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The Model 2 is the worst rifle I have ever seen, but yet it's also kind of good. It's a very simplistic weapon, made by literally welding metal tubes together, yet it works, but not brilliantly, it gets the job done, I suppose.
—A N'Akkiarlian soldier on the Model 2 "Last Ditch" rifle

The Tak-Ekke Model 2 "Last Ditch" Bolt-action rifle was a very cheap and simplistic "Last Ditch" rifle produced by the Bregaro near the end of the N'Akkiarlian-Bregaro war as Bregaran rifle supplies became low. The N'Akkiarlians said it was one of the worst rifles they had ever faced, yet also had some admiration for it, especially at its cost and production time.

The Tak-Ekke Model 2 was basically a rifle produced from a load of tubes welded together to form a very cheap, simplistic and easy to produce rifle, the design of the Model 2 was completely different from the far better Model 1, at the very end of the N'Akkiarlian-Bregaro War the Model 1 was dropped completely from new production, in order to save money and production time, after the N'Akkiarlian Star Navy blockaded the Bregaran homeworld, which meant the Bregaro couldn't receive supplies of the excellent Ingzan Armouries BAR-87 bolt-action rifle from their Ingzan allies, the Bregarans decided they needed to produce a very simple rifle to arm their Home Guard, they decided to produce a rifle made by welded steel tubes, which kept cost and manufacturing time down.

The Model 2 was of very simplistic build quality, being made literally by welded steel tubes, but it was perfectly functional, but not to any real degree of excellence, the Model 2 was mediocre, but did the job it was intended to do.

Despite the somewhat poor repution of the Model 2 a few rifles saw limited service with the N'Akkiarlian Colonial Police, which was made up of Ingzans and Bregarans, the rifles were designated Rifle No. 2 (b), the "b" standing for Bregaran.

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