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A Starsaber in action

A Starsaber was a massive lightsaber with ion engines capable of intergalactic space flight.


Starsabers were created by the Jedi Order, specifically the Jedi of Jedigan IV to be used as a planetary defense fleet, seven thousand years before the fall of the Old Republic to be used as an effective measure to defend planets and to defend Republic fleets.

The Starsabers played an important role in restoring balance to the Force throughout the galaxy. Though Darth Aeonz traveled through time, his fleet was the key source that affected the amount of dark energy that was sent into the future. By using such advanced technology, he was able to win numerous battles that would have undoubtedly left a regular fleet in ruins.

An incredibly rare version of the Starsaber had the ability to transform into a Jedi Battlesuit. It was an advancement made by Palpatine Skywalker who, at the time, was preparing to fight Darth Malice in his giant space form.



A conventional, hand-held lightsaber worked by projecting pure energy as a beam for a pre-determined distance. However, while in space the planetary dust would have distorted the energy beam. The fact that Ooroo, one of the designers of the Starsaber Project, became one of the galaxy’s largest mysteries. Beyond the massive size, Starsabers had the functions of a normal lightsaber and could deflect laser bolts back at enemy vessels and space stations. They were also equipped with engines that enabled them to ram other objects. The Starsabers were so powerful, they were even able to deflect the superlaser from the Death Star II.


Starsabers came in all shapes and sizes in Darth Aeonz’s fleet. Formed using a massive quantity of crystals, the beam that was projected was powerful enough to bore through the core of a small moon. A Starsaber had an extremely fast response time in all aspects of flight. In Darth Aenoz’s fleet, they were program to spin as they traveled, though gravity plating kept the occupants from noticing. This feature made the Starsabers incredibly deadly in combat, as it sent laser discharges in all directions during combat.

Famous PractitionersEdit

  • Palpatine Skywalker was an expert Starsaber pilot and possessed a double-bladed starsaber.
  • Darth Aenoz had several Starsaber ships in his fleet. While studying the HoloNet database, he came across blueprints for the project and immediately had his engineers construct numerous Starsabers of various shapes and sizes. He was rumored to possess one of his own that glowed with a dark red aura.

Behind the scenesEdit

The original concept was created by an author known only for his IP address, Numerous grammar errors were then corrected by C3PO the Dragon Slayer. After this, Tumble-Weed made major revisions to the article and added images to illustrate the Starsaber. Darth Aeonz added his fanon to expand the article further, and he also assisted Tumble-Weed, NKSCF and Jedi Master 76 with inspiration, help and advice for the expansion of the article. In December of 2007, Brandon Rhea cleaned up and formatted the article further.

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