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Star Wars: Nightmare

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Chapter 1 - KorribanEdit

Kanato Rindall watched the misty skies of Viamodia drift over his head and behind the grassy hills. The swirling fog gently floated over the rolling hills like a massive ghost. The vivid purple grass was covered in a light sprinkling of morning dew. The weather was always like this, and Kanato liked it. It was cool, peaceful, and silent. It was a beautiful place - and one of the main reasons he had set up his Jedi Training Academy here. As he watched, an orange Kanton waddled past. Kantons were large Kangeroo-like animals with thick reptilian skin, goggling eyes and powerful legs that made them quite useful for transport. They had been named after Kanato, who had discovered them along with Viamodia.

"Master!" Kanato could faintly make out one of the students running to him. "Master Rindall!"

As the student came closer, Kanato could see who it was. It was Olen Ettil, his current apprentice. He was fast, agile, and very promising. However, Kanato feared that like many of the Padawans fighting in the war, Olen would soon be killed.

"Master Rindall, there is a message for you from Master Merteg!" Olen panted.

He handed Kanato a miniature hologram of Sarand Merteg, Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Sarand was 70 years old, with graying hair that was usually kept in a ponytail and a long wispy beard.

"Master Rindall," the hologram of Sarand began.

Its bluish glow lit up Kanato Rindall's face like a sapphire torch.

"We have gained knowledge of a growing uprising of dark Jedi on the planet Vorako, and all of our other Jedi Knights are busy fighting in the war. Darth Admantor is STILL continuing to attack the Republic." Sarand paused.

"I don't even need the Force to know what you're going to ask me next! I'm going to Vorako, right?" asked Kanato with a cheesy grin.

"Yes, you are correct," Merteg chuckled. "Olen will accompany you." replied Merteg, smiling back.

"Sweet! My first mission! Which ship are we going to take?" inquired Olen Ettil, almost bouncing with adrenaline.

"The Silver Moon" said Kanato calmly.

Kanato deactivated the hologram and began the long walk back to his academy. Kanato could sense that something important was about to happen.

Darth Necrus waited. Fifteen minutes ago, he had ordered his second-in-command, Lectriso, to find out who the current Dark Lord of the Sith was. Necrus lived on the planet Korriban, far away from just about everything. Korriban was thick in the Dark Side of the Force - just how Necrus liked it, but being this far from everything meant that he wasn't good with current events - namely how the war was going, and who was leading it. Lectriso was normally a technological expert, and to perform an act as simple as looking on the holonet news would have taken him no more than forty seconds. And yet Necrus waited. He wore a rippling black cloak with a hood that shrouded his face in darkness. His lightsaber was kept up his sleeve, where he could easily access it. Necrus had sinister yellow eyes, shoulder-length black hair and deathly paper-white skin. He tapped his boot against the glossy floor impatiently. Finally, Lectriso came rushing down the hall. His heavily armored feet pounded on the ground as he ran. When he arrived, he spoke in a raspy voice,

"Lord Necrus, Admantor is the current Dark Lord of the Sith."

"Excellent" replied Necrus. "Is there a reason you took fifteen minutes and twenty three seconds to look up that information? You know what I do to minions who disappoint me." Necrus gestured towards the corpse of a Sith soldier whose head and chest had been separated from his legs and abdomen, which were lying nearby.

"I apologize, my master but I - aargh!"

There was a crackling noise of electricity as Lectriso writhed in agony. Necrus had given Lectriso a taste of the dark side - he had zapped Lectriso with a lethal bolt of Force Lightning.

