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Steel Destiny is a story about the rise of Unit 8311 and the Steel Legion.

Chapter 1: WarEdit

Fyir Xan

20 BBY

Approximately eight months before the assault on Coruscant

Commander Auger Diaq surveyed the plain spread out before him with his macrobinoculars. Standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking a vast plain of flat grey rock, he observed various CIS forces taking position in front of the main Separatist command post, which was ray-shielded. He hated this miserable little world. The weather was wet and cold, the sky always overcast, and there was nothing here of note. Save, of course, the major CIS droid foundry.

And that was the reason that Republic High Command had tasked him with ridding this world of Separatist presence. Along with a navy admiral who was currently in orbit monitoring events, Diaq had arrived on this world with a medium-sized force and had landed nearby. Reportedly, the enemy commander here was incompetent, the bulk of the droid forces in storage, and the chances of winning the battle were 95%.

"Orders, sir?" a helmet-filtered came from beside him. Auger looked slightly to his side. Beside him was the clone commander CC-1939, nicknamed 'Haig'. Both of them had served together in several battles, and as a result had developed a close partnership. Saucy rumours abounded that this relationship was especially close.

"Advance the forward division." said Auger. "The dumbass seps have got barely anything in our way. We simply move forward and crush 'em. I get promoted to high command, you get credit, the CIS loses a world. I think this is gonna be a good day."

"Why not get the bird to simply blow their base off the planet?" asked Haig.

"You always want to resort to BDZs, Haig. I'm afraid we can't do that here. It'll get rid of that surface fortress, sure, but I'm sure even whoever built that factory was clever enough to shield the factory from bombardment. Best be safe than sorry."

"As you wish sir." sighed Haig, who began speaking into a communicator. The ground around began vibrating as a contingent of walkers and clones began to advance onto the plain, heading towards the factory. Auger grinned. He could almost envision the medal ceremony on Coruscant, Palpatine and the Jedi Council congradulating him, his face splashed on holos galaxy-wide...Auger Diaq, the hero who took Fyir Xan. He couldn't wait.

Lektos Nimous groaned with nervousness as he watched the Republic forces. Standing at the foot of the command post, he watched as all available forces were deployed--and with angry soberness he realised that what he had was not enough to forestall the Republic advance. It wasn't fair, he thought. Those idiots at the council were hoping this would happen. They had made sure that most of the forces on this miserable little world would be locked away, so that he could be killed or humiliated. Yes, it was all their fault.

"What's up, Lekky?" came a deep mechanical voice from nearby. Lektos groaned in frustration. Not only had he been placed in a position of certain defeat by the council bastards, they had put under his command the rudest droid in the entire army. Well, theoretically put under his command.

What seemed to be a red-and-black super battle droid with electrograpples emerged from the nearby shadows, casually walking up to Lektos's side. Even for a Neimoidian, Lektos was small, so the droid towered over him. This droid was UN-8311, which, Lektos had gathered, had gained intelligence via some sort of programming glitch. As a result, he was rude, questioning, and never obeyed orders. He just couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to reprogramme the droid with a wielding torch.

(to be continued)

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