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Taj Ateyll was a male Human from Dantooine. Forced to flee his homeworld and job as a teacher for criticizing the Galactic Empire, Taj fell in with the Rebel Alliance and worked his way into a role as an information officer and analyst.


Early lifeEdit

Taj was born in the city of Khoonda on Dantooine in 27 BBY. The second son of a farmer and a local agriculture official Taj spent his early years on his parent's farm playing with the animals, doing chores and exploring the countryside with his older brother Jei.


As he entered his teens Taj befriended Paxi Sylo; a boy four years his senior who resided on the neighboring farm. Despite the age difference the two became close friends. Paxi's fascination with the Jedi led his younger friend to start reading about the history of the Jedi and the Republic. It was there that Taj's love of history began and the course of his life would forever change.

Adult LifeEdit

A Promising Young TeacherEdit

After graduating from college Taj was able to secure a position as history teacher at a high school in Khoonda. While considered rather strict by his students, he still proved to be a popular teacher and got along well with his co-workers.

On the runEdit

Eventually Taj's attempts to undermine the doctored history the Empire was trying to feed his students caught up with him. Tipped off by a parent in local law enforcement, Taj fled his apartment minutes before Imperial agents showed up to arrest him for sedition.

Joining the RebellionEdit

Calling upon a friend from his college days he knew to be a hardcore anti-Imperialist, Taj was able to find a safe haven. But as the Imperial agents continued to search for him Taj knew it would only be a matter of time if he didn't get off Dantooine. Thankfully for them both, Taj's friend had made some contacts within the Rebel Alliance. Taj was only to happy to become a rebel and finally directly fight the Empire as he'd subtly tried to do for years.

Investigating VaderEdit

After about a year as a member of the Rebellion, Taj's information gathering and analysis skills gained him assignment to a special investigation team. Their sole mission was to uncover any and all information about Darth Vader with his true identity being their top priority.

Mission to MustafarEdit

As part of his first mission with the investigation team, which included Noelani Laine, Taj traveled to the fiery world of Mustafar. It was there that records showed that Vader first appeared and was reputed to have slain Anakin Skywalker, at the time considered to be one of the first victims of the Great Jedi Purge.

Yavin 4Edit

Taj was one of the analysts who analyzed the technical readout on the Death Star after it was recovered from the memory banks of R2-D2 just prior to the Battle of Yavin.

Echo BaseEdit

Assigned to Ops while stationed on Hoth Taj was off duty when the Empire attacked. As such he grabbed a rifle and helped defend the base from Stormtroopers. After the order to abandon the base was given Taj helped lead the evacuation. During the pullout a piece of ice fell from the ceiling and knocked him unconscious. Taj's life was saved by Keri Midvid and Pharl McQuarrie carrying him to the ship Bright Hope.

Empire's EndEdit

Taj was a member of a rebel cell on Questal when the second Death Star was destroyed above Endor.

Serving the New RepublicEdit

The New OrderEdit

Personality and traitsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit