A FanonProject is a collaborative fanon storyline actively worked on by a number of users on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki. These storylines have a specific focus and are actively improved, expanded, etc. by the active members of the project. The goal of the project members should be to create and maintain the storyline along with their own personal fanon work, along with fostering a spirit of collaboration and creating good articles and featured articles. However, active and meaningful collaboration, not awards and accolades, should be the goal of all members of each project.

Guidelines for new projects Edit

New projects do not need to be approved by the community. However, in order to ensure that projects are being actively worked upon instead of being largely ignored, a few key guidelines have been established to help users when they are thinking of creating a new project.

  1. Check to see if there are any current projects about your topic. If you are looking into creating a project based on the Unfication Wars that created the Galactic Republic but there is already a Unification Wars project, it is strongly recommended that you bring your ideas to that project instead of creating a competing one.
  2. Generate interest among people you know on the wiki before creating the project. A project should have, at the very least, three people in it to warrant being a FanonProject as opposed to a non-FanonProject personal storyline.
  3. Develop a set of goals for the project. What these goals are will depend on the project members, but it should be focused on the amount of articles, amount of good and featured articles, and other things of that nature.
  4. Once the project is created, begin a discussion about the basic storyline so the members can decide where they want to go with it and what they want to accomplish before conflicting articles are written by the project members.
  5. The project must not be part of any user's existing personal fanon storyline, as it is meant to foster community collaboration in the creation of a new storyline that all members can claim ownership over.
  6. Create a project talk page template identifying it as a FanonProject. These templates should be of professional and engaging quality.
  7. Users cannot be barred from entering the project, as all projects are open to anyone who wishes to join. Project leaders have no authority to remove any user from the project for any reason, nor do they have the authority to tell someone that they cannot join without the approval of the project leader.
  8. The user who creates a project will, by default, be considered the project leader of said project. The project leader is not the boss, nor is he or she the one to make all of the decisions or give a final approval on all of the decisions. The project leader does not have anymore influence than any other project member. The role of the project leader is to essentially act as a discussion leader, ensuring that the discussions stay on track and that the FanonProject guidelines, as well as the individual project guidelines, are followed. If a majority of project members disapprove of the project leader's handling of the project, they can remove him or her as the project leader and appoint someone else.

Existing FanonProjects Edit

Project Cruentus Edit


It's 24,299 BBY; the Rakatan Infinite Empire was crippled by the disease that swept through their species, and the Empire is in dissarray. The slaves and species that were under the command of the cruel Rakatans have risen up, and the Rakatans are in full retreat back to Lehon, leaving behind only a few factions to try and guard their rear and, if possible, take back the Infinite Empire. The slaves have formed themselves into their previous species, and returned to their home planets, but disorder and havoc wreak their way through the galaxy. With no order to rule, crime and disorder is abundant. Yet from the ruins of the Infinite Empire and from the havoc that is the known galaxy rise warlords, battling for command of the Infinite Empire's former Empire. These warlords fight across the galaxy, starting what is known as the Cruentusian War...

Project Force Wars Edit

Force Wars-TEA
For over a thousand generations the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic, before the dark times...before the Empire.
Obi-Wan Kenobi[src]

We all know old Ben Kenobi’s words well, but what we do not know well is where these peaceful warriors of the Force came from. We know the basics, but how exactly was the Jedi Order formed? Was it formed through peaceful meditation? Partially, but there was a darker foundation as well.

It was the Force Wars, a conflict that took place on Tython almost eight centuries before the formation of the Republic, and was considered the first battle between the followers of the light and dark sides of the Force.

Nearly ten thousand years before the war, a number of organizations such as the Order of Dai Bendu, the Followers of Palawa, and the Chatos Academy gathered on Tython along with the rest of the galaxy’s best philosophers, priests, scientists, and warriors to discuss the enigmatic and mystical Ashla, which later became known as the light side of the Force. Unfortunately, many became seduced by the Bogan, later known as the dark side, and sought to seize power.

The resulting conflict began sometime during or after 25,793 BBY, and ended sometime before or during 25,783 BBY. Fought between the followers of the Ashla and the followers of the Bogan, the war was waged using metal swords augmented through the Force, as lightsabers had yet to be invented. When the conflict ended, the followers of the Ashla left Tython and settled on Ossus, where they established a monastic society of guardians of peace and justice known as the Jedi Order.

Project Star Wars: The Last LegacyEdit

It is the year 40,000 ABY—the year when the Empire is fighting in a never ending war between a reformed Confederacy of Independent Systems, the Sith Empire, and the Hutt Empire. The Empire has old and new military units, including a new Stormtrooper variant.

On Mandalore, a new Skywalker named Leah becomes a soldier and is brutally injured, causing her to have a metallic veneered cast in her bones. Leah becomes a bounty hunter, assassin, and mercenary-for-hire in the Empire services.

Project New Galactic WarsEdit

Actually, the galactic history timeline reaches the year 138 ABY. And after it?

In 251 ABY, after a period of relative peace, a new series of conflicts broke out with the return of the Siths, now owning a powerful army. New heroes will emerge, new battles will be fought, new enemies will imperil the Galaxy in a new full of resources era. The destiny of the Galaxy is in our hands: what are you waiting for?

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