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Welcome to one of the Headquarters of the Completely Unofficial SWFanon Newsletter. This may just be a User-Sub-Page, but it will do, so here will be the list of new Newsletter, latest CUSWFN news, and updates.

  • Hello, this is one of the main pages of CUSWFN!

Looking for the CUSWFN Competition page? See here.

CUSWFN, the Completely Unofficial Star Wars Fanon Newsletter, is, as it says in the name, a newsletter for Star Wars Fanon. It contains articles that can be written by anyone at all, regardless of status here on SWFanon. If anyone has an article that they would like to be in the newsletter, please do leave it at the bottom of this page, were it will be viewed by myself and, if I deem it good enough, it will be published into CUSWFN. So please, do put it at the bottom of this page, in the correct section! I will also place my articles in here, in the template, so as to see what they look like also, and to show you what sort of articles we are looking for. If you're here to put a user comment, then please put it on this User sub pages' talk page. Darth tom Chit 'n' Chat 09:41, 16 March 2008 (UTC)

CUSWFN LibraryEdit


This is a section for all of the Projects and fanonical works that CUSWFN sponsors. By sponsor, we publicly acknowledge and support these Projects, will publish any and all update articles about these projects and will help in whatever way possible.

Your rights as sponsorees:

  1. You may ask for assistance from CUSWFN whenever it's required.
  2. You may state your Project as a CUSWFN sponsored Project.
  3. You may submit any and all articles involving updates and expect to see them published, unless otherwise noticed.
  4. You may terminate the sponsorship whenever you wish.

Our rights as sponsors:

  1. We may refuse sponsorship to any and all Projects if we deem them unworthy.
  2. We may terminate any and all sponsorships whenever we wish (this is a rare occurrence).

Sponsored works:

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