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Star Wars: Battlefront: Fanon
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Star Wars Fanon


First Person/Third Person Shooter




PC, XBOX 360, PS3, Wii


Rise of the Empire era, Rebellion era

Star Wars: Battlefront: Fanon is a game that includes characters and armies from Star Wars Fanon. Although it doesn't have a storyline like its predecessors, it allows different armies to fight each other. It is available for PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS.



All factions can be mixed & matched in Instant Action games.


Hand of the InquisitoriusEdit

Basic unit Inquisitorial Stormtrooper
Heavy unit Inducted Imperial Army Trooper Heavy Weapons Trooper
Sniper unit Storm Commando
Engineer unit Inducted Imperial worker
Special unit Inquisitor, Inquisitorial Dark Trooper
Hero(s) August Kaminsky, TBA
Secret(s) Lukas Shimra
Marine unit Inducted Zero-G assault stormtrooper
Pilot unit None
Capital ship Eminence
Frigate 1 TBA
Frigate 2 TBA
Basic fighter None, see Zero-G assault stormtrooper
Interceptor fighter None, see Zero-G assault stormtrooper
Bomber None, see Zero-G assault stormtrooper
Landing craft None, see Zero-G assault stormtrooper
Surface vehicle 2793rd Imperial Repulsorlift Armor Regiment
Other vehicles TBA

Zero-G assault stormtrooper Edit

The Zero-G assault stormtrooper is equipped with a jet propulsion pack and able to fly in space, taking the place of standard fighters. They fly at the speed of a bomber. When within a certain distance from an enemy vessel, they can lynch onto it, controlling it.

Imperial Autonomous Tingel Arm RegionEdit

Basic unit Stormtrooper
Heavy unit Mercenary Heavy Weapons Trooper
Sniper unit Scafan Sniper
Engineer unit Mercenary Engineer
Special unit Keferiqan elite, Perlemian Commando
Hero(s) Idevus ej-Kuruvus
Secret(s) Vesenn Ethosus
Marine unit Smuggler
Pilot unit Imperial Pilot
Capital ship Imperial-class Star Destroyer
Frigate 1 Marauder-class corvette
Frigate 2 Pirate interceptor frigate
Basic fighter TIE fighter
Interceptor fighter Rihkxyrk attack ship
Bomber TIE bomber
Landing craft RZ-52 Dekard transport
Surface vehicle AT-AT, Miterev-class attack speeder, AT-AP
Other vehicles

New Confederacy of Independent Systems/Galactic Droid EmpireEdit

X-42 MagnaGuard

An X-42 Magna from the game.

Basic unit B1 battle droid
Heavy unit B4 Proto-droid
Sniper unit Sniper droid
Engineer unit B6 battle droid
Special unit X-42 MagnaGuard, Command battle droid
Hero(s) Darth Tyler, Troyb, Darth Adrsti
Secret(s) Vale Sinkon
Marine unit Droid marine
Pilot unit Droid pilot
Capital ship Federation Swarm
Frigate 1 Frigate 1
Frigate 2 Warlord
Basic fighter Vulture droid
Interceptor fighter VX-starfighter
Bomber CIS Strike Bomber
Landing craft Droid Landing Craft
Surface vehicle All-Terrain Missile Launcher
Other vehicles None

Merraxen RedeemersEdit


Dan Eardornn.

Basic unit Merraxen soldier
Heavy unit Merraxen bezerker
Sniper unit Merraxen sniper
Engineer unit Slave-warrior
Special unit Merraxen warrior, Elite
Hero(s) Aanor, Setra
Secret(s) Dan Eardornn
Marine unit Merraxen space jumper
Pilot unit Merraxen pilot
Capital ship TBA
Frigate 1 TBA
Frigate 2 TBA
Basic fighter TBA
Interceptor fighter TBA
Bomber TBA
Landing craft TBA
Surface vehicle TBA
Other vehicles TBA

