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Star Wars: Warzone is an imaginary expansion pack for Battlefront II invented by RelentlessRecusant.


The year is 20 ABY, and the Clone Wars have reached their fervish climax in the second year of the war as both the Galactic Republic and the recusantal C.I.S. begin to reciprocate the rising stresses of war, unveiling further legions of soldiers and war machines to bring the fight home. While naval armadas clash in climatic engagements over capital worlds and swift raiding task forces disrupt enemy chains of supply, Galactic Republic High Command orders further clone troopers to the front, leaving Republic worlds on an exposed flank named the "Phase Line" completely undefended - while clone battalions launch advanced strikes on entrenched droid-held worlds, the dozen or so worlds of the Phase Line are kept in the abeyance of fear...

When droid warships cast their fearsome visage over idyllic Ithor, only a battalion of one thousand unprepared clone troopers can be spared from Stage Three training on Kamino. Ithorian resistance is utterly futile and crumpled - the pacifistic aliens are unable to fight, even though their resistance burns hot. Thirteen days after the C.I.S. invasion, the 2558th Training Battalion arrives on Ithor.

Galactic RepublicEdit

With the release of the expansion pack Warzone, the Galactic Republic clone troopers have changed to reflect the valiant soldiers of the 2558th Training Battalion.


  • Clone Trooper - Armed with a blaster rifle, armored in medium-grade infantry battle armor, and fueled with the fire of dying stars, the clone troopers are the bread and butter of the 2558th, the front warriors on the shifting battle lines.
Weaponry: DC-15S Carbine, DC-15S Blaster Pistol, Electrostatic Grenade
  • Clone Sharpshooter - The Grand Army is renowned for its sharpshooters, dedicated marksmen that preserve the spirit of telemachos by sniping foes from afar.
Weaponry: DC-15X Sniper Rifle, DC-15S Blaster Pistol, Electrostatic Grenade
  • Clone Recon Specialist - One of Warzone's additions to the Galactic Republic ranks, the reconnaisance specialists are an elite hand-picked few that serve as versatile point men to scout out enemy positions and to provide coordinates for heavy strikes.
Weaponry: DC-15R Repeater, Spotting Binoculars, HX2 Anti-Personnel Mine
  • Clone Paratrooper - Increasing interdisciplinary cross-tactical training emphasizes versatility over specialization, leading to the evolution of the strictly mobile Jet Trooper to the well-balanced Clone Paratrooper.
Weaponry: DC-15R Repeater, Jet Pack, Thermal Detonator
  • Clone Medical Specialist - An uncommon sight in typical clone battalions, the 2558th is saturated with medspecs for the high level of injuries in rigorous training operations.
Weaponry: Bacta Field Kit, DC-15S Blaster Pistol, Epinephrine Field Kit
  • Clone Gunner - The advent of uncommonly high fatalities amongst speciality corps has suggested that newer clone battalions implement cross-trained warfighters adept in fighting against multiple classes of droids with great efficiency.
Weaponry: Z-6 Rotary Cannon, Stouker Concussion Rifle, 3HX3 Repulsorlift Mine


  • DC-15S Carbine - The standard weapon for the clone troopers under the revised battle doctines of the changing battlefield, the DC-15S Carbine is a cut-down variant of the DC-15A Blaster Rifle, lighter, more slender, but with fully automatic fire options. Increased recoil favors shorter-range engagements.
  • DC-15X Sniper Rifle - The long-range cousin of the DC-15A Blaster Rifle, fitted with enhanced smart-linked optics that are a fully integrated system into the TELEMACHOS clone trooper advanced strike system. Scope provides 2x/4x/8x electronic magnification. Even glancing hits destroy lighter droids.
  • DC-15R Repeater - Another cut-down variant of the DC-15A, the DC-15R Repeater features fully automatic fire with a high volume of fire that is unparalleled at short-range fighting. The DC-15R's light weight, durability, and concealability makes it a favorite of special forces units, even firing after air drops from kilometers in the air.
  • DC-15S Blaster Pistol - The heavy sidearm of the clone troopers packs a heavy-caliber plasma shot punch, and extreme customization by deviously hired Tenloss criminals makes each DC-15S essentially a dampened and one-handed shotgun.
  • Z-6 Rotary Cannon - Although the newest clone trooper gear features the automatic DC-15S and the DC-15R, the Z-6 defeats them all in volume of sheer fire through brutish force. Its stubby barrels discharge a fearsome hail of fire, making it excellent for background support.
  • Stouker Concussion Rifle - The newest and most unorthodox addition to the Kamino Armories was fashioned by Trandoshan crime lords given clemency for their intellectual designs. Firing a superheated bolt of ionized air from a large-caliber concussion-operated barrel, several shots on maximum power can temporarily disrupt a vehicle, giving limited anti-vehicular capabilities to the Clone Gunners.


