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"What are they?"
"I don't know ... stay at your posts! We ... aaaaah!

— Rebel soldiers during the attack on the Salvation

Terror Technology was an area of technology the Empire was experimenting in. They developed the technology to adapt to the power and strategy of the Jedi and Rebels. The Terror Units were all designed to inspire fear into the enemy. Their armor and weapons were all tactically strong designed for direct hits against the Rebel Alliance, though ultimately a Force user would proof to enough to take them out, by overloading their systems.

This area of technology was one of the various projects set up by Darth Vader after the fall of the Old Republic to fight enemy threats around the galaxy.

Units Edit

Terror Troopers Edit

The most commonly sighted of the Terror Technology. Mostly former ARC Troopers from the Galactic Republic and enlisted elite soldiers. They were equipped with Stun Blasters and their armor had a built-in Stealth Mode. The armor also increased the stamina and strength of the wearer of the armor. Terror Troopers were mostly used for hostile environments and special operations requiring skill and deadly precision.

Their first mission was to stop a renegade clone of the late secret apprentice of Galen Marek on board the Rebel flagship the Salvation. Accompanied by a full division of Stormtroopers and additionally a Terror Walker and Terror Droids, they attempted to stop the raging Jedi from harming Boba Fett and Juno Eclipse. However the troops send there were no match for the powers of the Jedi. They would also defend Timira City from the attack of the Rebel fleet.

Terror Droids Edit

These were small spider-like droids that were developed by the Empire for quick assassination or mass attack on a target. They were equipped with a blaster and stun gun, crippling their enemies by attaching themselves to the neck of the enemy.

Like the Terror Trooper, the first known mission of the Terror Droids was the attack and raid on the Salvation, assisting bounty hunter Boba Fett in his mission to take Juno Eclipse to Kamino and to Darth Vader. They were also known to guard the Dark Lord's castle on Baste.

Terror Biodroids Edit

Smaller then the Terror Walkers, Terror Biodroids were designed for direct assault and breaching actions. It was outfitted with split legs and metal claw arms that could crumble anything. Their armor was strong enough to withstand direct blaster hits, but a skilled Force User would be able to land on their back and destroy the Biodroid's core with the Force.

These units saw action for the first time when the Rebel Fleet commanded by Rahm Kota attacked Kamino. They defended the Cloning Facility on Timira City and the DNA Chamber in which both the DNA of Galen Marek and Jango Fett were stored. The defending units mostly perished when Starkiller entered the DNA chamber to destroy the DNA of Galen Marek held there.

Terror Walker Edit

Terror Walkers were large multi pedal walker with various attack capabilities. It is known to be the most destructive in the Terror arsenal. These behemoths could easily take down an entire tower on its own. It was armed with multiple laser cannons and a field disruptor, that automatically cancels out any ray shield on its way.

One Terror Walker was present during the attack on the Salvation, complementing the strike force assisting Boba Fett in acquiring Juno Eclipse. The Terror Walker went for the reactor core of the flagship, however was unfortunate to have Starkiller stand in its way to success. The Terror Walker would be used by Starkiller to bypass the ray shield protecting the outer chambers of the Engine Deck and destroy multiple Terror Droids.

Terror Sentinels Edit

Far more bulking soldiers then the Terror Troopers, these were former ARC and Clone Commando's refitted with cybernetic enhancements to be send back into battle. Except for their stature, their armor was pretty much the same as the Terror Trooper. They were usually armed with a blaster pistol and stun blaster, as well as two blades on the back. Despite their likeness to the Terror Trooper, this unit did not have the agility of the Terror Trooper, but it did have the stealth mode. These units were considered to be more machine then man.

They first saw action during the attack on the Salvation, trying to prevent Starkiller from reaching the Ion Cannon of the Salvation for firing at the Imperial Star Destroyer. They were also used to defend the Reactor Chamber, but once more were dispatched by Starkiller, attempting to get into the Reactor Chamber to prevent the ship from blowing up.

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