Avenging HordeEdit

Basic unit Avenger soldier
Heavy unit Avenger Weapons Trooper
Sniper unit Avenger Sniper
Engineer unit Avenger Engineer
Special unit Avenger Force Warrior
Hero(s) Critanal Asle, Jesi Farne, Tolbak
Secret(s) Nathaniel Kenobi Solo
Marine unit Avenger Marine
Pilot unit Avenger Pilot
Capital ship Mace-class Destroyer
Frigate 1 Mundi-class frigate
Frigate 2 Yoda-class frigate
Basic fighter Avenger starfighter
Interceptor fighter Avenger interceptor
Bomber Avenger bomber
Landing craft Avenger loader
Surface vehicle Kenobi-class Tank
Other vehicles Avenger speeder

Namelesennian Security ForcesEdit



Basic unit Namelesennian trooper
Heavy unit Namelesennian missile trooper
Sniper unit Namelesennian sniper unit
Engineer unit Namelesennian technician
Special unit Namelesennian special operations unit
Hero(s) Namelesennius, Fle Ni-Tei, Captain Picardeen Fatalse
Secret(s) Wonderous
Marine unit Namelesennian space assault trooper
Pilot unit Namelesennian pilot
Capital ship MC80 Star Cruiser (Home One type)
Frigate 1 Venator-class Star Destroyer
Frigate 2 Victory II-class frigate
Basic fighter Z-95 Headhunter
Interceptor fighter T-wing interceptor
Bomber B-wing starfighter
Landing craft Variable Altitude Assault Transport/enforcement
Surface vehicle All Terrain Open Transport
Other vehicles All Terrain Recon Transport

Forces of DarknessEdit

Basic unit Trandoshan Mercenary
Heavy unit Rogue Vanguard
Sniper unit Droid Assassin
Engineer unit R7 unit
Special unit Darkness Scientist
Hero(s) Kaxs, R7-L7
Secret(s) Spirit of Kaxs I
Marine unit Rodian Mercenary
Pilot unit Rogue Namelesennian pilot
Capital ship Lucrehulk-class battleship
Frigate 1 Acclamator I-class assault ship
Frigate 2 Immobilizer 418 Cruiser
Basic fighter StarViper-class attack platform
Interceptor fighter Nantex-class territorial defense starfighter
Bomber BTL Y-wing starfighter
Landing craft TZ-15 shuttle
Surface vehicle All Terrain Tactical Enforcer
Other vehicles Dewback, T-16 Skyhopper

Steel LegionEdit

Basic unit Legion mercenary
Heavy unit Legion missile soldier
Sniper unit Legion Infiltrator
Engineer unit Legion technician
Special unit Legion Defiler
Hero(s) Unit 8311 (HK-form), Ferd Swqaru
Secret(s) Unit 8311 (grapple droid form)
Marine unit Mercenary marine
Pilot unit Mercenary pilot
Capital ship Keldabe-class battleship
Frigate 1 Crusader-class corvette
Frigate 2 Interceptor IV frigate
Basic fighter Z-95 Headhunter
Interceptor fighter Modified Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-wing starfighter
Bomber Rihkxyrk Attack Ship
Landing craft CR20 troop carrier
Surface vehicle Legion Assault Speeder
Other vehicles MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon


Basic unit Gishtrooper
Heavy unit Gish Demolitions
Sniper unit Gish Patrolman
Engineer unit Gish Engineer
Special unit *Gish Elite
  • Gish Jetpacker
Hero(s) TBA
Secret(s) Ovel Chubek
Marine unit Gish Marine
Pilot unit Gish Pilot
Capital ship Super Moon Destoyer
Frigate 1 Moon Destroyer-type 1
Frigate 2 Moon Destroyer-type 2
Basic fighter IPS Flyer
Interceptor fighter IPS Interceptor
Bomber IPS bomber
Landing craft IPS Transport
Surface vehicle IPS Walker
Other vehicles IPS Jedicraft

Abotravan MobEdit

Basic unit Mercenary Soldier
Heavy unit Mercenary Exlusite grenadiers
Sniper unit Mercenary sniper
Engineer unit TBA
Special unit Droideka, Kasitav
Hero(s) Ikov Tov Svanik
Secret(s) none
Marine unit TBA
Pilot unit TBA
Capital ship Keldabe-class battleship
Frigate 1 modified Mir-class heavy transport
Frigate 2 Pirate Interceptor Cruiser
Basic fighter StarViper-class attack platform
Interceptor fighter Blade-26 starfighter
Bomber modified Amovus-class transport
Landing craft F9-TZ transport
Surface vehicle Speeder bike, Missile attack launcher, MZ-8 Mobile Pulse Cannon
Other vehicles TBA

