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If you are under 13, do NOT include your age or any other personal information.
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To use: Paste the following text into the desired character article, and fill in the appropriate fields.

 {{SV infobox


c1=color modifies name, image, and source spaces (color code assistance)
c2=color modifies area of headers
c3=color modifies area around visible fields
c4=color modifies header text color, except name
image= insert an image (at 250px)
birth=date of birth
birthplace=place of birth
residence=current residence
gender=male or female
hair=hair color and style
eyes=eye color
occupation=current job
hobbies=any hobbies you enjoy doing
contact=your contact information, such as IM information
links=any external links, such as to TheForce.Net or Wookieepedia
joined=the date you joined SWFanon
numbercontribs=number of contributions/notable contributions
editcount=edit count
numberarticles=number of articles created
bestarticles=your best articles
title=any titles you hold on Star Wars Fanon (ex: Admin)
award=any awards you've received on Star Wars Fanon (ex: UOTM)
userboxes=any userboxes you wish to display

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