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Syk flyers were a race of almost demonic birds that were native to Bulpus.


Syk flyers had strange pink feathers, a sword like beak with a black tip and sharp teeth, a single clawed foot, were about the same size as a falcon and possessed incredibly unusual vocal cords. They could unleash a kind of sonic screech that disturbed all creatures with normal hearing and was extremely dangerous to creatures with sensitive hearing. They used this ability to stun or kill creatures and then swooped in to feed on the bodies of their victims.


Syk flyers were extremely erratic, unpredictable and most of all, dangerous. They could be extremely bold and some of them had been known to fly at prey before they have even been stun, which usually lead them to their deaths. Flocks had been known to live on the backs and arms of bull Rancors and even fed off of scraps of flesh the Rancor may have feasted on, but most of them lived in large nests in trees or rocky crags. They often squabbled amongst themselves for food or bones to chew on. It was possible but extremely difficult to train one as a pet.

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