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The Supreme Ultimate Victory for the Hiromi Star Empire was a Cloakshape fighter used by Hygog, a mercenary pilot working for the Bobo Crime Syndicate. Despite being a mercenary, Hygog was rather patriotic, as the name of his ship indicates.

Like most Cloakshapes, the Supreme Ultimate Victory for the Hiromi Star Empire had been modified with the "standard" tailplane package and also carried deflector shields. However, it still lacked a Hyperdrive and any form of astrogation system to use an external drive or sled. This was not usually a problem, as the fighter was typically carried by the Randy Pope, Randy Bobo's Citadel-class cruiser.

During Randy's operations, the ship was typically used to fly recon missions prior to the start of the operation. It also was used to suppress local defenses and, rather often, cover the Randy Pope as it escaped. While performing hits sort of rearguard action in 37 ABY, the ship was crippled by a fluke shot to the engines. Moments later, the Randy Pope was disabled by the same ship.

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