Bounty Hunter Betrayal is a Fan fiction episode of The Many Misfortunes of Dave the Stormtrooper, and is the final episode of Season 2. It is the twentieth episode overall.

Story Edit

Dave was working happily. He usually didn't really enjoy working surprisingly, but today was different, because today he was working next to his "best friend", Tom.

"Hey Dave. Could you please just type in the code I'm about to send you real fast?" Tom asked Dave.

"Oh. Um sure" answered Dave, but of course when Tom did send Dave the code, Dave typed it in real slowly. That was because he had to look around to see where the letters were on the keyboard.

"Tom. Where is the letter H again?" Dave asked. Tom sighed.

"Dave, you are the most annoying person I know, but the H is right here" Tom then typed in the letter H on Dave's computer. Dave smiled.

"Thanks Tom. You know, I don't know what I would do without you. Your the greatest Tom, you really are" Dave thanked. Suddenly, Darth Vader's voice came over the intercom.

"I would like Dave, Tom, their boss, and a few other guys to come down to my office right now" he announced.

Dave and Tom looked at each other worried. They hastily walked down to Darth Vader's office. They soon arrived with a group of other Stormtroopers.

"What do you want now Vader?" asked Dave's boss.

"OK guys. Listen. This is possibly the most important mission that I have ever gave to you and will ever give to you. You see, we are about to hire a Bounty Hunter to work on the Death Star, but me and Grand Moff Tarkin are still thinking about it. Anyways, today we are going to go down to Cloud City on Bespin just to check the Bounty Hunter's charts and see if he's good enough for the job" Darth Vader explained. The Stormtroopers looked at each other confused.

"So why did you call us down here?" asked Dave.

"Because, you are what is going to be used as bait in case something goes wrong" Darth Vader then began to laugh.

"That's hilarious" Tom said sarcastically.

"No its true" Darth Vader then said.

A minute later, Darth Vader, Grand Moff Tarkin, Dave, Tom, Dave's boss, and the rest of the gang found a ship and started heading off to Bespin. They landed on a small parking lot in the middle of a big city in the clouds.

"Well this is it guys" said Darth Vader after they landed.

"I just hope that this guy we're hiring doesn't have any tricks up his sleeve" then said Grand Moff Tarkin worried.

The gang then left the ship and found themselves being approached by a Bounty Hunter in a big green suit and a green helmet with a small army behind him. Darth Vader walked up to the Bounty Hunter.

"Are you sure your ready for this" Darth Vader said when he had arrived at the Bounty Hunter.

"Who are you?!" the Bounty Hunter asked angrily. Darth Vader looked shocked. The Bounty Hunter then started to laugh.

"Ha! I'm just kidding! Hey Lord Vader, how ya doin'?" the Bounty Hunter then asked with a smile. Darth Vader smiled as well.

"Oh good, good. Not much is happening back at my place" Darth Vader then said. Dave looked shocked. So much things had happened to HIM in the past few days.

"Come. How about we all go over to my place. I'll order some pizza and will just sit and chat when we get there. My name is Boba Fett by the way" the Bounty Hunter greeted. Darth Vader then nodded and began following him into a large building.

"Well this guy seems OK" then said Dave.

"Ah. I'm still not 100% comfortable with this guy yet" then said Dave's boss.

After the gang had there little visit to Boba Fett's house, Darth Vader and Grand Moff Tarkin looked pretty happy with hiring the guy. However everyone else still seemed a little bit suspicious. The gang then rented a place to stay at the Best Blanket hotel, and when they all arrived in their luxury suite, Darth Vader made an announcement.

"Guys, don't look so down. We're still not exactly sure if we will hire the guy yet. The real test is tomorrow, when we all have dinner with him"

Later that night, when Dave fell asleep, he had a series of nightmares. One was of him being forced to give a porcupine a hug. However when he did hug the porcupine, the pricks on the porcupines back stabbed him, the blood began to squirt everywhere. Another bad dream was where Dave accidentally dropped an eraser on his finished test for high school. All the work vanished instantly and Dave screamed in horror. But the worst one was of all the Death Star employees at a big dinner table. They were all screaming in horror. And then, an image of Tom came up. He was in an explosion of carbonite, screaming in horror.

Dave then woke up, and when he did, he heard Grand Moff Tarkin's voice.

"Wakey wakey sleepy head. Its almost breakfast time" he said.

Later that day, the gang began walking toward the big dining room in which they were going to dine in. Darth Vader and Boba Fett chatted and laughed, and said jokes about the Rebel Alliance, while Dave and Tom had a more serious discussion.

"Tom. Do you think that sometimes when you have dreams, they are trying to tell you something?" Dave asked. Tom gave him a weird look.

"Seriously Dave. Don't be stupid" Tom then said, before slapping Dave in the face. The gang soon all arrived in the dining room.

