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Star Wars: The Origin of the Force is an extensive story, trying to expand in the time gap between Episode I (The Phantom Menace) and Episode II (The Clone Wars) and between Episode II and Episode III. It follows through Anakin Skywalker's Jedi Training, relationships with Padme and conquests against the Sith, teaching of Asoka, his adventures with her and an exclusive Arc. of Anakin become a Sith Lord, with Asoka being alive.

Sagas Edit

The story is divided into 2 Sagas, each Saga having a number of arcs, which in turn has several chapters.

Pre-Clone Wars Saga

Post-Clone Wars Saga

Pre-Clone Wars Saga Edit

The Council Arc. Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

"So, umm, Master... let me get this straight." a small boy said, his face twisted in thought. "We're going to meet, Yo-whatsits?" he asked. A tall man, with blond hair, let out a sigh - he was clearly annoyed, as he was piloting the ship. "For the last time, Anakin, his name is Yoda. Yo-da. And its Master Yoda to us.

"Oh... Well, how long will it take? And where is this Jedi Council?" the boy presumably named Anakin asked. "Anakin, you seem to be a pot full of questions. But, to answer your questions, it will take a couple of hours, unless we use the Hyperspace Jump gate, which we are not going to take. And the Jedi Council is on the planet Coruscant, almost located near the center of the galaxy. You'll learn all this in due time, Anakin." he added, with a bit of arrogance.

Anakin looked out of the window. He could see nothing but asteroids. He was clearly bored. "Why can't Master Obi-Wan use the Hyperspace Jump Gate? It'll clearly save us a lot of time! these Jedi are so weird.

Suddenly, an explosion rocked the ship and Anakin fell down with a shock. "What is it Master?! Whats going on!?" he asked, clearly frightened. "Be quiet Anakin, it looks like they've spotted us, just as I feared..." Obi-Wan mumbled. "Who spotted us? Who, Master? Tell me!" Anakin wailed. Obi-Wan ignored him and continued to pilot the ship.

A few more explosions rocked the ship. Anakin knew it was going to be a bit of a problem if the ship crashed on a nearby planet. That would mean his funeral. "It looks like they're shooting us with energy blasters. Don't worry, they don't do much damage... usually..." he added, seeing the frightened look on Anakin's face.

"We don't want to react, just lay low." Obi-Wan said calmly, though there was a drop of anxiety on his face. "Lay low?! What do you mean, lay low?!? They're shooting at us with every intent to kill us, and you want me to lay low?!" Anakin shouted.

"Anakin, be quiet. This is your problem. You're just a Padawan, and if you behave like this, you'll never become a proper Jedi. Just sit down and let me handle it. We don't even know if the ships attacking us are controlled by droids, it could be the Inter Galactic Space Patrol. " he said hopefully. "Yea, sure, the Space Patrol would love to attack a registered vehicle of the Republic..." Anakin said, with heavy sarcasm. "OK, so it might not be the Patrol. But we just don;t want to destroy it, what if it was quite important? We could get charged for that you know. But, just in case, ready your lightsaber, Anakin." Obi-Wan said, and readied his.

Suddenly, the back wing of the ship exploded and a huge hole was created. Anakin saw several ships, shooting at his, with the intent of killing. A ship shot a missile at the unguarded wing, next to where Anakin was sitting. He saw the torpedo coming straight at him, but did not have time to duck or move out of the way. The torpedo made full contact with the ship and exploded, blasting half of the ship.

"Anakin!!!!!" shouted Obi-Wan. The ships engines having failed, it hit a nearby asteroid and went plummeting down into a nearby moon of the Planet Galviona and Obi-Wan couldn't even stop it.

The Moon had an atmosphere, unfortunately, and the ship started burning up. Of course, the enemy ships were following it. Obi-Wan's ship had crashed and everything went black.

Chapter 2 Edit

"Uuh... what happened... Ouch, my head hurts..." a voice came from under the rubble. Something pushed the rubble upwards - it was Anakin, covered in dirt and blood. "Wha-Where am... I?..." he asked, groggily. His lightsaber was lying a few meters away. He jumped and got hold of it, as if he expected something to attack him.

