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If there's a bright center to the universe, you're on the planet that it's farthest from.
Luke Skywalker

Tatooine was a desert planet in the Outer Rim Territories. After he battled Darth Vader, Obi-Wan Kenobi came to the planet to guard the young Luke Skywalker. While there, he met Larraine Anima Renui, and had a child by her, right before Larraine was killed by Darth Vader.

Tattoine beauty

Tatooine Beauty

When his nephew's, Nathaniel Kenobi, wife, Abigaile Jade came to the planet to help him protect Luke, she was captured by the Arkanian smuggler Maka Jeth and his Yaka slave, Duwingo. Her droid, Kex, delivered a message she had made to Obi-Wan. It told him of what had happened to his nephew.

When Nathan came searching for his wife, he also sought out his uncle. When he was attacked by Tusken Raiders, Obi-Wan's voice came from the shadows and made the sound of a krayt dragon's mating call. He gave the information he had received from Kex and gave Nathan his blessing.

In 21 BBY, Jim Logan discovered his "wife" Grace had two of his children and had been living on Tatooine for 3 years.



In 10 BBY, Togray Num lead an army of mercanaries, free-lancers and desperados in an onslaught of the Imperial Garrision. Although the battle's primary objective was completed, there were heavy casulties on each side.


Later, it was destroyed by Death Star VII in the year 94 ABY.

The renewalEdit

In about 200 ABY a group of inhabitants began to built a new city that would bring honor to a now despised world. The works has been going for many years, but the first areas became inhabitable as early as 211 ABY. The city was called "High Eisley" because was built on the Shivivar Mountains, some of the highest peaks of the planet that reached 4700 meters.

With the construction of High Eisley, Tatooine began to be visited by nobles, rich merchants and every kind of people.


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