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Star Wars: The Prow Squad
Publication information




Game engine

Unreal Engine 3

Release date

August 5, 2009


Third Person Shooter Role-Playing Game


Single player and multiplayer


ESRB rating: Teen (T)


PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Xbox, Playstation 2


Legacy era


78 ABY

Star Wars: The Prow Squad is a Fanon Game. It is not real.

Single PlayerEdit

Single Player has five groups of seven levels. In total thirty-five levels that the player play missions on. The game is placed in 78 ABY The player first makes their character known as "Kallen" a Jedith Sir\Lady. They choose powers, class, lightsaber, race, gender, and facial details, clothing, and ship. The first mission assigned as "Recruit" is where the player travels to Kitooine, the merchant planet of the Jedith Democracy. They can choose four out of eight characters to be crew of the Altus Shadow. All of the characters are not force-users. The mission doubles as a tutorial when the Altus is taken and must be retrieved back. After they retrieved the ship a holocron on board from the robbers have been found. It tells of a secret 'scavenger hunt' that holds a gift of a weapon. The Jedith Assembly decide it is best to retrieve the weapon before it falls in the enemy's hands. The mission to the first place Tatooine.

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