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The Star Wars Fanon requests for user rights page' is a directory of user rights requests pages on Star Wars Fanon, the Star Wars wiki of fan invention. Voting takes place on the individual request pages, which include, but are not limited to, bureaucrats, administrators, and the Council of Seers, the latter of which is an elected reviewing position as opposed to a position with special editing features.

Requests for bureaucratship Edit

Requests for bureaucratship is the electoral process for becoming a bureaucrat on Star Wars Fanon. Bureaucrats are administrators entrusted with the ability to grant and remove administrative rights to and from users, although only after a decision to elect or impeach a user has been completed. The votes of bureaucrats must be unanimous in order to appoint or remove an administrator. A list of the current bureaucrats can be found here.

Requests for adminship Edit

Requests for adminship is the electoral process for becoming an administrator on Star Wars Fanon. An administrator is a user with more privileges than a regular user; administrators have rollback rights, deletion rights, protection rights, and also have the duty to enforce the rules, assist all users, enforce blocks, and maintain organization throughout Star Wars Fanon. They are not, however, considered to be more important than non-administrators. A list of the current administrators can be found here.

Requests for rollback Edit

Requests for rollback rights is the electoral process for being granted rollback rights on Star Wars Fanon. This privilege gives a user the ability to revert any edit with the press of a button. A user with rollback rights is better able to revert vandalism or other bad faith contributions, especially from a single user. Currently, the only user with rollback rights is Darth Wylind.

Requests for moderator rightsEdit

Requests for moderator rights is the process for becoming one of several moderator positions on Star Wars Fanon. A moderator is a user with privileges in the wiki's chat room, discussions, or content, enabling them to help moderate that area of the wiki. Currently, the only chat mod on the wiki is I'm the Chosen One.

Requests for Archivistship Edit

Requests for Archivistship is the electoral process for becoming a member of the Archivists, the featured work review board on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. An Archivist takes part in the reviewing of featured work nominations by leaving critiques on a work and voting on the works once the objections have been corrected. The current Archivists are as follows: Atarumaster88, Fiolli, Goodwood, and Solus.

See also Edit

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