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Tak-Ekke Model 2 "Last Ditch" bolt-action rifle

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The Model 2 is the worst rifle I have ever seen! It's a shoddy weapon and it's reliability level is shocking!
—A N'Akkiarlian soldier on the Model 2 "Last Ditch" rifle

The Tak-Ekke Model 2 "Last Ditch" Bolt-action rifle was a very shoddily-made "Last Ditch" rifle produced by the Bregaro near the end of the N'Akkiarlian-Bregaro war as Bregaran rifle supplies became low. The N'Akkiarlians said it was worst rifle they had ever faced.

The Tak-Ekke Model 2 was basically a Take-Ekke Model 1 which was produced to a much lower standard, to save money, and to quicken manufacturing, the Model 2 started being produced near the end of the war, after the N'Akkiarlian Star Navy blockaded the Bregaran homeworld, which meant the Bregaro couldn't receive supplies of the excellent Ingzan Armouries BAR-87 bolt-action rifle from their Ingzan allies.

The Model 2 was of a very low build quality, to the point that they often literally began to fall apart mere weeks after entering combat service, it was common to see Model 2s held together with tape.

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