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Star Wars Fanonpedia, started as Biblioteka Fanonu LEGO Star Wars on July 05, 2015, is one of the Polish Star Wars fanon themed wikis on the FANDOM server. The wiki has over 1 500[1] articles in the main namespace which are still being expanded by the growing community of the fanonpedists.

Since Fanonpedia is the only Polish Star Wars fanon wiki that accepts writting comedy fanficion, the most of the articles it contains were created as parodies. Fanonpedia has also got many short stories that expands the Star Wars Universe with comedy plot lines.

History Edit

At the beginning of holidays in 2015 Mustafar29 came up with an idea to create a fanon wiki as a place where all LEGO Star Wars fans could share their hobby with others. When on July 5 the same year Mustafar decided to start a new topic on forum, he didn't though that enyone could get to like his concept. Some time later there were three other wikians ready to help him: Henio z Tesco, Gial Ackbar and PikPL. Before midnight Fanonpedia was founded as Biblioteka Fanonu LEGO Star Wars.

During the holidays there were many users arrived to write their own fanon series. Gial Ackbar, one of the founders of Fanonpedia, published Saga Mariuszka (Mariusz Universe). His series became popular and growing community liked it. However the author stopped publishing new episodes, many other users were intent on continuation what had been started.

Some time before Christmas administrators asked fanonpedists if they agreed to change the name of the wiki because of a lot of series not related to "my-own-crations". Since there were not any opposition votes, Biblioteka Fanonu LEGO Star Wars finally turned into Star Wars Fanonpedia.

In the meantime, one of Fanonpedia's editors got banned and decided to leave Fanonpedia. Then he found Biblioteka Arkanii and started moving his fanfiction with all Fanonpedia's ideas. It was this user who drove a wedge between the wikis. The conflict has never ended, however one year later he also left Biblioteka Arkanii.

Administrators Edit

  • Mustafar29 has added over 400 articles whose number is still expanding. As one on the Fanonpedia's founders, Mustafar is the bureaucrat since the wiki started.
  • Henio z Tesco was one of the founders of Star Wars Fanonpedia. His first edit was made on July 6, 2015, and today he's got 315 articles written. Having the sysop rights, his obligation is moderation of the Discussions and the users' Massage Walls.
  • Gial Ackbar, formelly known as Bartek2338, has been present on Star Wars Fanonpedia since it was founded. Today he can say he's written 152 articles. His obligation is administration of Fanonpedia's Facebook fanpage, where he's the most active editor, and moderation of the wiki's Discord channel.

The form wiki's administrator, who gave up his sysop rights, is TerrorDaktyl. However he's not an active user, sometimes likes to chat on Fanonpedia's Discord channel.

Fanonpedia outside of FANDOM Edit

For two years Fanonpedia's had its own Facebook fanpage where there are being published Star Wars news. On June 2017 Fanonpedia started the Discord channel. Today it is the place where fanonpedists could talk about Star Wars, fanon and off-topics, but playing the bots is what they enjoy the most.

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References Edit

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