This page is for users to place requests for adminship (RFA), which are elections held to elect new administrators. An Administrator is a user with more privileges than a regular user; administrators have rollback rights, deletion rights, protection rights, and also have the duty to enforce the rules, assist all users, enforce blocks, and maintain organization throughout Star Wars Fanon. A list of the current administrators can be found here.

See the archive to view previous requests for adminiship election details.

Rules Edit

The following are the rules for requests for adminship:

  1. Users must have 100 mainspace edits to be nominated for adminship and/or to vote on a nominee, per the voting policy.
  2. Users may not vote for or against themselves, but they may nominate themselves.
  3. Users must have at least a majority vote (51%) from the voting registered users in order for their nomination to pass.
  4. Users must have at least a majority vote (51%) from all administrators in order for their nomination to pass.

Users may only vote once per candidate, which is logical; if they are going to oppose a user, however, they should provide a solid concrete reason. A support vote adds one tally to the net votes of a nominee, and an oppose vote subtracts one tally; a neutral vote does nothing, mathematically. Users who have been barred from voting may not vote if their punishment is still ongoing, and, as the voting policy states, vandals and sockpuppets may not vote either.

To set up a request for adminship of a nominee or of oneself, a user must provide the following format:

=== [[User:Username|Username]] (+/-#) ===
==== Support ====
==== Oppose ====
==== Neutral ====
==== Comments ====
==== Questions ====

Questions can be asked by any user. Any and all appropriate topics are open for questioning.


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