Guryz MunitionsEdit

Basic unit Guryz Guard
Heavy unit Guryz Heavy Soldier
Sniper unit Guryz Debt Collector
Engineer unit Guryz Mechanic
Special unit Guryz Assassin, Guryz Commando
Hero(s) Mard Guryz, Marz Guryz, Ryan Guryz
Secret(s) Guryz Mercenary, Guryz Duelist, Guryz Weapons Droid
Marine unit TBA
Pilot unit TBA

Capital ship Captured Venator-class Star Destroyer modified
Frigate 1 Modified Neutron Star-class Cruiser
Frigate 2
Basic fighter Vrer-class Starfighter V2
Interceptor fighter Manc-class interceptor V3
Bomber Llesh-class droid assault bomber V2
Landing craft Ntix-class shuttle
Surface vehicle Repulsor Assault Tank, AC-76 Spider Droid, Guryz Tank Droid mk2, Guryz Assault Speeder
Other vehicles (Guryz Aquatic Assault Tank)

Droid Confederacy ArmyEdit

Basic unit OOM Providence battle droid
Heavy unit Jamba droid
Sniper unit Dar mercenary
Engineer unit Mansau
Special unit Wipeout droid; OOM command battle droid(commander)
Hero(s) Unit 933; Azz'gabat; Unit A-10
Secret(s) Q-17
Marine unit TBA
Pilot unit TBA

OOM Providence battle droids defend a Celestial.

Capital ship Celestial-class carrier/battleship
Frigate 1 Intervener-class frigate
Frigate 2 none
Basic fighter Draft-class Tri-fighter
Interceptor fighter TBA
Bomber TBA
Landing craft TBA
Surface vehicle L17-E; more TBA
Other vehicles TBA
Basic unit Mercanary
Heavy unit Bounty Hunter
Sniper unit Assassin
Engineer unit Smuggler
Special unit Hut Secret Police, Slaver
Hero(s) Pretentiex, Mandy Jaal
Secret(s) Thain Morgan
Marine unit Pirate Merine
Pilot unit Oirate

Instant ActionEdit

In Instant Action, you can pick whichever planet you want to play on, pick a side, and pick a version of gameplay.


Versions of GameplayEdit

  • Conquest— Two sides battle each other using command posts and/or fight to the death.
  • Saber Throw-off— Two heroes face-off against each other using only saber throw. All Saber Throw-off rules apply.
  • Assault— Two sides battle each other to see who can kill the most.
  • Capture the flag— both sides attempt to secure five flags.
  • Duel— One hero from each side duels each other with various weapons on a map of your choice.
  • Teams— Two teams selected from each armies go head to head, last one standing wins.
  • Missions— Two armies attack but must complete a series of missions, (Ex:Defend sertian era).
  • Death Match— No teams no armies and the only task is to get as many killls as possible.
  • Free-for-all— all Heroes, no teams, just corpses. Objective: Get as many kills as you can before time runs out.
  • Animal Arena—You fight several creatures, such as Hoth hogs, Wampas, Acklay, Reeks, and Nexus.

Cheat codesEdit

Star Wars: Battlefront: Fanon has several unlockable secret characters by entering cheat codes during gameplay.

AVENOFTHEJEDI unlocks Nathaniel Kenobi Solo

BITHENGINEER unlocks Vale Sinkon

CRUSHTHEM unlocks Unit 8311 (grapple droid form)

HUDROID unlocks Dan Eardornn

GOLDJEDITH unlocks all Gold Jedith

NIGHTHAUNTER unlocks Lukas Shimra

ONACRUSADE unlocks Vesenn Ethosus

REDEEMED unlocks Spirit of Kaxs I

ST3V13W0ND3R unlocks Wonderous

VENOM unlocks Symbiote Cyprus

PLENTY unlocks Guryz Weapons Droid

MELEE unlocks Guryz Duelist

BOUGHT unlocks Guryz Mercenary/s

K3NN3R unlocks Atha Prime

CELESTIAL'SBLADE unlocks Hanok-Kie

SCOUT1-1-7 unlocks TK-117

RODIANRBL unlocks Demas Cordd