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I'm just going to tell you now: If you're evil, you're dead.
—Sythen Kurak

Sythen Kurak was a Sith during the Old Republic Era. After being betrayed by his Master, he was put into an ancient version of Dreypa's Oubliette, in which he stayed until being taken out by Jur'ak D'aghar and D'aghar's apprentice, Ondre Bersson to assist in the war against a new breed of Sith. After the war was over, Kurak ended up as part of the Galactic Triumvirate, surviving for approximately 10,000 years until the Black Knight Crisis finally ended his life.


Early careerEdit

At some point Kurak became a Sith Juggernaut, and led raids upon many an Old Republic outpost. Darth Malgus was more distinguished among the Sith and the Jedi, and that was the primary cause for Kurak's anger during much of the Great Galactic War. During the Cold War, Kurak continued to act relatively behind the scenes. His Master, Darth Eskatos, was the most powerful Sith Sorceror ever; he managed to trap Kurak in a time stasis field, along with one of Kurak's apprentices. The stasis field was supposed to turn off every 200 years to allow Kurak to scout out into the world; however, the apprentice escaped the stasis and disabled it, effectively freezing Kurak in time for almost 3,000 years.

Later careerEdit

Jur'ak D'aghar had been given specific instructions by Darth Eskatos to go to a planet in the Deep Core that had no name and free the time-trapped people there. It took D'aghar years to pinpoint the location of this secret planet. When he finally did (in 258 ABY), Kurak had gotten time-sickness. With effects similar to extreme carbonite sickness, time sickness is almost always fatal. To remedy that, D'aghar created a massive exoskeleton, utilizing both Sith Sorcery and extreme mechanics (with alloys lost for thousands of years) to create a ten-foot tall suit that both keeps Kurak alive and protects from nearly all forms of damage. Kurak took two guards, brothers Gitus and Sivien Syron.

After a brief trip back out to the Core, the quintet of warriors struck back against the newly resurrected Darth Krayt. He fought in nearly every major battle, but two in particular really stand out, for both their brutality and finesse. These are the Second Battle at Bilbringi, a brutal and savage battle that was a draw between the Galactic Alliance and the Sith Empire, and the Third Battle of Telti, a guerrilla war that saw the Empire lose nearly their entire Second Fleet. The Second Battle at Bilbringi was mostly conducted through marines crossing from ship to ship and destroying as they went. The Empire lost far more troops, but in percentages of the force that was sent out the Alliance lost nearly 10% more.

The Third Battle of Telti was pure guerrilla warfare, and the Empire was slaughtered. It is estimated that Kurak would have died over a thousand times in that one battle if not for his armor. The Alliance lost less than 3 squadrons of troops on Telti. The final, all-important battle, the Battle of Coruscant, was a total victory for the Alliance: Kurak personally destroyed over a thousand Sith War Droids and Krayt was slain by Bersson. Shortly after the battle, Kurak was named part of the Galactic Triumvirate.


Due to his suit's indestructibility, Kurak lived until the year 10,056 ABY, when the Black Knight Crisis took him down. The Black Knights, a renegade group of Jedi who were immensely powerful and drew many to their cause, had waged a bloodless war of words against the Triumvirate for centuries. Approximately halfway through the Galactic Standard Year of 10,056, Kurak was invited to an unnamed planet to meet with the Black Knight Emperor. The Black Knight Emperor had evidently discovered a way to destroy Kurak's suit, because it was shipped back to the remaining members of the Triumvirate in pieces; Kurak's body was never found, but according to one Black Knight, Kurak had managed to escape into the wilderness unscathed, where he apparently died of time sickness before he could reach the tiny Alliance outpost there.


Kurak was a Sith who turned good while staying with the Dark Side. This rare occurrence made Kurak unique to the Alliance and to the galaxy. Due his long reign as a Triumvirate member, he is well-known in history records across the galaxy.

Personality and traitsEdit

Brash and impatient, though with a great tendency for being right, Kurak was also well known for his temper. After he received his armor and turned to the side of the Alliance, this temper calmed a bit, but still ran just under the surface, showing itself from time to time. An expert lightsaber duelist as a Juggernaut, he stayed that way throughout his tenure in the suit, even though he didn't have to be. Arrogant and fearless, Kurak was known for charging right out into battle.

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