"I took that long because I accessed Admantor's database, his online plan for the war. I hacked it and I know where he is going to strike next, what planets he has devastated, his losses, and I have profiles about all of his minions. I also have some very important information - Darth Admantor is going to invade Korriban in approximately four hours!" Lectriso grinned evilly. Of course, Korriban was the planet that Necrus and Lectriso had made their base. It was also the original home of the ancient Sith Lords, one of which had taught Necrus in the ways of the Dark Side. The cloaked Sith Lord took a while to respond. He pondered the information, thinking. Eventually he answered in a gleeful yet sinister voice,

"No doubt the Jedi will have knowledge of this. If that fool Admantor was dumb enough to not only have a database on the holonet but one that was as easy as that to access, then the Jedi MUST have discovered it. We must execute Admantor, wipe out the Jedi, and I will take over Admantor's army and rule as the Dark Lord of the Sith!" Darth Necrus declared and cackled horribly, Lectriso soon joining him.

Darth Necrus's path to victory had begun.

The small hangar on Viamodia started to fade away from view as The Siver Moon came closer and closer to the dense Viamodian atmosphere.

"Coordinates 632787 to Vorako" said Kanato Rindall calmly to Olen Ettil.

The Silver Moon left the atmosphere and began to drift into space.

This is going to be one interesting mission! Olen thought to himself.

The stars turned into streaks of white light and the Silver Moon entered hyperspace, so Kanato Rindall and Olen Ettil sat back to enjoy the two day trip to Vorako.

Chapter 2 - Space TerrorsEdit

K-Boom! K-Boom! K-Boom! Powerful explosions caused The Silver Moon to lurch and crash out of hyperspace. Scorching turbolaser bolts instantly blasted Kanato and Olen, fired from a large battleship bristling with weapons. Fighters swarmed them, hitting them with ion cannons and proton missiles. Blaster batteries spat glaring red lasers that lit up Kanato's face.

"An ambush!" yelled Kanato as he struggled to evade fire from the battleship.

Kanato dived down, and was about to re-enter hyperspace when the Force gave him a warning: there were mines ahead. Kanato Rindall desperately pulled up, dodging crimson needles of laser. He fought the controls and The Silver Moon surged forward.

"We lost our shields!" Olen screamed in panic.

Kanato struggled on the control yoke. The Silver Moon hurtled through space, getting closer to the battleship with every second. Kanato and Olen miraculously evaded enemy fire and reached the hulking battleship. Kanato Rindall docked up with the battleship, and prepared to board. Olen panted with fear.

"So your plan is to board them, destroy their ship and escape?" asked Olen Ettil.

"Yup!" said Kanato brightly.

"You're insane Master Rindall" Olen joked.

They both grinned and laughed. Master and Padawan took a deep breath and stepped through the airlock...

Kanato ignited his orange lightsaber and Olen activated his two lightsabers - one sulfur-yellow and one violet. They cautiously strode into the battleship's hangar but were immediately assaulted by heavily armed Dark Jedi, wielding blasters, lightsabers, thermal detonators, and some even carried rocket launchers. With a grim smile, Kanato brought his blade down upon an enemy, killing him instantly. The hangar was rocked by explosions as the Dark Jedi assaulted Kanato and Olen with heavy projectiles. Kanato skilfully used Ataru to slice a Dark Jedi through the chest as Olen flipped in mid-air, using Jar'Kai to cut one in half as he landed. Kanato and Olen slowly worked their way through the hangar, beating back the enemy. Olen was getting frustrated, and it worried Kanato. Frustration and anger were not Jedi traits. Olen's glowing blades carved through a soldier's chest, and he got angrier. One of the Dark Jedi spoke to him.

"You are a weak soldier of the Republic, and aaagh!" for Olen Ettil had cut her down, furious now.

His lightsabers were a blur of yellow and purple light, and bodies littered the ground. The Dark Jedi began to taunt him more.

"Hahahaha, weakling!" "You will never beat us, pawn of the Jedi!" "Slave!"

Olen bared his teeth, his eyes ablaze with fury.

"I am not a slave!!!!!!!" He yelled.

He let his lightsabers fall to the ground and deactivate, and bright electric bolts flew from his fingertips. Darkness surged around him, surrounding him in a vortex of shadowy energies. Everyone in the hangar was instantly annihilated, other than Kanato and Olen. Suddenly the anger left his face, and he returned to Jedi Padawan Olen Ettil.

