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This is not a real video game!

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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed III is a video game.


[Before reading this, please note the following: If you read end the novalization of The Force Unleased II, please note that both of Starkiller's lightsabers were damaged during Starkiller's fight with Vader at the end of the novel. Despite this however, Starkiller successfully fixes his lightsabers just before the start of 'The Force Unleashed III.']

The Rogue Shadow heads to a hyperspace point where some of the Rebel Fleet is meeting before going to Dantooine. As they arrive and prepare to dock with the main rebel cruiser, Boba Fett and an evil clone of Starkiller, created by Darth Vader, fly in Slave 1 and attack the Rogue Shadow which is stuck floating in space. The pair have also contacted the Imperial Fleet and given them the Rebel fleet’s coordinates. The Imperial Fleet arrives and decimates the Rebel capital ships, while Fett and the evil clone board the Rogue Shadow and rescue Vader. While rescuing Vader, the evil clone kills Juno, Kota, and PROXY, and leaves a wounded Starkiller for dead.

Starkiller is later found in the heavily damaged Rogue Shadow floating in space and is brought to Dantooine and nursed back to health. He is greatly grieved over the death of Juno and swears revenge on the evil clone, vowing to pursue him across the galaxy and kill him. He postpones this and helps the Rebels in their fight against the Empire. He then helps the Rebellion evacuate their base on Dantooine and establish another one on Yavin Four.

The Rebels learn that the Mon Calamari known as Ackbar, who will later be an Admiral in the Rebel Fleet, and Madine, a future General in the Alliance, had infiltrated the Imperial Palace with a squad of Rebel soldiers to gain information on Imperial secrets, including the Death Star, but were captured and were to be executed on Coruscant. The Rebels realize the importance of Ackbar and stage a daring rescue attempt. The Rebel Fleet orbits Coruscant, while troops and ground speeders attack The Imperial Palace. Starkiller helps to lead the assault and fights many imperials. While on Coruscant, Starkiller searches for the evil clone but cannot locate him and Starkiller is angered when he is forced to stop his search to help evacuate Ackbar and the rest of the Rebels off of the planet. However, Starkiller finds Vader, who is shocked to see that Starkiller survived the attack on the Rogue Shadow and a duel ensues. He sees that the dark side is growing in him and tries to manipulate Starkiller into joining forces with him by stating that they must destroy the evil clone, claiming the evil clone was not ordered to kill Juno or Kota and has gone insane. What Starkiller doesn’t know is that the evil clone felt remorse over what he did and decided to turn his back on the dark side, stealing an imperial shuttle after landing on Coruscant and become a recluse on a remote planet somewhere in the galaxy. What he also doesn't know is that he [Starkiller] is not a clone and thus is the "Original" Starkiller known as Galen Marek. However, Starkiller flees the duel to help escort the Rebel squad protecting Ackbar and Madine that has been cornered by the Imperials in the Imperial Senate building on the way to the evacuation point. Starkiller becomes vicious when attacking Imperials and kills anyone who gets in his way, slowly falling into the dark side.

After the battle, Ackbar tells the Rebels that the Death Star plans are on Yinshore, but it is more heavily protected than Coruscant, so they will need more ships and weapons before attacking. An assault is lead on the shipyards on Turkana to acquire these items and Starkiller once again assists in the invasion. He is very reckless and risks the lives of citizens on Turkana by unnecessarily blowing up the shipyard on Turkana, which is not far from Turkanan villages. It is at this time that the force ghost of Rahm Kota visits Starkiller and warns him to turn back from the dark side and not let his hate consume him and realize that there is good in him that can be used to free the galaxy from the Empire. Starkiller is then haunted by visions of the evil clone killing Juno and Kota. The Rebel leaders then go to another secret rebel base on Polis Massa to pick up Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Iblis. However, Imperials come to the base and Starkiller must help the Rebel fleet evacuate safely and help ground forces hold off the Imperials.

After escaping the Imperials, Starkiller goes to Yinshore to acquire the Death Star plans, but realizes that the plans aren't there. After the failure of acquiring the Death Star plans, the Rebels decide to destroy an important Imperial base on Tatooine that oversees the Outer Rim territories and builds Imperial vehicles and ships. Before the Rebels reach the base to attack, they send Starkiller and a squad to gather information on the base. Starkiller’s gunship gets caught in a sandstorm and crashes by the Dune Sea and the Jundland Wastes.

Starkiller is the only one to survive and is rescued by Owen Lars and a young Luke Skywalker who find him, while examining moisture evaporators, and bring him back to the farm to nurse him back to health and to give him food and water. Starkiller is thankful for their kindness and sets off to find the Imperial Base. Along the way, Starkiller brutally murders Tusken Raiders for food and water after his scarce supplies run out. Rahm Kota’s spirit once again comes to Starkiller and tells him to seek out Obi-Wan Kenobi to help train him in the ways of a true jedi. Starkiller finds Kenobi, who seeks to help turn Starkiller from the darkside and starts to train him in the ways of a Jedi. Starkiller is once again haunted by visions of the evil clone and sees the future of the Rebels being slaughtered in the attack on the Imperial Base. He stops his training short and leaves, asking Kenobi to come with him. Obi-Wan states that he has a more important duty to attend to (looking after Luke) and wishes Starkiller farewell, while warning him to stay away from the dark side, as it will destroy him.

Starkiller returns to the Rebels and helps in the attack on the Imperial base. Afterward, Starkiller goes to Alderaan to state that he is leaving the rebellion to pursue the evil clone. Bail Organa, Leia, Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Iblis try to sway Starkiller from this decision, but he has made up his mind. Starkiller takes the Rogue Shadow and decides to go to Nar Shaddaa, which is a planet full of smugglers and bounty hunters to see if he can find any information on the whereabouts of the evil clone.

Starkiller tortures many smugglers and bounty hunters and finally receives the information that the evil clone is hiding out on Mustafar. Boba Fett finds out that Starkiller has gone to Mustafar from the smugglers and gives the information to Darth Vader, who also travels to Mustafar. On Mustafar, Starkiller finds the evil clone, but the evil clone, has left the empire and the dark side, and has been living as a recluse and training himself to become a Jedi. However, Starkiller has embraced the dark side and brutally attacks the evil clone. There is a tremendous fight and both are extremely skilled in the ways of the Force and the use of the lightsaber. Light sabers locked, lightning was shot back and forth, and the clones push each other with the Force, while destroying the environments around them. Starkiller then defeats the other clone, who is now a jedi, and has the opportunity to strike him down. Starkiller strikes down the evil clone and embraces the dark side completely, swearing to be a Sith Lord. Darth Vader arrives on the planet to try and reclaim his apprentice, but Starkiller proclaims that he will supersede Vader and the Emperor both and rule the galaxy. upon hearing this, Vader engages Starkiller in a very long and brutal lightsaber duel. Darth Vader manages to win this engagement by slicing of Starkiller's right hand. Pointing the tip of his blade at Starkiller's throat, Vader explains to him that he [Starkiller] was the "Original" Starkiller. Darth Vader goes further to explain that he revived Starkiller after the events on the Death Star and, had erased his memories, and thus had Starkiller falsely believe that he [Starkiller] was a clone. Vader also reveals that he did all the aforementioned actions simply to force Starkiller to join his side again. The instent this registers in Starkiller's mind, Vader kills him, and leaves Mustafar while swearing to himself that he will never take on another apprentice ever again. He later receives a transmission that the Tantive IV has received the complete Death Star plans from the rebels and is headed to Tatooine. He docks with his Star Destroyer and goes into hyperspace, later arriving in orbit of Tattooine and fires upon the Tantive IV.