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Star Wars: New Confederate Rebellion II
Publisher: Star Wars Fanon
Release date: Unknown
Genre: First/Third-person shooter
Game modes: Single player Battle mode 4 player mode
ESRB rating: Teen (T)
Platforms: Windowsxbox 360

Star Wars: New Confederate Rebellion II is the second in the New Confederate Rebellion series. The first one is Star Wars: New Confederate Rebellion This game mainly focuses on the life of Beta-1.


As KaleeshEdit




As DroidEdit



  • B-100 droid
  • B-200 droid
  • IG-500 MagnaGuard


  • Jedi
  • New Republic Soldiers
  • Huk

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Level 1-KaleeshEdit

You are Beta-1 and Grith (you can switch between them) and you must enter a secret conference room. Then you must leave and go to the main base.

Level 2-KaleeshEdit

You are Garma and you must fight off Huk and New Republic invaders.

Level 3-CoruscantEdit

You must find the Jedi Temple and find the Council Room to find Jarth Kri.

Level 4-Boz PityEdit

You must battle the natives.

Level 5-Coruscant IIEdit

You must land the shuttle and go to the Jedi Temple where you will duel the Jedi because of the loss of Jarth Kri.

Level 6-KashyyykEdit

From now on you are Beta-1, the droid. It is the Battle of the Forest and you must find the Wookiee base and place a beacon. Then you must go back to the ship until Delphinus comes out of the water. Then you must battle him.

Level 7-MustafarEdit

It is the Battle of Fire and you must attack the New Republic soldiers hidden in the base. To do this you must destroy a transport and battle off the New Republic forces.

Level 8-Coruscant IIIEdit

You must battle the Jedi as Beta-1.

Level 9-Kalee IIEdit

Beta-1 goes to Kalee to help his fellow Kaleesh, but he metts his end there.

Level 10-DorinEdit

You are playing as reborn Beta-1 on Dorin to learn the ways of the Force as a Banan Do Sage.

Level 11-HukEdit

After sensing Grith, Beta-1 is angry and begins an attack on Huk. You must fight off as many natives as you can.

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