"What did I do? I felt so angry, so powerful... I felt joyful yet terrible... and I was scared." Olen whispered with a hint of regret. Fear showed on his face, exposing his internal feelings.

"Calm yourself Olen," soothed Kanato Rindall. "It's okay to be afraid, and natural to get angry. We all must face it. But you must learn to control that rage. Do not succumb to it, or you will end up like those guys." He gestured to a corpse. "Now let's forget this incident and move one with the mission."

"Yes Master Rindall," Olen said.

Together they took the turbolift to the next levels, including the medical facility, weapons room, and numerous other hangar bays. They were constantly swarmed by evil dark siders, but Kanato and Olen defended themselves. Finally, they reached the command bridge where a challenge awaited them.

Chapter 3 - Necrus's PlanEdit

Kanato Rindall and Olen Ettil strode onto the bridge and absorbed their surroundings. Colored dials and control panels covered most of the bridge. The only exception was the large platform at the front, where the captain could speak to his crew. Some Dark Jedi pilots were intimidated by Kanato and Olen and tried to escape. Kanato and Olen let them go. A shadowy figure stood on the platform, staring out into space.

"Jedi! You always spoil everything! You should have been destroyed by my mines in space! I organized all our resources for this attack! Why must I do everything myself?!" The shadowy dark sider drew a lightsaber. He pressed the activation panel, projecting a shaft of crimson laser energy. He snarled as he struck at Olen. But Kanato's expert Padawan parried the blow with one of his lightsabers, and used his other lightsaber to lunge at the Dark Jedi. Kanato twirled his blade and slashed at the enemy's feet, but then used Djem So to execute a powerful thrust. The Dark Jedi deftly blocked it and returned the attack. A shower of sparks erupted from Kanato's weapon as it clashed against that of his opponent. Olen spun his lightsabers in the shape of cross and then whirled them at his foe, who stumbled backwards - where Kanato's waiting blade severed his legs. In a desperate attempt to win, the cloaked Dark Sider threw his scarlet lightsaber at Kanato - who, with a wave of his hand, sent the spinning red blade back at his attacker. There was a sizzling noise as the lightsaber carved through skin, flesh, and bone. The cauterized head toppled from the smoking body and came to rest at the feet of Kanato and his Padawan.

"It appears that we have just defeated the leader of the Vorakan Dark Jedi. This is good news, but now we must escape!"

The blue skies of the desert planet Korriban were obscured by capital ships, dark shrouds against the bright sky. Several of the ships landed, and troops, Jedi and Sith alike, poured out of the gigantic vessels. Hundreds of lightsaber duels erupted between the soldiers, both sides desperate for victory. Aerial fighters bombarded the dusty battlefield, incinerating many warriors in the process. Darth Necrus observed the battle from a large transparisteel window in his office.

"Lectriso, prepare the Mystic Hornet. Get all of our troops into it and I want you to take command. Use that warship and devastate the surface of this battlefield until there is nothing left!" Necrus ordered gleefully.

"What about you, my Lord?" asked Lectriso.

"I will fight on the ground to take care of Admantor. He's probably going to lead his troops, so I will face him there. The Hornet's lasers should wipe out most of the minions on the ground, but Admantor is our priority. He holds the title of Dark Lord of the Sith - a title he does not deserve. That leaves one option: I kill him and take the name of Dark Lord of the Sith for myself. You have your orders. Now go."

"At once, Lord Necrus".

Lectriso stalked off down the corridor, and disappeared into the gloom.

Kanato Rindall deactivated his lightsaber and stared at the freshly-killed corpse of the Dark Jedi. Although Kanato and Olen had killed most of the Dark Jedi on the battleship, there were still some alive. They began to dash in the direction of the hangar. Suddenly, Kanato stopped at a doorway and peeked inside. Most of the room was taken up by a massive, rotating spiral of blue-green energy that reached the ceiling.

"So what now?" asked Olen.

"Destroy the ship's main power source. I think this is it here." Kanato gestured towards the bright twisting pillar.

