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Immortality is a cruel thing.

Strydis was an extremely powerful Dark Jedi, some say even stronger than Sidious himself. Yet he was different in that he had patience, and often waited for just the perfect time to make his move. He could have easily become the next Sith Lord, yet the brilliant minds of a few surviving Jedi put an end to his wrath.


Born Jen Lakre on Coruscant, he was found to have an exceptional connection with the Force. At that time the Jedi feared no Sith, as for it had been nearly a millennia since their defeat. Lakre was raised in the Jedi Temple, and it was here in his childhood that he met another Jedi named Xyn Vieler. Later this relationship would prove a great deal of irony.

Lakre was roughly sixteen at the time of Master Qui-Gon Jinn's death, and in his teenage years he'd often shown signs of arrogance and a lust for power. Lakre's master, Dohn Cryzx, had always tried to calm his nerves. He thought it was normal for a child Lakre's age to experience these emotions. Cryzx never addressed this issue with the Council, which was an eventual mistake.

During the gap between the Trade Federation's defeat and the Battle for Geonosis Count Dooku convinced a number of Jedi that the Republic was quickly becoming corrupt. Soon those Jedi began to leave, and became known as the Lost Twenty. Jen Lakre understood Dooku's assumption, as for he was observant and could predict this downfall himself. This was all realized when the Clone Wars began. Lakre was among the Lost Twenty.

Lakre did not expect what happened later on. Dooku had in secret become the apprentice of Darth Sidious, hence why he knew so much of the coming events. The Lost Twenty were tested through a series of deadly trials, and only a few survived—Lakre among them. When the trials were over Dooku, now Tyrranus, selected those he felt were the best candidates for Sidious's new plan: create a team of Dark Jedi that would one day replace the Jedi Council. Jen Lakre was more than willing to aid the Dark Side, even though Cryzx had warned him of it's harsh fate. Lakre was becoming more and more powerful with each new training session.

Finally the day came when Lakre faced his last and most demanding trial: he was to locate and destroy his former master. When assigned to the task, Lakre questioned Tyrranus. The Sith Lord replied "If you are to stand by my side, you must do as you are told." Lakre understood, and went off in search of his master.

Dohn Cryzx was pleased to finally see his apprentice again, having no idea what Lakre had been assigned to do. The Jedi was surprised when the young man ignited his two green lightsabers on him. A duel began, yet Lakre had grown in the Dark Side so much that Cryzx fell within minutes. And he was just the first of many Jedi to fall to the hands of Sidious's bidding.

Jen Lakre returned to Lord Tyrranus, and informed him of this victory. With pleasure Sidious himself granted Lakre the name Strydis, assuring that he was now a part of the Dark Jedi team.


To keep the existence of his agents a secret Sidious scattered them in separate parts of the galaxy. A few of the Dark Jedi participated in the Clone Wars, however Sidious relied on his more trusted allies such as Tyrranus and General Grievous. Strydis, however, did lead a few minor campaigns himself. During one such battle he met with his old friend Xyn Vieler. The two fought each other briefly, yet the Republic's forces managed to severely weaken the CIS. Strydis was forced to order a retreat.

After the execution of Order 66 Sidious called for Strydis to return back to Coruscant. It was now time to begin constructing the Dark Jedi Council. Sidious had originally planned to be in charge of this council, yet he knew that he could not devote all of his time. He realized he required someone to lead among them. He sought Strydis as the perfect leader, as for he was not only powerful but extremely loyal as well.

Tyrin was the first to join Strydis in the now hollowed-out Jedi Temple. Xerdas had been scheduled to accompany her, yet unfortunately he had been killed on Mimban. Strydis and Tyrin spent a lot of time together, and it is rumored that a slight affair began between them. However there is no evidence to clarify.

In this time together Tyrin told Strydis the story of how she'd tricked a young Jedi named Anwan Armana into killing his own master, Lee Mauntra. She told him of how powerful he had become when he realized that the only way to defeat her was to sacrifice the old Jedi. Strydis agreed that Armana would make a great ally, if this were so. He wanted to witness this first hand before he jumped to any conclusions.

This wish came true later on. As the Dark Council grew Armana found his way back to Coruscant, where he once again encountered Tyrin. Now that he knew his master had died in vain he quickly turned every thought he’d had against himself towards killing her. He went into a rage and made quick work of Tyrin. Strydis witnessed this feat, and decisively persuaded him into taking Tyrin's seat on the council. Armana was named Omier after killing all of the surviving Jedi he knew, and completed the council of twelve.

During his training under Tyrranus, Strydis had been ordered to locate and destroy a small Mandalorian village. The Sith apprentice had been asked to find a template for the Grand Army of the Republic, and he decided he’d test the Mandalorians to see how well they fought. He killed all but one, named Jango Fett. In order to make this not seem like a massacre he had Strydis find another colony.

Strydis easily killed every single one, save for two children. They were Dak Torf and Taglarr Dressk. Torf was only a small child at the time, and Dressk was in his teens. Strydis was just about to strike the helpless children, yet one last adult persuaded him not to. Strydis agreed to spare them, yet he did not leave without killing the one last adult.

Shortly after Strydis crowned Armana as Omier these two Mandalorians, now adults themselves, eventually found him on Coruscant. They challenged him, and quickly realized they were no match for the dark side. Taglarr was killed, and Dak severely injured. Strydis used this attack as an example of not to confront him.

A few years after the Jedi Purge Sidious decided that the Dark Council deserved their own flag ship. He gave Strydis the honor of naming this ship, which became the Intimidator. It was similar to a Star Destroyer, yet Strydis requested it be somewhat different so it could be quickly identified by other Imperials. Each member of the Council was given their own starfighter and their own battalion of Stormtroopers. It was now time to use them in Sidious’s idea for peace.

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