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Star Wars The Force Unleashed III Logo
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III
Publication information

The Dark Lord of the Sith


The Dark Lord of the Sith


Third-person Action


Single Player


Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, Wii, Nintendo DS


Rise of the Empire era



Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III is the second sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and the direct sequel to Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. Like its predecessors, the game takes place between Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

Opening crawlEdit

Civil war spreads across the galaxy. 
DARTH VADER is captured by the Rebel 
Alliance and a benevolent clone of the 
Sith Lord's secret apprentice on Kamino.
Now he is held aboard the ROGUE SHADOW 
en route to Dantooine, the location of 
the secret rebel base. There, he is to 
stand trial for crimes against the true 
Republic. He will then be executed to show 
that the people need not fear him any longer. 

Notorious bounty hunter BOBA FETT 
is in pursuit. The Emperor himself has 
demanded that his apprentice be rescued 
and the rebel base found and destroyed.

Despite his belief that he has finally 
broken his master's hold over him, the 
clone of STARKILLER has no idea that by 
bringing Vader to Dantooine, he has taken 
his first steps towards a dark destiny that 
bodes ill for all....


Behind the scenesEdit

As Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III and its two prequels were conceived before the creation of the Star Wars Legends timeline, the events of this video game are now non-canon.



  • Starkiller - The clone of Darth Vader's secret apprentice. Retaining many of the original Starkiller's memories and feelings, he escaped from captivity on Kamino and began a desperate quest to find himself. He came to Captain Juno Eclipse's rescue when she was kidnapped by Boba Fett and taken to Vader, after which the Sith Lord was placed under arrest. Believing that he has finally broken Vader's hold over him, Starkiller embraces his destiny as a Jedi and takes his "master" to the secret rebel base on Dantooine to stand trial for crimes against the true Republic. Voice and likeness provided by Sam Witwer.
  • Rahm Kota - A Jedi Master that was forced into hiding after the Great Jedi Purge. He taught the original Starkiller the ways of the Jedi after he abandoned Darth Vader's Sith teachings, and he served alongside Juno Eclipse in the Rebel Alliance following Starkiller's death. Kota teams up with Starkiller's clone to rescue Captain Juno Eclipse on Kamino, and he refuses to believe that this Starkiller is merely a clone. He presently joins Starkiller and Eclipse on a journey to the secret rebel base on Dantooine, where the evil Sith Lord Darth Vader is to be tried for crimes against the true Republic. Voice and likeness provided by Cully Fredrickson
  • Juno Eclipse - The original Starkiller's love interest. She came to return his affection when she served as his pilot aboard the Rogue Shadow, and after his death, she became one of the Rebel Alliance's top pilots, as well as the key to regaining control over Starkiller's clone in Darth Vader's mind. The clone came to Eclipse's rescue on Kamino after she was kidnapped by Boba Fett, and now that he is in her life once again, Eclipse struggles to decide which is more important to her: duty or her personal feelings. Captain Eclipse does not care that Starkiller is only a clone, and she yearns for a future where she can be together with him, free from fear of the Empire. Voice and likeness by Nathalie Cox.
  • PROXY - The original Starkiller's loyal holodroid companion. After his rescue on Corellia, PROXY came to serve Juno Eclipse and the Rebel Alliance. Now that his master is alive again through Starkiller's clone, he joins him on yet another quest across the galaxy. Voiced by David W. Collins.


  • Darth Vader - Once the Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, this Sith Lord is now the ultimate symbol of fear in the galaxy. After the betrayal and subsequent death of his secret apprentice Galen Marek, he ordered that the young man be cloned. When the first successful clone of Marek turned against him as well, Vader desperately struggled to reclaim him. Now he has been captured by the Rebel Alliance and is to be taken to its secret base on Dantooine, where he is to stand trial for crimes against the true Republic. Voiced by Matthew Sloan.
  • Dark Apprentice - The "perfect" clone of Darth Vader's original secret apprentice, Galen Marek. Desperate to discover the true nature of his existence but doing his master's bidding without question, the dark apprentice is just as much a pawn in Vader's game as the benevolent clone brother he has been ordered to destroy. Voice and likeness provided by Sam Witwer.
  • Boba Fett - A notorious bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader to recapture the clone of Starkiller after he escaped from Kamino. Fett pursues the Rogue Shadow to Dantooine after his employer's capture in order to rescue him. Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker.

Other charactersEdit

  • Yoda - A Jedi Master and one of the last surviving members of the Jedi Council. He fled into exile after failing to kill Darth Sidious in the wake of the Great Jedi Purge. His location remains a mystery to the Empire, and while his first meeting with Starkiller's clone was pure coincidence, Yoda senses the young man's dark future when he returns to Dagobah in search of him and helps hone his Jedi training in hopes that he can escape it.
  • Emperor Palpatine - An evil Sith Lord who rules the galaxy through fear. Better known as "Darth Sidious", he is Darth Vader's master and pretends to be unaware of his apprentice's desire to overthrow him. His manipulation of everything from the Senate to the Jedi Council when he posed as the benevolent Chancellor Palpatine led to his ultimate rise to power, and now he seeks control over Starkiller's clone, planning to destroy him if he does not submit. Voiced by Sam Witwer.



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