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Café Fanfic is a discussion topic centered around fan-fiction. Authors are encouraged to contribute to the café's monthly discussion, which are designed to stimulate ideas and encourage engagement between members of the SWF fan-fiction writing community in a criticism-free zone.

Participants in Café Fanfic are also welcome to submit ideas for the next month's topic of discussion.

Previous topics can be found in the archive list at the bottom of the page.

There are three basic premises for Café Fanfic

  1. Please restrict this to stuff from your fan-fiction (written or possibly just conceptualized).
  2. You can suggest and make observations, but no condemning other people's work
  3. "I don't know" is a perfectly acceptable answer.
December's topic: If your character was able to go on a vacation or travel for leisure, where would they go? How would they do it? How likely are they to have the opportunity to do so?




Enumeration Topic Month
1 Ten protagonist questions April 2011
2 Remembering the deceased May 2011
3 Species likes/dislikes June 2011
4 Synopsize an action scene July 2011
5 Downtime activities August 2011
6 What scares your characters? October 2011
7 Locales November 2011
8 Holidays December 2011
9 Mementos January 2012
10 First kiss February 2012
11 Parents March 2012
12 Home sweet home May 2012
13 Mistakes/shelved concepts June 2012
14 Music and writing July 2012
15 Politics and writing August 2012
16 Minor characters September 2012
17 Horror and fan-fiction October 2012
18 What are characters thankful for? November 2012
19 Coldest your character has ever been? January 2013
20 Romance at three stages of life February 2013
21 Betrayal March 2013
22 Preferred character archetypes April 2013
23 Writing process May 2013
24 Writing influences June 2013
25 Gender roles July 2013
26 Potential retcons August 2013
27 Reaction to tragedy September 2013
28 Prominent Ships October 2013
29 Prominent Battles November 2013
30 Prominent Showdowns December 2013
31 New Year's Resolutions January 2014
32 Canon influences February 2014
33 Created planets March 2014
34 Use of suffering and hardship April 2014
35 Gender/race diversity May 2014
36 Motivations for writing fan-fiction June 2014
37 Droid characters July 2014
38 Use of fringe elements August 2014
39 Articles versus fanfic September 2014

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