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19 BBY-1 ABY


Loyalty is Right. Losing is Death. You Decide.


Star Wars: Diplomacy

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Mark Lourd

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Star Wars: Loyalties was a planned series of fan fiction novels by Mark Lourd under his original pen name; Joe King. Lourd's plan was to take what George Lucas had created, up to 19 BBY, and then twist it in his own image.[1] The first novel, Star Wars: Diplomacy was planned to take place from 19 BBY to around 1 ABY and follows the story of a plethora of characters from a variety of backgrounds, a model Lourd hoped to continue to use in the other books in the series. A second book was also in the planning stages before the project was canceled.


The series was one of the author's first attempts at Star Wars fanfic, besides his work on Darthipedia, since he created an article about a troubled Stormtrooper named "PP-458" on Wookieepedia in March of 2008 [2]. Like its predecessor, the project would never be completed, the former being swiftly deleted and the latter being lost to time after fifty pages due to a mixture of procrastination and distraction. However, the effort and ideas put into Star Wars: Loyalties would not be in vein, as Mark Lourd has recently begun a new, untitled project inspired by Loyalties. Instead of picking up the Star Wars story from 19 BBY and continuing with his own work, Lourd is planning on taking the story and altering it after the Battle of Yavin IV. In this new version, Luke misses the crucial shot that would have blown up the Death Star (a shot he makes in Canon). The Galaxy is changed forever because of it, and Lourd is planning to tell this new story. [3]

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