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After the devastation at our last battle, they imported a lot of news to our squad. We have to teach them what clones are for; to fill in the slowly growing gaps in between the Jedi, to be their soldiers, their protectors. I also have to teach them that Delta Squad is a squad of hot air in katarn armor.

Stealth and Recon Commando Squad (also known as SARC Squad), formerly SARC division, were an elite squad of troops that worked with the 327th Star corps. Their first major mission was to Kashyyyk, where they did some covert work for the 327th, which was at that time being led by Wan ap Dee and for a short time, Di'e Go Am'er'ez. They wore regular Phase I armor, until they were integrated into the 501 legion, where they were treated very badly. They had several (hundred) missions on the icy planet, Rhen Var, where they infiltrated a dozen enemy fortresses, defended their barracks, and assassinated OOM-9.b, a clone of OOM-9 with some of his parts they salvaged from the remains of his AAT, and his tactics. After that, they were awarded with the right to make a new squad color scheme, and wear advanced Shadow Trooper armor. They fought well through the rest of the war.

Battle of KashyyykEdit

Under Bly's troops, they killed off many elite B-2 squads. They also worked covertly to undermine the Separatist attack.

During one mission, they served under Wan ap Dee, in which 64 had a long talk that changed Wan ap's view of clones. SARC squad was startlingly efficient, killing of an entire squad of Trandoshans with ease. Vrawwbacca joined up with them temporarily for that mission.

Battle of CoruscantEdit

During the battle of Coruscant, they served under Captain Fordo, and stood against the armies of Super Battle Droids. Eventually, they were called back to their gunship. They followed a CIS gunship to directly above Palpatine's office. There they dueled Magna Guards and General Grievous, but eventually failed to keep them out. They continued the battle with Fordo's men.

Battle of UtapauEdit

During the Battle of Utapau, they fought alongside the elites of the 212th, and eventually, dueled Grievous' Magna Guards, and won. That was by far the hardest fight they had seen.

Order 66Edit

The Separatists have hacked our comm signals, Ke NuNarir!
The Jedi betrayed us! Don't you get it!?

During order 66 they were sent to help the 501st. Werda decided that their comlinks must have been hacked, and ordered his squad the dreaded Ke nuNarir order. SARC/661138 saw his brothers as traitors, and tried to kill them. SARC/12164 killed him.

SARC Squad disguised themselves as a CIS strike force(after convincing the Jedi not to attack them)and killed a lot of the 501st. As Appo approached their platform, their suits started malfunctioning. Just before Appo saw them betray their own men, a Jedi knocked them off the edge, to save them.

Galactic EmpireEdit! I'm not putting on that armor!
—94 when Phase III was issued

They used their Shadow Armor to join the enemy when they thought they served the wrong side, thus always supporting justice. When they received their Phase III standard armor, they had a problem.

Eventually, during the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, they found Alpha-81 and rebelled against the empire in the 2nd Clone Rebellion, where they joined the remnants of the Kamino rebellion in a captured Venator-Class Cruiser.

Known TroopersEdit

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