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Star Wars Episode VII: The Heir of the Empire is a fan fiction story written by Elitolu.

Opening CrawlEdit

Star Wars Episode VII: The Heir of the Empire
The Empire is in ruins the republic has made it's stand once more. An Imperial officer named Mark Tussan has found an official Empire document that stated a young boy 
by the named of Bolan Jaamos is the heir of the empire.
The Imperials are seeking this boy to rebuild the Empire again. 
Even though the Republic are trying also to prevent this. No one 
is sure if at this point he is still alive.

All are trying to make their side powerful and make the galaxy
ruled by their rules. The whole galaxy is at silence. To see
if the Empire is going to be re-built...

Battle of DantooineEdit

Skywalker: Okay, just follow my lead.
Dansa: Where are we going, Master?
Skywalker: (sigh) They found the boy on Dantooine we are going inside the ship of where he is.
Dansa: Okay
They fly through a lot of TIE fighters shooting at will.
Dansa: That was close.
Skywalker: You can say that again. There's the ship!
Dansa: The landing area is sealed with a force field.
Skywalker: Use your tractor beam to a TIE and it will open the Force field. It opens to TIEs.
They did that and the plan worked.
Skywalker: When you land get ready to fight.
They landed and fought imperials.
Dansa: I'll look one half you look the other
Skywalker: Good plan.
The search all around.
Dansa: I found him let's get back to the ships.
Skywalker: Great! See you there.
They then fly through the battle again and then go into hyperspace.

The Fight For FreedomEdit

Dansa: Here's your food.
Bolan dosen't eat anything.
Dansa: Are you going to eat?
No reply. Dansa: You got to eat.(silence) Do you know why your being held by many people?
Bolan: I just want to go back to Dantooine.
Dansa: So you talk. I will answer the question I asked. You are being held because you are the heir to the Galactic Empire. You might remember the old one it was five years ago.
Bolan: I'm 17 I think I can remember it. I just didn't know I was heir.
Dansa: Neither did anybody until last year.
Bolan: I don't want to be the "Emperor."

Dansa: I wouldn't either, but you can change the whole empire so it would crumble itself.

Bolan: I want to keep it the same as my uncle Palpatine.

Dansa: Your uncle?

Bolan: Yes my uncle I spent a month with him when I was six and he was trying to tell me something called the Force. I think it's some superstition.

Dansa: Superstition huh? Well I got to go I will be right back.

(Dansa walks out and goes into a room where Luke is looking out a window.

Dansa: Palpatine is his uncle and tried to teach him about the Force. He thinks its a superstition.

Luke: That's good.

Dansa: How?

Luke: He would also then know about the dark side. I'm glad he didn't learn it.

Dansa: I will go tell the Queen about this.

Luke: Ok.

(Dansa walks out)

Luke: How did you get out?

Bolan: How did you know I was out?

Luke: Some superstition (he then turned a looked at Bolan). Now how did you get out.

Bolan: (he turned on his lightsaber) My uncle gave it to me.

Luke: (getting his out) You have to stay here!

Bolan: I am the heir and I decided to follow my uncles path.

Luke: I have no choice but to kill you.

(they start fighting)

Luke: Your good, let me guess your uncle taught you.

Bolan: Yes, yes he did.

(they keep fighting and then end up in the landing area)

Bolan: I'm going to be a great Emperor! I will destroy you!

Luke: You sound like Palpatine.

(Bolan gets in a A-wing and flies away)

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