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Jedi are meant to study history.
—Tai painj

Tai painj was a Jedi Master, historian, and later Grand Jedi Master at the New Jedi Temple on Ossus. He was made famous by his quote about Darth Krayt which he made in 231 ABY, over one hundred years after his ascension to the throne.

A combatant of the Zao tenj War, Tai painj was the Jedi Master of Jehn Rhin and the man responsible for his indoctrination into the Jedi ways. Although a strong advocate of peace, Tai painj realized that at times only action would suffice. One of those times was the Zao tenj War, and even before the main invasion had begun Tai painj had basically broke 7,000 years of Jedi doctrine by secretly forging an alliance with the Sith Order of Decreto.

He commanded the combined Sith and Jedi fleet at the Battle of Chuck's Drift.

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