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Star Wars: New Confederate Rebellion
Publisher: Star Wars Fanon
Release date: Unknown
Genre: First/Third-person shooter
Game modes: Single player
ESRB rating: Teen (T)
Platforms: Windows

Star Wars: New Confederate Rebellion is a video game based on the New Confederacy. It is the first game in the New Confederate Rebellion series. The next is Star Wars: New Confederate Rebellion II


New ConfederacyEdit

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  • Huk
  • New Republic Troops
  • Gungans
  • Jedi
  • Delphinus

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Level 1: KashyyykEdit

You are General Beta-1 in the beginning. You are supposed to plant a becon at the Wookiee base. Then it is destroyed. Then you play as a B-200 sroid and try to take down 10 Wookiees. Then you play as a B-200 and take down 10 more. Then you are Beta-1 fighting Delphinus. Then you get 30 Wookiees as an IG-500 MagnaGuard and win the battle.

Level 2: MustafarEdit

You play as Beta-1 the whole battle. You destroy the door and find and destroy a transport.

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