"Well this is nice" said Grand Moff Tarkin. Boba Fett then laughed a little.

"Yeah and wait until you see the best part" Boba Fett then pushed a big red button with an evil grin on his face. The gang then got a very nasty surprise.

Instantly, members of the DSD filled the room. They were all holding up picket signs while marching and shouting.

"Save the Force!" "Save the Force!" "Save the Force!"

They then all grabbed Dave, Tom, Dave's boss, and the other Stormtroopers.

"Hey! Let go of me! Let Go!" They all complained. Darth Vader looked at Boba Fett angrily.

"Mr. Boba Fett, what is the meaning of this?!" Darth Vader complained.

"I'm sorry. They gave me a quarter" Boba Fett then said.

Grand Moff Tarkin's face then got all red. He began running toward Boba Fett. However he was held back by some members of the DSD. He was still punching and kicking with fury. A member of the DSD then got up on the table and said.

"Please, all of you, come sit. We shall eat, before we decide your faith. Can't decide someones faith on an empty stomach"

The gang then angrily walked to the dining room table and sat down.

"Oh no no no. Those seats are reserved for members of the DSD. You're going to have to sit on the floor" then said Boba Fett. So the gang obeyed, and sat on the floor. Darth Vader angrily plumped himself on the floor, crossed his legs, frowned, and folded his arms. The waiter then came up to them.

"Welcome to the DSD Dining Center. Our specials today is rollatini, gnocchi, and sukiyaki" said the waiter.

"You have anything for kids?" asked Dave.

"Hm. We have chocolate cups, and milk" said the waiter.

"OH YEAH!" Dave cheered. He was then handed a plate of chocolate cups and milk. He gobbled them all down instantly.

After the gang had finished eating, they were thrown in different prison cells. Dave was thrown in a prison cell with his boss and Tom.

"Well this sucks" Dave's boss said.

"Yeah! I knew we shouldn't of trusted that guy!" Tom complained. Dave was in the middle of gobbling down a chocolate cup.

"I don't know. I think they're kind of nice" Dave mumbled.

"You think they're nice?! Tom asked shocked. BOBA FETT BETRAYED US FOR A QUARTER!!!"

"He probably needed the money" then said Dave. right after Dave said that, a small group of members of the DSD busted into the room.

"EVERYBODY LINE UP!" one shouted.

A minute later, the entire gang was lined up in a small dark room. The leader of the DSD then walked up to them.

"I have decided to freeze one of you in carbonite, and I shall decide who by doing.....EENY MEENY MINY MOE!"

The leader then did Eeny Meeny Miny Moe and ended up with pointing his finger at Tom.

"What?" Tom asked. He was then grabbed by members of the DSD.

"NO! NOT TOM! WHY?!" Dave screamed in horror.

"Hey put me down you loons!" Tom complained. He was put down in front of a large hole. Clouds of carbonite came out.

"Oh no. You freaks don't know what you're doing!" Tom then said.

"I'm pretty sure we do. Go jump in!" said the leader of the DSD. However Tom hesitated.

"OK Then. Push him in fellas!" Some members of the DSD then walked up behind Tom. And then, everything was in slow motion. They pushed Tom. Dave shouted.

"Nooooooo!" But it was too late. When Tom came out of the hole, he was frozen in a big block, of carbonite.

"No! That guy you just froze was my best friend!" Dave yelled. Darth Vader looked at Boba Fett angrily. Boba Fett shrugged.

"Your next" then said the leader of the DSDs to the rest of the gang. They all screamed except for Dave.

"NO! I AM GOING TO SAVE MY FRIEND RIGHT NOW! I DON'T CARE IF YOU-" Dave was grabbed by Grand Moff Tarkin and was quickly dragged back on the ship. The ship then quickly left the planet, while many guards shot it as it left.

When it was gone fully, Boba Fett looked up at the sky. The leader of the DSDs walked up behind him.

"Good work, Mr. Fett" he said before walking away. Boba Fett sighed and started to feel guilty.

"What should we do with the Stormtrooper?" then asked Boba Fett to the leader of the DSDs.

"We shall send him to Jabba the Hutt. He shall use it as a lovely decoration"

For the next few days, things didn't go so well on the Death Star. Grand Moff Tarkin and Darth Vader had to suffer from extreme guilt after getting one of their finest workers frozen, and Dave started acting much more quiet. He would rarely speak, and when he would, it would be very hard to understand him, due to what he was saying just coming out as quiet mumbles. Eventually Dave decided that he couldn't live like that anymore. He walked into Darth Vader's office.

"Lord Vader. He said. I can't take this anymore. We are going down to Jabba's Palace right now and we are going to get back Tom!" Dave declared.

"Alright fine" Darth Vader then made the announcement over the intercom that they were going to get Tom back. Dave's boss sighed. It was going to be a long shift.

To be continued...

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