a Tabponian soldier

The Tabponians were a warlike species from Tabponia. They were subjugated by Yodatine in 792 BBY. He led them in the Tabponian Raid on Coruscant. They were driven away by a fleet led by Algyd.

They were lanky humanoids with large eyes and short snouts. They were very lanky, with stick-like limbs. They had white skin and large quanitites of black hair atop their heads. Their hands and feet were invisible, being covered in paintbrush-tip shaped swathes of thick black hair.

Away from their homeworld, Tabponians usually wore special breathing tubes attached to their necks. These filtered out oxygen and provided them with methane to breathe.


a Tabponian Dark Jedi

Behind the scenesEdit

The name "Tabponian" was inspired by the word "tadpole" due to the appearance of this species.


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