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Star Wars Episode VIII: Dark Forces Rise







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Legacy Era

Star Wars: Episode 8: Dark Forces Rise focuses on the Solos, the Skywalkers, Kyle Katarn, and his students. In Star Wars: The Return of the Sith, Rosh Penoin, Jaden Korr, Ben Skywalker and Anakin Solo are important, thus they are returning in this movie. This is a high budget movie and is about 2 hours and 45 minutes long.


In the beginning, Jacen Solo fights off TIE fighters and other TIE ships over Corellia with Tenel Ka and Dorsk 82.

Kyle Katarn has a vision of Dark Jedi Killing him. he talks to Luke Skywalker and Luke tells him to stay at the academy. Mean While, Jaden Korr and Rosh Pennin are sent to planet Mon Calmari to Fight the imperial remnants by Luke Skywalker. Mean while, Kyle goes to the Valley of the Jedi were he meets 3 dark Jedi, one with a lightsaber, one with two and the other with a double bladed lightsaber. After his return to the academy and the telling of this event to Luke Skywalker, Luke said that there might be an order of Dark Jedi working for the Empire like Brakiss. (in the other episode) Luke is sent to Dorin were he meets a force sensitive being named Lex Koon. Lex Koon was a Kel-Dor from that planet then Luke sends a transmission to him saying that Jacen Solo was Captured on Correllian.

On Correlia, Lex and Kyle meet Yun who is then captured and turned to the dark side. Soon, Kyle Katarn, Lex Koon, and Yun head back to the academy to build lightsabers and Learn the ways of the Force. (Yun with yellow and Lex with a blue lightsaber) During this Jaden and Rosh fight the Empire on Mon Calmari when Jaina Solo and Anakin solo arrive with reinforcements and then Jaina tells them that her brother and Zekk are captured and they must go to Corellia. (The Shadow Academy is a small space station/Dark Jedi Academy.)

Kyle, Lex ,and Yun return to Corellian space. Jaina solo, Anikan Solo, Kyle Katarn, Rosh Penins, Lex Koon and Jaden Korr fly to Corellia. Later, Raynar comes with Clighal and Kyp Durron. There they all fight the dark Jedi. Kyle fights Yun while Jaina is forced to fight her brother Jacen. Jaden and Rosh (both Jedi Knights) help Lex Koon fight Zekk and Brakiss and other Dark Jedi. After Kyle kills Yun, Jacen is turned to the light side were both of them confront the emperor, the dark lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious reborn again!

Both Escape with he others but Lex is to much for fighting and action that he fights Darth Sidious. Jaden gets his left hand cut off. Kyle did not want Yun to go away but he is glad he still has Lex Koon. Keet Zior, a Jedi Master, trains Students at the academy to prepare for the incoming invasion of the shadow academy. Keet Zior has a Blue with a silver hilt lightsaber, the same as Ki-Adi-Mundi's hilt. His apprentice is Anakin Solo.

Spoilers for The Next EpisodeEdit

  • In the next episode, Jedi Academy is under attack once again. Will this be the end for the Jedi? Stay tuned and find out!