human being the main focus of the story, and instead wanted to introduce a species he had not heard of before. This was done, including the neutrality of character type and profession, to provide the story of a common man instead of an exceptional man. Although the storyline ended up turning out that Tesh did a lot of things that would be deemed “wrong” by modern society, the author attempted to correct that by stating that Tesh learned from his mistakes, which caused the entire end of his storyline to be created.

An additional storyline was thought up, where Tesh travels to another unknown system and helped them out of a crisis. The crisis involved the Imperial Remnant and a small colony, where two Jedi had fled to and were helping out. The author deemed this too “Mary Sue” like, and abandoned the idea, instead had Tesh retire and make his new goal to help others learn from their mistakes.

Tesh had a small cameo appearance in the last two parts of the first season of The Fanon Menace, one at Anakin and Padmé’s wedding and another at a docking bay. During the wedding appearance, he was accompanied by Ryluk and Hetur-an, with Tyrus, Codie, and Sara looking on from the Alura. He also had a cameo appearance in Part I of Season 2 of The Fanon Menace, where he appeared in the cantina with Ryluk, talking to him about an alleged autobiography he was releasing. These appearances were not part of the continuity of Tesh and Ryluk’s continuity, and only occurred because the author was also the director of the series.