  • Electrostatic Grenade - The standard handheld explosive of the regular ranks is essentially an alternating current induction pulse core ensheathed in a lightweight white plastoid shell. Despite its short radius burst that stuns or damages droids in its cyan-magenta coruscations, its weaknesses are offset by its inability to wound organic allies.
  • Thermal Detonator - The high-risk positions held by the Clone Paratroopers, often the first to tackle entrenched enemy positions, relentlessly compels their armament with a heavy explosive device. It is an immensely useful tool in front line strikes.
  • HX2 Anti-Personnel Mine - The HX2 gifts Clone Recon Specialists with the prodigous ability to sway the tactical maps in their favor, redrawing the lines of engagement by rapidly mining small patches of land, denying them to droids.
  • 3HX3 Repulsorlift Mine - The heavier cousin of the anti-personnel mine, the 3HX3 has a miniature baradium chip encased in lithium triteride, having applications as a devastator of infantry and a stench to vehicles. While this heavy explosive requires nearly fifteen seconds to set up, it tears apart enemy columns with ease.
  • Spotting Binoculars - The most innovative addition to the TELEMACHOS long-range warfare system, Clone Recon Specialists can "sight" individual enemy units from concealed positions and "tag" them with an invisible infrared laser that the nearest clone sharpshooter's integrated smart chip automatically locks on over automated RECONCOM frequencies, automatically delivering a headshot to any tagged target.
  • Jet Pack - The jet pack is the modern piece of equipment that the Clone Paratrooper ranks are equipped with, allowing Clone Paratroopers to burst into the air for intervals of time varying from three to five seconds. After the three automatically loaded jet dispensers are expended, the pack must revert the chemical equilibrium behind its dispensers, allowing a burst of flight once every half a minute.
  • Bacta Field Kit - The bacta field kit was designed with battlefield ergonomics in mind. Easily carried, it can rapidly affix to a clone trooper's back armor plate and insert multiple catheters into pre-molded ports, providing a large boost to health within ten seconds. Despite its effaciacy, medics are left defenseless for the time required to administrate the treatment.
  • Epinephrine Field Kit - Plastoid-capped medical field syringes are loaded with colorless catchecolamine loads that can be instantly administered to even the most grievously wounded and disoriented soldier, providing a short-timed burst of speed and a large temporary boost to health, although its effects decay quickly.


This is RelentlessRecusant's guide to the Warzone Campaign.

Mission 01: StrikefastEdit

  • Introduction: While Republic starfighters shock and clatter for contension of the C.I.S. Exclusion Zone in planetary orbit, enforced by Trade Federation Battleships and IBC Frigates, the first of the clones slip through the fray in a handful of landers. One of the front units is Squad 2558-014, a Clone Paratrooper unit lead by Lieutenant "Cay". As CT-29/90-4290, secure a Republic beachhead with the outnumbered paratroopers.
  • Briefing: The C.I.S. forces in Sector Bravo-Three are oriented between three outposts. Heavy forestry and crumpling structures, leftovers from prehistoric cultures, obscure transport between the outposts. Squad 2558-014 will deploy over Objective Red, and then seize Objectives Blue and Green afterwards.

//Begin OPERATION: Strikefast

  • Objective: Seize Objective Red

You will be deployed from the lander, and have a beautiful view of the forests below, and from the air, you can easily see the three objectives. You'll need to be careful using "A" to toggle the jump pack. If you mis-time it, you'll hit the ground full speed and die. When you reach land, it will be a melee brawl among tight packs of fighting clone paratroopers and droids. Because of the close range, often times, the DC-15R Repeater, while one of the best close-range weapons, might not be more useful than meleeing enemy droids with "B". Watch out for the droid engineers with live fusioncutters - a single tap can kill you.

You should have a bare minimum of half of the twenty original paratroopers alive by now. Storm the objective point - a triangular NAV marker will denote its position. It's merely a long run-down pool with algae tangling in its depths and a crumpling stone fence around it. The turret shouldn't cause any problems. Just clear the area with your allies with a few grenades.

  • Objective: Rescue the crew of Aleph-719

This is where the plan starts to go down hill. Droid starfighters are deploying from orbital garrisons and are intercepting and destroying the rest of the landers. Originally, your two squads were supposed to seize Red, and shortly afterwards, two more landers were supposed to hit Blue and Green and deploy another ten paratroopers at the other objective points. Droid starfighter activity has completely destroyed the lander tasked with taking Objective Green, but the lander supposed to take Objective Blue, Aleph-719, has "merely" been shot down with a shoulder-mounted proton warhead impact.

It's on the far side of Objective Blue. You'll first have to trek through a couple of swamps and forested areas for a few minutes and take out some light resistance that's waded between Red and Blue. It's mostly droid snipers, but things can get tricky with their high-powered rifles, and you're bound to lose a few paratroopers to their concealed positions. If you're fired at, duck. There's a lot of cover. Then, frag 'em out with a grenade. Be sure to pick up at least one of the sniper rifles and some ammunition.