"It's nothing my blades can't handle!" Olen grinned, and plunged both of his lightsabers in the core.

The laser instantly burned out, cutting all power from the ship. The lights flickered off, and the two Jedi had to use the Force to see. The battleship shook violently as the engines stopped working, allowing it to drift into the path of the mines.

"Run!" yelled Kanato.

The two Jedi used the Force to propel themselves forward at an impossible speed. They had reached the main hangar in seconds, and were already aboard The Silver Moon before anyone had even noticed the power core was no longer functioning. Kanato and Olen disengaged from the Dark Jedi cruiser and soared into space just as the cruiser slammed into the minefield and was engulfed by a tremendous raging inferno.

Chapter 4 - Battle on KorribanEdit

Darth Necrus entered the battlefield of constant lightsaber duels. He had taken off his cloak and was wearing a light battle armor that revealed his muscular physique. Necrus's scarlet lightsaber rested in his hand, it's crimson glow spelling doom for all those he met. His jet-black hair draped in his eyes, but Darth Necrus didn't care. He was ready for war. He charged forward, and swung his lightsaber at the nearest Jedi, a horned man with cold blue eyes and a matching sky colored lightsaber. The blade sizzled through the Jedi's legs, and Necrus quickly plunged his saber through the Jedi's heart. He did not hesitate to crush the throat of one of Admantor's minions and throw his lifeless corpse at a group of advancing Jedi, smashing them backwards. Necrus lunged and finished them of with a blast of deadly lightning, electrocuting them all. Necrus paused and swept the area with beady yellow eyes, searching for Admantor. He was not there. Grrr... Necrus thought. The coward must be hiding in his ship. Better finish off these ground troops anyway. Using the Force, Necrus lifted an assortment of surprised Jedi and Sith. Gathering the dark side, he smashed them hard into the ground, filling the air with the sickening crunch of snapping bones. Suddenly, powerful red cannon fire streaked across the sky, blasting countless soldiers into oblivion. Dirt and dust were sent flying by the laser blasts. Necrus did not need to use the Force to sense where the shots were coming from - the Mystic Hornet. It was easy enough for him to notice a large shroud that stood against the rest of he ships, a hulking figure contrasting with the crowd. The turbolaser batteries continued to fire, and Necrus continued his slaughter.

"Come in Master Rindall" said Grand Master Merteg over Kanato's comlink.

"What's going on?" replied Kanato.

"There's a battle currently on Korriban. It's led by Admantor, we hacked his database."

"So you're sending me there?"

"Yes, all Jedi must report to Korriban. Its too devastating to let someone as strong as you behind, plus, your Padawan can learn some battle strategies."

"Okay, I'll get there as soon as I can."

"May the Force be with you."

"You too." said Jedi Master Rindall and turned the comlink off.

"We're off to Korriban, Olen. The Sith have attacked."

"Where are we going to strike?" said Olen excitedly.

"Where they'll least expect it," answered Kanato, and the duo were off again.

The Silver Moon streaked through hyperspace like an elegantly designed bullet. Kanato pressed a few buttons and the bright lines of star materialized around them into little white dots. The Silver Moon exited hyperspace and Kanato steered it towards Korriban. Korriban's sandy surface was like a yellow gem in the middle of space. Kanato could sense all the killings, all the blood spilled on Korriban. As he approached the planet, Kanato noticed a large cruiser in orbit. It was a one of the new Ultro-class battlecruiser of the Republic navy. Kanato decided to dock with it to discuss battle plans with the crew. Blue flame fired out of The Silver Moon's exhaust and it slowed down to lock with the Ultro-class's hangar. Suddenly, Kanato sensed a massive ripple in the Force. It was not a dark ripple - it was more of a sense of power, like the Grand Master of the Jedi Order. Kanato and Olen exchanged glances. Surely not... Sarand Merteg could not have come to the battle! Olen shrugged, and he and Kanato strode down the corridor to the War Room, where they could discuss the Battle of Korriban.

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