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Tahh was a Raktan male who led the tribe of Tahh as Chieftain, on the planet Lehon. He was in direct command over the construction of the Star Forge, and was known to brutally beat his personal servants, and rule his followers mercilessly.


Early lifeEdit

Tahh was born into an influential Rakatan family, his father, also named Tahh, was also the ruler of the Tahh tribe. Following in his father's footsteps, he ruled with an iron fist, tending to stike first and ask questions later. It was this ruthlessness that made the Tahh tribe a dominant one on Lehon.


Tahh's tribe was in direct command over the construction of the Star Forge, and ruled over quite a number of slaves, among them, Malik, and Shizu Lanmaw.

A new servantEdit

Tahh was known to have a personal assistant whom he would keep in the tribe camp, to wait on him and his advisors. However, one of them had an accident, and he was once again in search of a servant.

He selected Shizu Lanmaw, and took a personal liking to her, despite her status as a slave.


Tahh decided it was time for him to take a wife, and amidst much controversy, chose his servant, Shizu. Malik did not approve of this and expressed it to Tahh. Tahh however dismissed his threats, though to be safe, sent assassins after Malik.

On the day of the wedding, Tahh was pleased that Malik was nowhere to be found. However, his celebration would be in vain, as just before Tahh and Shizu were joined, Malik showed up leading the Darr tribe.

A fierce battle broke out between the Tahh and Hidden Rakata tribes. Rather than risk defeat, Tahh used his Force ability to control the Star Forge, having it produce fighter craft to perform bombing runs on the planet.

Tahh and Malik eventually faced off, with Tahh coming out on top with his greater experience. He struck Shizu to the ground and threatened to kill her if Malik did not surrender, which he did not. Tahh then stabbed Shizu in her abdomen, then pressed his weapon to her throat. Malik erupted with anger, and underwent a transformation.

They engaged each other in Force combat, with neither having any significant advantage. As the battle drew on however, Tahh began to tire as his opponent seemed to have a limitless pool of stamina.

Tahh surrendered, falling to his knees before Malik. Piercing Tahh's shoulder with a blast from the Dor, Malik began his revenge. Falling backwards, Tahh quickly turned and began a desperate crawl for safety. Stepping over to him, Malik kicked Tahh, flipping him onto his back. Begging, Tahh told Malik he had won, to just let him leave, that he would hand over control of the Tahh clan to Malik. Staring down, Malik laughed as he used the power of the Dor to fire blasts of energy into Tahh, piercing his skin at various points on his body. As Tahh screamed in agony, Shizu stepped in. Placing herself between Tahh and Malik, she told her brother that he had won, killing Tahh would prove nothing.

Malik violently punched his sister in the stomach, doubling her over, he then followed up with an elbow to the back of her head, knocking her out.

Focusing back on Tahh, Malik pointed his weapon at him. As it glowed, readying itself, Malik grinned at his victim. Finally, he released the shot straight into Tahh, incinerating his body, leaving only ashes behind.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Tahh means death in Rakatan.