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Holy War is the fifth in a series of stories by Pinata dealing with the Phyrexian War. In this installment, the Yuuzhan Vong take center stage, declaring a state of holy war (hence the title) on the biomechanical Phyrexians (who they see as abominations).

Dramatis PersonaeEdit

On Coruscant, capital of the Galactic Alliance

On Zonama Sekot, the Yuuzhan Vong homeworld

Aboard the Yuuzhan Vong cruiser analog Vua Rapuung

  • Kunra Lah; Warleader (male Yuuzhan Vong)
  • Raff; tactician (male Yuuzhan Vong)

With the Phyrexians

  • Leshrac; Walker of Night (male former human)
  • Gorin; High Priest of Gix (male former human)
  • Trasta; admiral (female former Chiss)
  • Waxarn Kel; commander (male former human)
  • Vuel Kraal; prisoner (male former Yuuzhan Vong)

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