Afterwards, you'll reach a large clearing of ruined agricultural plots. On the far side of the clearing are some crumpling Ithorian engineering bays and agroeconomic huts, and beyond them, a rivered ravine where Aleph-719 has crashed. With your ten or so remaining allies, you'll have to clear out dozens of battle droids and super battle droids...and they'll have blaster rifles at range while you're stuck with a repeater. If you listened to my advice earlier and took a sniper rifle, you'll be in a slightly better situation, but your allies will be unable to engage them with their close-range repeaters.

Your paratroopers will take cover in the nearby ditches while you try to snipe out the enemy from across the clearing. Be forewarned, there are enemy countersnipers, so after every shot, be sure to duck down as well. After you clean up a few, your paratrooper allies will ignite their jet packs and soar into the brawl. Don't join them. A moment later, an AAT battle tank will plow through the entire mass of battling clones and droids, leaving few alive.

  • Objective: Reach the ravine and link up with Squad 2558-008

You can't possibly take out a platoon of droids and a battle tank, and most of your comrades are in a coma or are crushed bodies amongst a littering of droid parts in the center of the clearing. You'll have to reach the closest body of allied troops: the pinned-down crew of Aleph-719 and its paratroopers that survived the crash.

You'll have to backtrack into the jungle/swamps until you find a beaten dirt path worn with bronze shells that was to the far right of the route you previously treked through. Follow it for awhile, and at the bottom, you'll find a precipitously steep slope of sorts. Activate your jetpack briefly, and then jump down safely. It's the River Caladras.

  • Objective: Avoid detection and find Squad 2558-008

There are many autumnal trees caused by a chemical abberation from the river waters, contrasting sharply from the bright greens of the previous Ithorian trees you've seen. The river is rather shallow, but has quick-paced waters that course through it. There are many pebbles and rain puddles around it as well - it's showering. Keep making your way up. However, soon, you'll find that there's a problem: droid-controlled hoverrafts armed with heavy repeaters patrol the river.

Your progress will be considerably slowed if you want to live. Tap "B" twice to fall prone and crawl on your chest. You can't crawl all the time, though, our the hoverrafts will discover you. If you get seen moving even once, your cover will be blown and the hoverraft will open up on you. In that event, you're pretty screwed. Your best bet is to stafe back and forth and use the sniper rifle to take out the crews of each hoverraft: the pilot and the two gunners. Unfortunately, you can't pilot the hoverrafts themselves, but the good news is that even if you take out one of the other three hoverrafts, the others are unaware, and you get to try again hiding past the next ones.

After you've evaded or blown up the three hoverrafts, you can get up again and run properly, and even use your jet pack to accelerate the process. The ravine will then become considerably boxed in later on, the cliff faces are nearly ninety degrees. Then, you'll see the flaming wreck of Aleph-719. It slammed into one cliff, and then fell into the river, sinking deep into the sediment bed. In the distance, before you can react, you'll see the five or six droids crawling over the lander's wreck pick up the wounded body of a yellow-suited pilot and execute him.

You can pick them off from afar with your sniper rifle, although your ammunition should be pretty low by now. If you run out of ammunition while taking out the wreck's scavengers, don't let the super battle droids pummel you from afar and drive you backwards. Even the odds with your trusty DC-15R Repeater by using your jet pack to "jet" towards them into the air, and tear them up from close range with melees and grenades. It's pretty tough, though, taking on three or four Super Battle Droids at close quarters, so if you die, you'll just respawn at the pilot's execution scene.

After you take out the last Super Battle Droid that was investigating the wreck, there will be a cutscene. Yor character, CT-29/90-4290, will poke around the wreck with his repeater, finding only the executed pilot and two crumpled bodies that didn't survive the crash and are scorched with carbon burn marks. However, you'll find a slight trail of blood...against the chiaroscuro graying skies and sleeting sheets of rain, the lone paratrooper will look at where the trail leads - the end of the ravine. The river abruptly ends in a steep face of metal, and the waters themselves congeal in a cylindrical hollow metal tube - it's a water refinery complex that puncutates the midline of the River Caladras.

Just walk towards it to trigger the cutscene.'ve finished the first mission of Warzone, and one of its hardest ones.

Mission 02: The RidgeEdit

  • Introduction: As CT-29/90-4290 rendezvouses with paratrooper squad 2558-008 and hunkers down in the Caladras Hydrostatic Retainment Facility, the Republic paratrooper feint has worked. CENTCOM abandons the clone survivors to their fates as numerous droids move to destroy them. Meanwhile, the main balance of the Republic forces seek to establish the first zone of Republic stability: Il'Chala City, which lays beyond Croneau Ridge.
  • Briefing: Clone infantryman CT-42/

//Begin OPERATION: The Ridge

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