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The Star Wars Fanon request for rollback rights process is a process on Star Wars Fanon where users have the ability to nominate, elect and appoint users to have rollback rights, which is the ability to revert any edit with the press of a button. A user with rollback rights is better able to revert vandalism or other bad faith contributions, especially from a single user. Currently, the user with rollback rights is Darth Wylind.

Past requests can be found in the archive.


There are many benefits for having users with rollback rights. In Special:Logs/move, there is a revert button that can undo a page move instantly. There is also a revert button on image file histories that makes it easier to revert back to a former version rather than re-upload something. Users with these rights can also undo any edit he or she deems to be bad faith or good faith yet bad product. Users with these abilities can be considered more experienced with technical positions, and therefore more eligible to become administrators, although there is no policy that says an administrator must first have had rollback rights.

Vandalism, while not as frequent of a problem as it once was, does still take place and there should be users with the ability to revert it online at all times so the vandals, essentially, have no chance of success. Gaining experience in dealing with these problem users, as well as having increased security, will help the community in selecting administrative candidates as the community will have been able to see the candidates with rollback rights in action.


Users may vote for as many candidates as they wish, as candidates are not running against one another. Please provide valid opposition to a candidate or your vote may be stricken. All relevant matters of the voting policy and civility guidelines apply. Nominations will last for two weeks. Whichever option has the most amount of votes by the nomination's end will be the consensus.


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