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Star Wars: Liberations was a fan-book written by Seth Hoover. It was the sequel to the book Star Wars: Key of Deceptions and continued to follow the life of pirate Tesh Vohore and he completes his search for his son, Zan Vohore. His son, however, had managed to be rescued by a Jedi named Codie Fiiluc twenty-six years before the time of the book. It also depicts Tesh’s search for his wife Hetur-an Vohore and the trials to "Liberate" her.

After Tesh had found Chin Chaldak on Najiba, he quickly discovered who Chin had hired to kidnap Hetur-an and Alura. He had sent Ryluk out to hunt for the Korun male named Ethe Ertes. When Ryluk found him, he brought him back to Kinyen, where Tesh made a deal with Ethe. Ethe was to escort Tesh to Hetur-an’s location and he would be rewarded. But when Tesh was taken to an un-charted planet in the Unknown Region, he soon discovered he was in over his head. A local dictator, Zhar, had formed a conquest that had seized the planet and was in dispute with another tribe, the Yimis. Zhar, the leader of the Xians, however, betrayed Tesh when he arrived and sent him to ally himself with the local Hjimi and Yimis. This would spark a conflict that would ultimately free Hetur-an, free a civilization, and decide the fate of the entire system.






  • Jedi Temple (Coruscant)
  • Ghorman landing platform
  • Xian Imperial Palace
  • Pol’kevos
  • Hjimi Sanctuary