Mysterious Forces is a Fan fiction episode of The Many Misfortunes of Dave the Stormtrooper and the very first episode of Season 2. It is the eleventh episode overall.

Story Edit

Dave and his coworkers were just standing on the spot. Speechless. Something had happened that changed the Death Star forever. Something like, a very strange new Stormtrooper. The new guy stood as still as a doll, and he never spoke one word ever since he arrived on the Death Star. The Stormtroopers just stared at him, sipping his coffee!

"Hey! Whose the new guy?" asked Tom as he walked by.

Dave gulped. He forced words to come out of his mouth. "His name... is Dallas."

"How can you tell? He's very silent." asked Tom.

"Because he's wearing a name tag."

And it was true, Dallas was wearing a name tag saying "Hello. My name is Dallas". The word Dallas on the card was roughly scribbled onto it, with a pen that was low on ink.

"Man. This guy scares me." said one of the Stormtroopers. Dallas then began walking toward them. They all hid behind a desk, but Dallas just walked right past, like a Battle droid looking at a big light.

"So what station is he working at" whispered Tom. He was shivering.

"That's the really bad news. He's working at our station" Dave said. Tom was speechless. He then fainted. When he woke up he was horrified. Darth Vader then walked by ringing a bell.

"OK people. Time to get back to your stations" he called as he walked by. The group of Stormtroopers hiding behind the desk, slowly began to tip toe toward their station. When they opened the door, they saw Dallas, sitting at the computer right next to Dave's. He just stared at it, as if he was dead. Dave stared in horror. A tall Stormtrooper patted him on the back.

"Good luck Dave." he said, before walking to his computer. The other Stormtroopers did the same. Dave then sat down at his computer. He shivered. It was cold sitting next to the dark quiet type. Dave began working in incredible discomfort. At one point, Dave turned his head facing Dallas.

"I don't like you." Dave said angrily. Dallas turned his head slowly like a robot and just stared at Dave. He began breathing, even deeper then how Darth Vader breathed. Dave quickly turned his head and continued working.

A short time later, Darth Vader came into the room.

"Hi everybody! I see you've met our newest worker, Dallas" he said happily. The other Stormtroopers just said yes in a lazy tone.

"Well everyone. He's really new, and he's not very familiar with the English language, so try to make him feel comfortable" then said Darth Vader.

"Why should we make him feel comfortable?! He's not making us comfortable at all!" complained a Stormtrooper who sat directly behind Dallas. Dallas turned his head 200 degrees, like an owl, and just stared at the Stormtrooper coldly.

"You see?!" he then said.

"Well just do your best, or you will have to work on your day off!" then said Darth Vader, before slamming the door behind him.

For the rest of the shift, all the Stormtroopers acted very strange. They acted like they worshiped Dallas. Dallas didn't seem to notice this. He acted like he was a dummy. Dave had built a brick wall in between him and Dallas.

"Whew. That otta do it." Dave said behind the wall. But Dave still felt very uncomfortable.

Soon, it was lunch. The Stormtroopers headed down to the cafeteria. They all sat together while they ate.

"OK. I am really sick of this new guy" said one Stormtrooper.

"Yeah. He's really creeping me out." said another.

"I think we should teach him how we handle things around here" said another Stormtrooper raising his fist in the air.

"But how?" asked Tom.

"We will have one of the workers fight him. That will teach him not to creep us out anymore."

"Who are we gonna get to fight him?" asked Dave.

The Stormtroopers then looked at Dave. He was the one they wanted to get beat up the most.

"What?" Dave asked.

Later that day, a wrestling match had been arranged in the Death Star's wrestling rink. A banner was shone above the wrestling rink saying "Dave Vs. Dallas"

Many beings from across the galaxy showed up. They cheered as Dave entered the rink. Tom assisted him on getting ready to fight. Then Dallas entered the rink. Cheers came from all across the crowd. Dallas just stood their.

The announcer then went on to the rink and brought the microphone down.

"Ladies and Gentlemen!" he said. "Welcome to tonight's wrestling match!" cheers came from the crowd.

"Tonight, we have Dave, the curious young, challenged Stormtrooper from Tatooine!" The crowd cheered.

"Yeah. Yeah. Thank you." said Dave.

"And in this corner, we have the mysterious, silent, Dallas, the Stormtrooper!"

The crowd went wild. Dallas said nothing, but just looked around confused. The two fighters approached each other. The referee came up to them.

"OK folks. Keep it clean. We don't want anybody getting boo-boos. And fight!"

The crowd went crazy. Dave immediately tackled Dallas. He did not try to fight back. Dave started throwing punches at his face.

"You can't fool us Dallas!" Dave said, and he grabbed onto Dallas' helmet.

"I'm about to find out who you really are!!!" Dave ripped off Dallas' helmet. The crowd went silent. Dave was shocked. Under the helmet there was no head. Nothing.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" The crowd screamed in horror.

"Ew! Ew! Gross!" Dave started slapping Dallas.

Tom went up to Darth Vader, who was watching, and cheering. He had two bags of popcorn.

"Um. Lord Vader? Where does Dallas come from.

"Oh he's and exchange Stormtrooper from the moon of Staftruap." Darth Vader replied. The crowd just looked at him, silently.

A Stormtrooper in the crowd then spoke up.

"The moon of Staftruap? Isn't that the moon containing life forms made out of only matter. Dark matter, to be exact?" he asked.

"What's your point?" then said Darth Vader. Suddenly, a Dark portal leading in dark space appeared. It started sucking things up. The crowd went crazy and evacuated. The portal soon sucked up Dallas, then vanished instantly. By that time, the only people in the room were Stormtroopers that worked at the same station as Dave, Dave, Darth Vader, and Grand Moff Tarkin.

"Hm. That was what I would call unusual." said Grand Moff Tarkin.

"You mean weird." corrected Dave.

His boss sighed. It was going to be a long shift.

The End

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