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I might be a spy and a militant but I am a woman first.
—Teeta Kai

Teeta Kai was one of the three Kai sisters who supported the Empire from its rise to its fall. She was a famous entertainer who owned a hotel and casino on Tatooine, but her true role was as a spy for the Empire in the Outer Rim. Many Imperial officials where infatuated with her, even the Emperor himself. She became one of his most favorite entertainers and he showed his favor by giving her and her sisters many gifts. When he died at the Battle of Endor, Teeta killed herself out of grief.


Early lifeEdit

Crassus Kai was the personal aid to the regional governor of the Naboo system. Four years before the rise of the Empire, he married a songstress called Cellica Nord. He loved her and she bore him three daughters: Teeta, Noora, and Cirsee. Teeta was born nine seconds before the other two, making her the eldest. Teeta was a sweet and graceful child who by the time she was eight wanted nothing more than to be like her mother, an entertainer. Her mother died suddenly when the girls were ten.


After the death of her mother, her father, who was now an Imperial captain, moved her and her sisters to a naval base where Teeta got the first level of her military education. She didn't like the subject mater of her education and often complained about it. She was much more interested in being a singer but her father would not allow her to pursue such a future. After her general education at the base she was sent to the Imperial Academy along side her sisters; the girls where only fifteen. She hated the Academy even more because of the harassment by the male cadets. Never the less, she graduated from the academy specializing in espionage and intelligence. Now an adult and free from her father she could finally become the entertainer she wanted so much to be.

Early entertainerEdit

Teeta started taking singing an dancing lessons as soon as she left the Academy. Her voice was golden, her step light and elegant. It was clear to others that she would be a star. However, it didn't start out that way. She sang in a few cantinas and nightclubs on Naboo, Taris, and Corellia; making only a few thousand credits a night. She started having to borrow money from her sisters who both had high ranking military positions. She promised to pay them back twice as much as she borrowed when she hit it big. And hit it big she would.

Galactic super starEdit

One night while she was singing at an up scale nightclub on Taris, She overheard patrons talking about how a major record production company, Muldune Records, was holding a talent contest on the planet. The winner would get a contract with them. Teeta couldn't pass this up. She entered the contest and won it. She signed a four standard year contract with Muldune Records. Her first record only sold a few thousand copies but her second sold millions. Muldune Records later when on a Galactic tour, with Teeta as the headliner. By the time the tour ended she was known throughout the galaxy. Songs like: "Beauty", "Open eyes", and "Oh be joyful" that where sung by her became hits and she had thousands of fans

The Emperor's attentionEdit

Surprisingly, one of her fans was none other than Emperor Palpatine. Palpatine had always been a lover of the arts and music was no exception. Palpatine loved Teeta's sweet voice and in some strange way he seemed to more in tune with the force when her heard her sing; He never found out why. Palpatine asked for a private showing of her talents for a few guests he had invited to his palace for the week. Teeta, always loyal to the Empire, agreed to it. Private shows became a regular thing for Teeta. Every time the Emperor would visit his retreat on Naboo he would send for her to entertain him. After every performance he would give her a gift. Some of these gifts included a sword, a miniature tree, and a house.

Spying for the EmpireEdit

During one private show for the Emperor, the topic of her Academy record came up. Palpatine was very interested to know that she had specialized in intelligence. He also knew that Teeta had recently opened a Hotel and Casino in the Outer Rim when her contract expired with Muldune. These two facts lead Palpatine to consider using Teeta to spy on activities in the Outer Rim for the Empire. Teeta was more than happy to do the job. Every person that entered her hotel had their records scanned. This may have led to the arrest of hundreds of persons and thwarted many Rebel operations but the exact extent to which the hotel acted as a spy hub was never truly known.


When news of the Rebel victory at Endor reached her on Naboo, Teeta became so demoralized by it that she threw herself off the fifth floor of her home and was killed.

Personality and traitsEdit

Teeta was a triplet, so she looked exactly as her two sisters did, but with some minor differences. Her identifying mark was a small mole she had on the left side of her forehead. Teeta braided her hair instead of curling it or straightening it, and wore tiny bells at the end of the braids. She was very sweet and kind, but would complain and whine if things didn't go her way; kind of spoiled.

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