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This page is considered an official policy on Star Wars Fanon.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.


This page in a nutshell

Established guidelines dictate what blogs may or may not be used for on Star Wars Fanon.

The Star Wars Fanon blog policy is an official policy on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki that dictates what a user is and is not allowed to do when utilizing the Wikia blog feature installed onto Star Wars Fanon. Major points of the policy include upholding all matters of civility, what the blog is allowed to be used for, and consequences for the violation of the policy.

Blog overview

The Wikia blogging system is made up of articles written and attributed to one person that can be voted upon, commented on and organized into a listing like a typical blog. They are different than normal articles on a wiki because they are not intended to be either collaboratively written pieces of content, but rather a single user’s composition. Although single-author articles are the norm on the Star Wars Fanon Wiki, these blog articles are not placed into the article name space, but rather a blog name space. The idea is to create more of a community feel for a wiki and give users more of an outlet for their creativity, although it is not meant to become a social networking tool.

Some examples of why a user would want to choose a blog article is that they can follow their own personal article guidelines, although anything listed in the Star Wars Fanon blog policy as being a must still has to be followed. Users can post information about fan fiction and original work, op-eds and personal stories relating to behind the scenes information on their fanon works, articles that pose questions and solicit responses on their work, and leave reviews, suggestions and recommendations on other people’s work.

However, all blog articles must somehow relate to behind the scenes work or Star Wars work as listed below. This is not a political blog or a blog that users can use as a soapbox for any of their opinions or anything they want to say. Strict guidelines will be enforced in order to maintain an atmosphere that is community oriented while not engaging in social networking. It is for that reason why this blog policy has been established and why it will be enforced by administrators and general users alike.

Because this is a new feature and it may seem complicated to members, especially those who are unfamiliar with the Wikia program to begin with, it is encouraged that those who have questions read the Wikia how-to guide on blog articles. The users and administrators of the Star Wars Fanon Wiki will also assist in any problems and questions users might have about the system.



Although use of the blog feature is allowed on Star Wars Fanon, there are only certain things that it can be allowed for. Users may utilize post behind the scenes entries for works such as fan fiction, fan films, fan video games or series of article in a continuity, describing any behind the scenes progress, inspiration or other element with their work. Along with this, users may write reviews about canon Star Wars products, may review the fanon work of other users, promote their own fan work, and write the occasional humorous content. Only the aforementioned examples may be used for blogs, as anything else is prohibited under the guidelines of this policy.


In accordance with Star Wars Fanon policies, civility is expected to be maintained in all blog postings, as well as avatars and comments. Users may not disrupt Star Wars Fanon to make a point or make personal attacks against users, and users must assume good faith and recognize what Star Wars Fanon is not.


In accordance with the categorization guideline, all blog postings must be categorized under Category:Blogs or a sub-category of it. In order to add a posting to the category, a user should place [[Category:Blogs]] somewhere on the blog page. The blog posting will then automatically be added into the category.

Policy violations

Blog deletion

Should a blog posting violate any of these guidelines, it will be subject to deletion. There are two ways that a blog post may be deleted, based on the clearness of the infraction. If a blog post clearly violates a policy and an administrator has been given a second opinion on the matter, then said administrator may delete the blog without discussion. However, if the guideline infraction is not clear and the violation is subjective, then the blog must be voted for deletion on the deletion page. Should a blog posting be nominated for deletion, the same guidelines would apply in the deletion of an article.

User punishments

If a user violates this policy, there will be consequences just as there would be for any other policy. First, if there is an infraction, a user will be given a warning if it is their first offense. Should the problem persist and the user continues to violate the policy, then the blocking policy, related content and the civility policies will apply to the ban. Administrative discretion will decide the duration of any ban.

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