"Master Obi-Wan? Where are you?" he asked, to none in particular. He was looking around. He seemed to be in a moon-like planet... yet he could breathe. He saw some flashes of light in the distant horizon, some shooting - yes! A lightsaber was flashing, which only meant one thing - Obi-Wan!

He started running towards the horizon, which in reality, was several miles away. Anakin ran and kept on running, when he tripped on a rock and fell face down and scraped his forehead. He got up and felt his hair - it seemed to be dried with blood. But it didn't matter to him, for the only thing he wished to do was to reach Obi-Wan.

He kept on running till he was out of stamina and fell down, tired. In the distance, the shooting had stopped, so did the lightsaber flashing, which meant ether of the 2 things - Either Obi-Wan had killed the attackers, or Obi-Wan was captured. Surely, the latter was false, as Obi-Wan could easily take out a couple of dumb droids.

But, little did Anakin Skywalker know, that he was completely wrong and what would happen to his master.


Obi-Wan woke up and he stared at the dimly lit room. Outside, there were 15 droids, headed by Galvatrix. It seemed to be some sort of dungeon. He felt his robe pocket - the lightsaber was not there. It was probably confiscated by the droids.

He didn't remember what happened after the droids ambushed him and defeated him, he was quite exhausted and there were 40 of the them, but only one thought seemed to be in his mind - Anakin. Where was his little apprentice? Was he killed in the ship crash? Or did the droids assassinate him? "No, they couldn't have killed Anakin, no way, he's quite strong, he'll have survived..." Obi-Wan thought.

Another Galvatrix entered the room, he seemed to be dressed in an elegantly fashioned robes, unlike the prison Galbatrix, who seemed to wear torn army rags. "Lord Gothix wishes to see the prisoner." he said, pointing at Obi-Wan. Clearly, the only prisoner left was himself.

The droid next to his cell turned, "Get up, scum. Now!" Obi-Wan quietly complied, and got up. The droid unlocked his cell doors and motioned Obi-Wan to follow him. He was cuffed, and a group of 6 droids surrounded him and escorted him to somewhere they were ordered to take him.

The droid in front of him suddenly slipped on a small piece of diamond on the floor and fell down. Obi-Wan seized this opportunity to kick the droid in the rear and he fell forward. The other droids aimed fire at him and at precise moment, he had jumped upwards and the droids blasted the droid who had fallen down.

Obi-Wan jumped on a table and used force push to push them all towards a stone wall, knocking them out. He used Force Hypnosis and ordered a droid "You will unlock my hand cuffs...", which it successfully did.

Free of his cuffs, Obi-Wan ran forward to a room at the far end of the corridor. He opened it and faced 3 rooms. "O...k..." he said and strode towards the middle room which was a big mistake, as it was full of Magnaguards.

Obi-Wan did not have time to react, for the Magnaguards electrified and paralyzed him. He fell down, stunned. They proceeded to kill him when the elegant Galvatrix came in and said, "No! Master wants him alive! Take him to the courtroom, there, he shall be tried."

Chapter 3 Edit

To Anakin, the Governor's residence was a long way, as it was on the other side of the planet.

The Temple Arc. Edit

Invasion of Temple Arc. Edit

Rivalry Arc. Edit

Darth Arc. Edit

Invasion of Sith Arc. Edit

Battle of Naboo Arc. Edit

Jabba Arc. Edit

Judgement Arc. Edit

Knighthood Arc. Edit

The Great Battle Arc. Edit

Post-Clone Wars Saga Edit

Teacher's Arc. Edit

Defiance Arc. Edit

Asoka's Adventure Arc. Edit

Palpatine Arc. Edit

Clone War Arc. Edit

Double-Darth Arc. Edit

Attack of the Temple Arc. Edit

Conquest Arc. Edit

Treachery Arc. Edit

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