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Major Tahnan Ranoa Sejon was born and raised on the planet of Corellia. He joined the military at the age of sixteen and earned the rank of Major at age twenty-four.


Early lifeEdit

Tahnan was raised by his foster parents Yeham and Tagam Jafon, both of which are human. His true parents died at 106 ABY when their ship’s faulty hyperdrive overloaded. Their fate is currently unknown to Tahnan. He spent much of his time at the spaceport, listening to the mechanics to learn ‘new words’. He was enrolled in the Cornet Academy of Science on his twelfth birthday and did not stay to graduate. To date his formal education is incomplete because he joined the Corellian Military Academy at the age of sixteen.

Military careerEdit

Tahnan graduated from the military academy at the age of nineteen. He joined the Ground Forces division and received the rank of Sergeant. Within three years he had received the rank of Second Lieutenant. He earned the Corellian Bloodstripes, First class, on 126 ABY during a five week assignment to repel a Rebel faction that had taken a hospital hostage. On 128 ABY he was reassigned by command to Woltarian Torpedo Bomber Gamma Niner-seven (Astral Queen) to help recon the sector for Imperial activities.

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