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Star Wars: Galaxy Divided
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Real-time strategy


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Legacy era

Star Wars: Galaxy Divided is a Real-time strategy video game on the PC. In it, you play as one of three factions through out 49 ABY and 50 ABY during the One Sith War.

The expansion pack, Star Wars: Galaxy Divided: Shroud of Darkness, is set in 50 ABY and introduces a new playable faction. The last expansion pack, Star Wars: Galaxy Divided: Storm of Conquest, takes place in late 50 ABY and 51 ABY and only has campaigns for the Alliance and Empire. It features the final battles of the war.

You can play alone or online with others. The game however is fanon and is not and most likely will not become a real game.



Ground BattlesEdit

Minerals and CreditsEdit

A class of units called workers mine for minerals which are delivered back to a command structure, which turns them into credits. Credits are used to fund the production of units and structures.

Building and ExpansionEdit

All structures (except your first command structure) are built by workers and funded by credits. Some structures make units, while other, called battle structures, attack nearby enemy units. However there are more than just one mineral mine on the map. You can mine these easily by making new command structures near to mineral mines. Workers mining there would simply deliver the minerals to the nearest command structure.


Dispite powerful technology that would get rid of the fog of war, such tech is costly due to the long war. Therefor, scouting is vital for winning a battle. Units are used for scouting, however if a unit is killed/destoryed, the fog of war will cover enemy territory again until you move more units in.

Other UnitsEdit

Some unique units have stronger abilities. Air units attack both land and air units, Force units use the force to crush their enemies, and SpecForce units use cloaking and long range. Each faction has at least 3 force units, at least 1 SpecForce Unit, and at least 3 air units.


Powerful units are units with more health/shielding and a higher damage rate than other units and have unique abilities. They are more costly though and can only be made at a special structure. Heros are usally more powerful versions of other units, for exsample, the Commander Toral unit is a more powerful Titan-class Supersoldier.

Space BattlesEdit

Space Battles work differently than  ground battle. With no terrain other than moons, asteroids, comets, and planets with no atmosphere, there is no need seperation between ground and air units. In space battles, only the air units come from ground battles, give the players a whole new set of units.

All units come from one type of structure and new units have to be researched (or "contacted" for heros) to be made.  Smaller units like starfighters are made and used in squads instead of single units.  As the squad's health goes down, you lose units which means the damage is lower.  Rather than building bases,  in space combat you capture or conquer (depending on the base's statis) bases around the map.  Some bases can make special units only avilable at that base.



The Numbers playstyle makes units and structures cheaper and faster to produce. This of course makes exspansion much easier. Some units can spawn free units when in battle.


The Damage playstyle focuses mainly on units and battle structures that deal a lot of damage to units and structures of the enemy side. While they deal more damage than others, most Damage playstyle units and battle structures have longer range than any other playstyle, and those that don't (like force units) have buffs, which increase the damage dealt by that unit and of those around them.


The Defense playstyle units and structures are well shielded (if they have one) and have a lot of health. Some units and shield themselves and other around them, while others have enough shielding/health to dish out a lot of damage overtime while receving little damage themselves.


The Special playstyle is focused on making powerful units and using unique abilities. The Special can use teleporters to move unit instantly to another teleporter. A few units can "bribe" (Mind Trick for force units) enemy units so they will attack their former side. Most special playstyle units are also faster than other units. The special playstyle can make Hero units faster.


In the game, you would be able to play as one of the four factions, the Galactic Alliance, the One Sith Empire, the Bogan Confederation, and the Hutt Cabal, each with their own playstyle.

The chart below shows each of the factions characteristics. Skilled is the most powerful characteristic, then great, after that ok, and lastly weak.

                             GA          OSE         BC          HC
Powerful:                  Numbers      Damage     Defense     Special
Great:                     Damage       Numbers    Special     Defense
Ok:                        Defense      Special    Numbers     Damage           
Weak:                      Special      Defense    Damage      Numbers

Galactic Alliance/GAEdit

The Galactic Alliance was bent on peace, justice, and democracy. However an empire ruled by the Sith, a revolution of Dark Side worshipers, and the rapid spread of corruption due to the Hutt Cabal threatens all the Alliance wishes to perserve. Many worlds still fight for freedom, leading to high recruitment rate. This means that they follow the Numbers playstyle. While production rate is high, defenses are lower than others and special abilities are rare.

One Sith Empire/OSEEdit

The One Sith Empire was formed from the remnants of the True Sith Empire waiting for revenge for more than 2000 years. In 30 ABY, Darth Krayt ross to lead the Empire to war. The Empire has many strong units that can take down enemies fast, which means they follow the Damage playstyle. While it's troops have heavy firepower, they don't have many special abilities. Also the health and shielding (if they even have a shield) of their units and structures is much lower than that other factions.

Bogan Confederation/BCEdit

This faction would only have been avalible to play after getting the Star Wars: Galaxy Divided: Shroud of Darkness expansion pack, even if you would have had the last expansion pack already.

The Bogan Confederation was formed and led by The Menacer, a rouge Sith Lord. The Menacer believed that Alliance was too weak to perserve itself, while the Empire was constantly tearing itself apart. The Menacer formed a military of defeated soliders to "cleanse" the galaxy of the followers of the Light Side. The Confederation had great defenses, with it's units and structures having a large amount of health and shielding (if they had one). They followed the Defnese playstyle. However it's production rate of units and structures took a longtime, and units and battle structures have a low damage rate.

Hutt Cabal/HCEdit

The Hutt Cabal was formed after the distruction of the Hutt Cartel, and the abolishment of slavery by a group of powerful Hutts trying to reclaim their power. They started making alliances with Nightsister Clans and corrupt Gree Administrators. This gave the Hutts all new technology to conquer with. They followed the Special playstyle. However loss of power led lack of high damage rates from units and battle structures. The units are also produced at a low speed and are more costly than that of the other factions.